How to REJUVENATE your OVARIES and eggs – ☝️ ⬆️ Improve EGG QUALITY VIDEO SERIES ⬆️

How to REJUVENATE your OVARIES and eggs – ☝️ ⬆️ Improve EGG QUALITY VIDEO SERIES ⬆️

How to REJUVENATE your OVARIES and eggs – ☝️ ⬆️ Improve EGG QUALITY VIDEO SERIES ⬆️

Transcription :

Welcome to the fourth video in my mini series dedicated to helping you improve your egg quality and get pregnant. This video series is dedicated to educating you on what you can be doing to increase your AMH, improve your ovarian reserve and improve your egg quality. So if you haven’t already watched the previous three videos in this mini series, then you’ve got some homework to do, that’s what you need to be doing after you watch this video because this is video number four, there are three previous videos that you need to watch.

They set the foundation and they build upon each other until you get to this video where everything continues to come together to help you improve your egg quality. So again, if you haven’t watched those videos, then you’ve got to do that. I am going to leave the links to each one of those videos in the description below for you to check out. I also want to make it easy for you to find so if you need to, and if this is easier, then you can just hit that little I button right over there, and you can get all the videos as well from that spot.

The reason why I decided to do this mini series is because improving AMH and egg quality and ovarian reserve for all of you who are 35 and older have been trying for a while is the most important and the most common question that I get asked. So I wanted to put all the resources together in a series of videos to make it easy to digest and easy for you to start to make changes. But this video series has also been so well-received that I wanted to even add more value to all of you.

So I have created a free masterclass to teach you exactly that and to dive deeper into this topic because I can’t always address all those details in these videos, and more importantly, I can’t answer all your questions in these videos. So in this free masterclass, that’s coming up, I’m going to dive deeper, and at the end of it, I’m leaving time to do a Q&A to answer your questions as well. But you’ve got to register to join me for that masterclass and to do that, the link to register is in the description below. So make sure you hit that link to register for the free masterclass on improving your egg quality and improving your ovarian reserve.

Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, I am Dr. Marc Sklar, also known as the Fertility Expert and welcome to Fertility TV, your YouTube channel dedicated to helping you get pregnant. I’ve been working with couples all over the world for over 18 years through my online coaching programs and right here in San Diego at both of my clinics. And I want to support you too which is why I have done this video series, to educate you and help you get pregnant. So let’s get into it.

Okay, so in this video, we’re going to talk about some key things that you can be doing to improve your ovarian reserve. I like to call this ovarian rejuvenation. You may have heard the term, and there are some key things that often get discussed or brought up and that many of you want more answers for when we start talking about ovarian rejuvenation. The first one is PRP. So I’m going to dive a little bit deeper into that topic today, and the second one is supplements.

Yes, I always get these questions. What supplements should I be taking to improve my egg quality and ovarian reserve? So I’m going to jump into that as well. So ovarian rejuvenation is something that many of you ask questions about when you’ve also been posed with the choice of donor eggs. Now, it’s always a difficult choice, it’s always a difficult conversation and really, who wants to use donor eggs if we don’t have to.

So why not look at all the options we can before we have to turn to that option? Now, I have nothing against donor eggs, I think there’s certainly a time and a place for it. And I’ve seen it help many, many couples achieve the family that they have always dreamed about. But if we have some opportunity to improve your ovarian quality and reserve before we move on to egg donor, then why not take advantage of that? And that’s where we start the conversation of PRP.

So if we can improve the number of good quality eggs that we have available to be used, fertilized and turned into hopefully beautiful embryos, then our chance of needing donor eggs decreases significantly and our chance of having a healthy pregnancy increases dramatically. So we want those chances and again, that’s why we’re going to be talking about PRP today which is platelet-rich plasma.

So in PRP, we take the platelets, we take the blood and the platelets from your blood, not somebody else’s, it’s yours. And in the lab, they’re extracting these platelets to make them specifically able to be used to inject into the ovaries. Now platelets are critical for blood clotting. And so when we extract these, that’s what they’re going to be extracting from the blood is the platelets.

When you go in to have this done, they’re going to withdraw your blood, they’re going to take a sample of your blood out, they’re going to put it into a centrifuge to spin it which allows the platelets to be separated and removed. The platelet-rich plasma, the PRP is then separated and then they’re going to take that and under the guidance of ultrasound in the operating room, they’re going to use ultrasound and then they’re going to take the platelets and they’re going to inject them into your ovaries, and that’s exactly what’s being done.

Now, PRP has been used for quite some time for many, many different conditions, but using it for ovarian rejuvenation, improving egg quality, and using it for fertility is relatively new and something that’s been starting to be used in the last several years, upwards of five plus years, really more commonly in the last five years, but PRP in and of itself is not new, it’s been around for quite some time.

