I have something to confess…

I have something to confess…

I don’t know what I would be doing with my life if I wasn’t helping women getting pregnant and bring healthy babies into the world.

And here is where all started…

20 years ago I never thought I would be specializing in fertility and helping to change couples lives.

I have always had a lot of close female friends.  They would come to me to discuss very personal things and even ask my opinion on important life decisions.  Even with these relationships I always thought I would have specialized in digestive disorders (I do treat this a lot) because of my personal life long ups and downs with digestive issues.

Fertility and women’s health just kind of happened to me.

I was always good at relating to women and their needs so it makes sense, just nothing I thought much about.

That is until I treated my first fertility patient.

Our story:

Tav came to see because she was dealing with PCOS.

Her menstrual cycles only came every 3-4 months and it had been a lifelong issue.

Her OBGYN did not help much.  They only told her she needed to be on birth control or clomid. Unfortunately, this is a common pattern I would come to learn….

Tav was determined to get things under control but she did not know what to do.  She was stuck and needed guidance.  She walked into my office saying these exact things.


We discussed the fact that this was a life time in the making and was not going to change in a couple of months.  She agreed to work with me and we agreed that we would take it 3 months at a time.

Long story short, literally, it took about 6 months with lot of ups and downs; Tav made all the changes I asked her to. BUT she was still not getting her cycle!  We were confused, we knew that her health was 80% better then when she started.   She was following everything I asked her to do; yet no cycle.

So one day at the start of one of our treatments I asked her to go to the bathroom and take a pregnancy test…IT WAS POSITIVE!

Tav had been trying for years and our first goal was to regulate her cycle, not in our wildest dreams did we think she was pregnant!!

Tav went on to have a great pregnancy and delivery her beautiful little miracle, Faith!  I love the name.

Tav and I worked together for years, first to get her cycle to stay regular and then to help her have more children.  She now has 4 amazing kids.

That first day in the office neither of us knew how much we would both impact each other’s lives.

I helped her start an amazing family and she help mold my professional career.

To this day the only picture of babies on my office desk is Faith’s; and my 2 boys!

It is because of stories like Tav’s that I do what I do and I want to help do that for you.

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Marc Sklar works with couples who have struggled to achieve pregnancy and has been doing so for over 15 years. As the Fertility Expert, Marc has a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Marc received his training at the prestigious Harvard Medical School – Mind/Body Medical Institute. Dr. Sklar co-authored Secret to Conception and created two informative fertility websites, ReproductiveWellness.com and MarcSklar.com. We hope you have the opportunity to visit our websites and learn more about our team, our methods, conditions we treat and explanations to many frequently asked fertility questions. Marc is married with two boys currently living in San Diego. He is ready to help if your goal is to start a family!