Should you detox after an IVF cycle?

Should you detox after an IVF cycle?

Should you detox after an IVF cycle?

Have you just finished an IVF cycle, and are wondering what you can do to support your body through the treatment? Read on to find out why detoxing could be the answer…

Looking to support your body and balance your hormones after an IVF cycle? Then you’re in the right place.

I want to share with you the key thing I do with ALL of my patients who are going through IVF (especially after they’ve done multiple cycles or repeated cycles). 

And that is… Detoxing! Why? 

The reason is very simple and quite straightforward… I’m not sure how you feel now at the end of an IVF cycle, but most of my patients don’t feel great after an IVF cycle. And this is because of all the hormones they’ve had to take throughout the various stages of treatment.

Reasons to detox after every IVF cycle:

#01: hormones, hormones, hormones

Due to the extra hormones, your body’s liver function and metabolism are compromised. Your body also reacts from a state of self-protection and begins to store the hormones which means you build up an excess or become prone to imbalances.

This is especially the case if you’re over 35 and facing egg quality issues throughout your IVF treatment, as more hormones may be prescribed to you to help increase your follicle count. 

Detoxing will help you to excrete the excess hormones and re-balance everything – which will have you feeling much better physically as well as emotionally if you found yourself experiencing mood swings and intense emotional spells.

#02: control the IVF related weight gain

It’s a common side effect of the IVF medications for patients to gain weight during an IVF cycle. This usually happens during the superovulation phase where there are high levels of estrogen in your body.

The hormones can lead to water retention which can cause you to gain weight in a short period of time.

Doing a detox will help you to shed off the extra weight and water retention that’s developed over this IVF cycle.

#03: support digestion

With all the extra hormones being pumped into your body, the digestive system and liver stops functioning properly. You will notice that you get bloated often. 

Even after the egg retrieval process you may notice continued bloating due to the anesthesia causing constipation. 

By detoxing, we put nutrients into our bodies that are going to pull out any excess hormones through excretion as well as support digestive system.

What’s the best way to detox after IVF?

The best way to detox after an IVF cycle can vary from patient to patient. It will depend on what hormones you’ve been given (and how much of them), and what you might have built up an excess of throughout your treatment.

If you want a place to start, you can take a look at my 4 reasons to detox + how to do it Fertility TV episode here.

Should you get IVF & Detox Support + Fertility Coaching?

If you’re really feeling the excess hormones, the weight gain, the strains of IVF and aren’t feeling supported, this is something I can help you with.

I’ve helped hundreds of patients on the IVF route to pregnancy empower their bodies naturally so they can gain the most benefit out of their treatment.

Creating a detox plan to follow each cycle is just one of the things we will do when we work together. But we can also consider your egg quality, nutrition, ovulatory health and more.

Whatever you need, I’ve got you. 

Consider Fertility Coaching to help speed up the IVF process and make it easier on your body. Apply to work with me by clicking here.




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