So then we have to ask ourselves the question now that we know what it is, who is it good for? So if you fall into these categories, then you are a good candidate for PRP, and it’s something that you should potentially consider. Now, before I get into that, I do want to make everyone aware, any medical interventions that we decide to use potentially has some side effects. PRP has minimal side effects, but we have seen at times that if you don’t respond to it, if you’re not the right candidate for it, that it can actually lower AMH as well.

So we do want to make sure that you’re the right candidate for it and that this is the right thing for you which I would suggest for all of you that you do speak to your local provider or whatever clinic you’re choosing, or you may choose to initiate the PRP to see if you qualify and if it makes sense to be utilized for you. So if you’re considered too old, now I’m sure that varies for all of us, right? Because we don’t always feel old.

But my qualification for this is if you are 40 and above, then this may be something that you should consider. The other qualification for PRP is if your AMH is too low. So in my book, that is under 0.5, so 0.5 or below, then PRP should be something that you may want to consider and look into. Anytime we start talking about egg quality, we always mentioned FSH. So if your FSH is too high, then this also may be a reason to consider PRP and the last two reasons is if you’re not producing enough eggs or your embryos routinely are abnormal.

Now obviously, the more of these areas that you can check off, the more of a reason why PRP would be appropriate for you, but it still may be something that you should consider if you check off one or two of those boxes. A while back, I did an interview with a doctor that does quite a bit of ovarian rejuvenation and is really leading the push for ovarian rejuvenation and the different types of PRP that you can be doing. If you want to watch that video and educate yourself more on this topic, then I suggest you check out this video right here. I’m going to make it easy for you.

One of the natural and favorite ways that I love to support ovarian rejuvenation, egg quality, AMH, and reserve is through supplementation. Now I get these questions all the time. What should I be taking? What supplements should I take, which one is going to help my egg quality, which one’s going to improve my AMH. I want to first start off by saying that as much as I love supplements and believe in them, we have to have the right supplement plan for each individual person.

Each one of you needs your own special plan to address your needs and your reserve and AMH. So as much as I love supplements, I don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all or a one pill or one supplement that all of us should be using to achieve the results that we’re looking for. So I know you all have heard about all sorts of supplements that you can use, but again, I want to encourage you to have a specific plan laid out for your needs based on your issues, the systems and areas that need support more so for you and how do we determine that? it’s based on lab tests, it’s based on blood work, Dutch testing, more functional testing.

We have to dive deeper to see what the issues are so that you can have a specific supplement plan to support your needs. Not all egg quality support or ovarian reserve support is going to be specifically by using CoQ10 or some other supplement that we often hear about. Sometimes it might be by supporting our adrenal function and reducing stress. Sometimes it will be by supporting your sleeping habits. Sometimes they will be by supporting your digestive function.

I see this all the time routinely. So I am going to touch on one supplement in this video that I want to put a little bit more light on and a little bit more attention to, but again, I want all of you to remember that you need to be doing your own testing to find out what you need so that you can have the right plan to support you as best as possible. Okay, now that I got that out of the way, and I’m off my soapbox there, I can talk about the supplement that I want to discuss.

I had a list of five supplements that I wanted to dive deep into in this video, but it turns out it’s just going to make this video super, super long. So I want to remind you all that I am doing a free training, a free masterclass on this exact topic, not just supplements, but everything having to do with egg quality support, ovarian reserve, lowering your AMH and improving your FSH. I’m diving deeper into it, into my masterclass, and that’s where I’m going to dive deeper into all the supplements that I want to discuss because I can’t do it here, but to join me, you’ve got to register.

So I want to remind all of you, please register for the masterclass. Again, it’s free, all you have to do is register, hit the link in the description below to join me for that. Okay. So recently, I have come across a research study on a new supplement for all of you potentially, one that I’ve been using for a little bit of time and have been seeing some nice results. So this is the one that I want to spend time talking about.

This is also one that I have recently been getting more questions about, which is also why I want to spend more time on it. The supplement is called NMN, yes, NMN, and here, this supplement specifically has a small research study that I’m going to share a little bit of that with you today, but I want to talk first and foremost about what the potential is and what it can do for you.

NMN is a precursor to NAD which has been discussed many, many years. And there was this belief previously that NAD could be used to support egg quality and ovarian reserve because of its anti-aging effects. But I have not seen the benefit of using NAD in the same way that we’re going to be hoping to see and should be seeing NMN. NMN is a crucial enzyme that helps with anti-aging, it helps your body age in a way more healthy way, it starts to repair the DNA of the cell, and it helps with metabolism.

