My Favorite Healthy Gifts

At least, this is how I feel October, November and December go. Don’t you?

I’m not a fan of the big consumer holidays, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But I do love showing love to my family, friends and myself all year around! I’m also a health freak (obviously), a tech geek and a researcher by nature.

Stress is terrible for fertility and getting baby ready, as you know. Running around the mall like a chicken without a head is no good for you. Let’s do it different this year.

If you are in need of some goodies for the family (or yourself!) I’m coming to you today with my favorite health products. Why get your sister another sweater when you could gift her with something good for her that can help her be more healthy and feel better?


For the COFFEE lovers:

If you are like me you might be starting your morning with a nice cup of hot liquid brown.  Yep, every morning I make myself and my wife our get up and go.( If you haven’t seen what I put into my coffee check out this video).   The magic behind the daily cup is Bulletproof coffee beans. Bulletproof Coffee is not your average latte. It’s a high-performance drink that has a massive impact on your energy and cognitive function. Bulletproof Coffee has helped everyone from driven CEOs to professional athletes to busy parents increase their energy so they can do more of what fulfills them.

I bet dad (or your hubby) love coffee. But if they’re drinking the regular one, super loaded with toxics, chemicals and such… they are doing no good for their health.

I have many patients who CAN’T live without coffee. When that’s the case, this is the one I recommend. Adding Brain Octane Oil is what makes the trick, so don’t forget about that. All its products are well known for its highest quality and research behind it. They want to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results. We love their coffee, but there is much more that can be interesting for you as you put together their gifts so make sure to check out all the products here.

For mom, sisters, aunties and mother-in-law!

Your besties will love you even more if you include them too! These beauty products are my go to when I have to gift a woman in my family. They not only love them, but I know I’m taking care of them by giving them non-toxic, good for their health, super quality products

The skincare and cosmetics market is flooded with hundreds of products to improve your appearance in some shape or form. While a little help is always a good thing, what’s not good is the nasty chemicals and preservatives lurking in many of these products.

It’s unreasonable to stop using all cosmetics just because you’re trying to get pregnant or want to be healthy.  I mean, you have to wash your hair right? So I’ve spent a lot of time researching what products are safe to recommend to my clients so that they can try and have the best of both worlds.

Here are my favorite 2 brands when we talk about health and beauty (they also have make up too)  You can watch these videos where my wife talks about her beauty routine using them. I tried their lipstick but it didn’t look right.



Beautycounter: Treat your skin to the ultimate care every day, thanks to this full suite of nourishing formulas. Featuring ingredients like hydrating coconut oil and soothing aloe, the formulas keep skin calm and conditioned. Click for the basic kit I recommend to my patients trying to get pregnant.



Ann Marie: 3-Step Restore Trial Kit, this three-piece kit includes travel sizes of their Aloe Herb Cleanser, Neroli Toning Mist, and Anti-Aging Facial Oil. These products work well with all skin types. If you’ve noticed that you’re not getting the results that you want from your current skin care products and want to transition to truly clean and natural beauty,  I know where you should start. You can get their 3 Step Restore Trial Kit for just $9.99


For the ones who need to improve their digestion:

3 Month Nutrition Program by Whole Journey : I know Christa very well (maybe you caught us doing a FB live earlier in Sept together) and I work with her locally on a personal level. This 3 month nutrition program can help you make improvements to your health by making several upgrades to your current diet, lifestyle and supplement plan immediately. Check the online course here.

Are your mom and auntie always on a diet? Does your brother suffer with acid reflux, stomach aches or suchs? This online program is the perfect gift for them.  Maybe not the most conventional Xmas present, but for sure you’ll be showing your love by helping them improve their life.

For the light sleepers (or those always on a screen)

If your dad, brother, friend,…is struggling to fall asleep at night, or stay asleep throughout the night, it could be as a result of the blue light their exposed to throughout their daily life.

As sleep quality is so important to the mind and body, knowing there’s an accessory out there which can help to improve sleep is really exciting for those who suffer with problems sleeping and are looking for ways to improve their sleep naturally.

Having poor sleep can have a great impact on your mood, hormones and fertility. And though it’s impossible to remove blue light from your life altogether in this modern world, it is possible to reduce its effects on your health and wellbeing by wearing a simple pair of glasses for as little as one hour a day.

If, like me, you enjoy sitting down to watch some Netflix before bed, or you respond to some work emails in the evening or scroll through funny videos on Facebook, you’re also going to be exposing yourself to artificial or blue light. Screens are a massive part of our modern lives, and while we can limit the amount of time we use them in the evening, eradicating them altogether is just not a realistic expectation.

Aiming to use your devices more responsibly is fundamental to the overall quality of your sleep and the elimination of the effects that blue light exposure can have on it. Swannies Glasses have been designed to block out the blue light that’s being emitted from all light-emitting electronic devices and artificial lighting.

Wearing the glasses for as little as one hour before you go to bed has been shown to significantly reduce the effects of blue light exposure on sleep (using them for longer periods of time, or all of the time when you are viewing a screen will have a greater effect).

Blocking blue light allows your body to properly prepare for sleep, so you can fall asleep faster, and sleep better, all night long. When worn during prolonged use of electronic devices, they can also help to prevent symptoms of digital eye strain such as sore eyes, headaches and fatigue.


I’ve talked a lot this year about hormone disruptors, toxics and what to do to have a healthy home. (you can read this article here) This is a very simple change that will benefit your fertility!

Using essential oils is my favorite. My wife uses them all the time, especially when we’re expecting guests. As we don’t use air fresheners (and you shouldn’t either) essential oils are our trick to make our home smell great. This blend is specially designed to help you improve your fertility. Don’t worry, your guests will only notice a wonderful fragrance!



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