This combination is really important and again, it’s a precursor to NAD and all of this together we’ll start to support, what did we talk about in the first video? Mitochondrial function. The emerging research on that NMN shows that a low dose of NMN can start to restore fertility function in aging mice. Now, I want to be clear, that’s right, I said mice, the research was done and has been done on mice, but this is the first step in the research process for anything and NMN is no different.

And so we started on mice, we’re seeing some nice progress and support for it, and that’s why we’re starting to recommend it and then we’ll start to be more research on women as well. So I’m going to read some of this directly from the research so that you can understand what it is and why it’s potentially beneficial for all of you. Okay? So this was published in February of 2020 in the cell reports and it hypothesized that boosting NAD … Again, that’s what we talked about. Boosting NAD in the oocytes of mice through supplemental NMN, the precursor to NAD may be a low risk and non-invasive method to increase fertility.

So after the 12-month-old female mice received water that was treated with NMN, a low dose of it for four weeks, levels of NAD in their oocytes did increase significantly indicating that NMN was able to restore the age-related decline in NAD, seen in female reproductive systems because as women age, NAD declines and so we wanted to support that and they’re doing that by providing NMN for four weeks at a low dose.

The study had two groups, they had a group of mice received a low dose of NMN and then they had a group of mice that received a much higher dose of NMN. And after introducing the male mice for breeding, the low dose group saw significant increases in the number of live birth. So not just pregnancy, but live births as well as a reduction in the time it took to get pregnant so they got pregnant faster and this was in contrast to the higher dose group which did not see the same benefits of increased fertility.

When the oocyte site of mice received IVF, so now they’re incorporating this with IVF, plus NMN water for two, seven, 14 or 28 days, a longer treatment of NMN led to improved inner cell mass size. So the cell mass increased which is important here, which is linked to improve fertility outcomes in IVF. Okay? So that is an important variable also. So they did it naturally, and they also tested it with IVF.

So this is key here, and I want to read this directly from it. The improvement in embryo development solely in the aging mice suggests that NMN supplementation during IVF in younger years may not provide the same therapeutic benefit likely because NAD levels have not yet declined. So this is an important piece because I know everybody watching young or old, good numbers or not are going to want to take NMN to support their fertility journey and what this research shows is that it’s only beneficial in older mice with numbers that are lower.

So lower AMH, lower ovarian reserve, lower egg quality. If you are younger, your numbers look fine, you don’t need it. We don’t always need take supplements to support things, especially if things are working well. So I want to make sure that you all understand that, not everybody should be reaching and running for this. The other distinction that needs to be discussed is the dosage.

I already mentioned it a couple of times, and I was trying to emphasize that, but as much as a high dose of NMN did increase NAD blood levels, it did not change any outcomes on the fertility process, but a low dose of NMN not only increased NAD levels, but did improve pregnancy rates and the speed in which the pregnancy occurred. So, I want all of us to remember this as well. We live in a society and a culture that we often reward more.

We think that more is always better. This is an example that more is not always better. A low dose in this situation was really what was optimal and needed to achieve the results that we wanted. So again, my point here, when we start talking about supplements is I want all of you first and foremost, to have your labs tested so that you know what you need as an individual. And then I want you most of all, to work with someone who can really guide you properly on the dosages and the supplements that you need for your specific case.

NMN is something that may be beneficial for many of you watching, just like PRP may be beneficial for many of you watching, but these are not beneficial for everyone. So you need to consult with someone to get the right guidance for you and now I want to hear from you. What did you learn from this video? Leave a comment below and let me know. How are you going to change your fertility journey with the information that you just learned? Let me know by leaving a comment and so that you all know when you leave a comment, it allows my video to be seen by more women and couple who need support on their fertility journeys, so you are supporting them by leaving a comment.

Now as I mentioned, I can’t talk about everything in this video which is why this is one piece of my mini series, and I’ve got another video coming up next week that’s also part of this mini series, but if you’ve missed any of the videos that I’ve previously shared, you can find the links for those in the description below, so make sure you check those out.

And as I also mentioned, I couldn’t discuss everything I wanted to in this video because it would have just made it way too long. So I have created a free masterclass on AMH, on ovarian reserve and egg quality and everything that you can be doing, all the details I couldn’t share in these videos, I’m going to be sharing in that masterclass, but you’ve got to register to join me for that masterclass.

If you feel like you’re ready to get started to support your fertility journey and have a personalized plan to suit your needs, before you ever come to that masterclass, then you can apply to work with me and my team in my hope fertility coaching program, all you have to do is fill out the form and the link for that is also in the description below. All right everyone, video number five in this mini series is coming up next week. Stay tuned for that.

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