How to improve sperm – 7 Tips To Improve Sperm

How to improve sperm – 7 Tips To Improve Sperm

How to improve sperm – 7 Tips To Improve Sperm

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All too often men don’t realize that they are 50% of the fertility equation. I’m not sure why, but they just don’t. I hear the same story often. He doesn’t want to get tested. He doesn’t think he needs to get tested. He thinks he’s got super sperm, he already has children. None of those are sufficient answers or good enough answers for not getting tested. The only right answer is, “Let me do my part and get tested, so that we can know for sure that everything is okay on my end.” On today’s Fertility TV episode, we’re going to be talking about what he needs to be doing right on, to make sure he’s spot on his side of the 50% of the equation. I’m going to be sharing my seven tips to start implementing today to make sure we know what’s going on on the male side of things. So let’s get into it.

Welcome to Fertility TV. I’m Dr. Mark Sklar, also known as a fertility expert, and I’ve been working with couples for over 19 years through my online coaching programs, and here in San Diego at my clinic. And the male side of things is something that we always need to address and look at, which is why I’m talking about that today in this video. Before I do that, I do want to give a quick shout out to the sponsor of this week’s video, Fairhaven Health. They put out a wonderful supplement. We’re talking about men, so we’re going to talk about FH Pro for Men, which is an amazing multi fertility supplement for men. If you want more information on their products, use the link in the description below.

Okay, tip number one, this is by far the most important tip that I am going to share today. Now, the other ones are important afterwards, but this one is the most important because it’s testing. If you don’t get tested, you don’t know what you need to do. And all the other tips that I’m going to share mean nothing, because we don’t know what you need to do or why you need to do it. So you need to get tested. I’m going to tell you, for the last 19 years, I have heard every reason in the book why someone doesn’t want to get tested, why your partner or husband doesn’t want to get tested. Yeah, everything’s fine. I know that I have super sperm. I don’t like to ejaculate into a cup. I don’t think I need it. I have super sperm, I know I do. Oh yeah, I have kids already from a previous marriage, or I know I have fathered children before, I can do it now.

None of those things matter. Sperm are sensitive and volatile, so if you’ve had children before, it doesn’t mean you can do it now. It just means you’ve had them before, and hopefully the odds are you can do it now, but why not check that box off the list, right? I want to take this and make it even more simple for all of you men who don’t want to do this test, okay? And you women partners, if your husband is not sitting next to you right now, press pause, go grab him and bring him back so he can hear this from me and not from you. Okay? You are 50% of the fertility equation. The only piece that you need to do on the testing side of things is ejaculate into a cup. There is no test that your partner or wife is going to go through where they get to orgasm at the same time, and I’m going to even make it simpler. I promise you that you ejaculate on your own, that you masturbate on your own at some point.

So why not just do it into a cup? Why not find out for sure? If you truly want to be part of this equation and have children with your partner, then step up and do this. It’s the least that you can do, and I’m not going to tell you it’s the only time you’re going to do it, because you might need to do it again, but it’s not a big deal, given all the things that she’s going to go through. So step up to the plate, put your ego aside, put your machismo aside, and do what you need to do in your relationship. So get tested. Now, I know it’s awkward, you got to aim into a cup, but you can do it. I have faith in you that you can do it. And if you don’t want to do it in a clinic because it’s awkward and strange, then do it at home.

There are multiple kits that you can use at home to collect and send and get reliable full semen analysis results sent to you directly so you can keep it private. I’m going to list those two in the links below. But Fellow and Legacy are the two that I recommend, and those links for those of you who want to do it at home, are right here in the description below. Oh, and before I go to tip number two, I should mention, if you use Legacy, you can get a discount, which makes it even more of a reason to do it. 20% off. All you have to use is not only the link but the code, Dr. Mark, when you check out. So let’s get into tip number two. Exercise. Exercise is so important. So if you find out that there’s an issue, then you want to exercise.

Lifting weights, running, hiking, moving, all of these things are so valuable to your overall health, and fertility is no different. But often what we find when we do a semen analysis, if it’s abnormal, then we also like to run hormone tests. And often what I find, at least in 50% of the men that do hormone testing, we find that testosterone is low. And one of the best ways to boost testosterone is weightlifting. We want to push those weights to the max. We want to fatigue our muscles, we want to get it to the breaking point. That’s how you start to build and increase testosterone. You don’t have to max out on weights. You could do reps as well to do that, but you’ve got to move, you’ve got to exercise. Now, I don’t like biking for this reason when we talk about exercise, because I don’t like the seat and the proximity to the testes, but most other exercises are fair game.

My tip number three is not going to be one that any of you are going to like, but it’s really, really important. We’ve got to ditch all those, for lack of a better word, addictions. Get rid of the beer, get rid of the alcohol, or minimize them. Reduce or eliminate your smoking. If you’re a smoker, get rid of it. Get rid of the tobacco. If you smoke pot or marijuana, get rid of it. All of these things impact, or can impact, your sperm quality, and we want to make that as best as it can be. Your partners doing as much as they can, you need to step up as well. One of the other reasons to get rid of both tobacco, marijuana, beer, and wine on your list of things that you consume is because most of those are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals and Roundup, because they’re so valuable. And then you are ingesting all those things. So let’s ditch all that stuff for multiple reasons to create a better health in your body, but also to improve your fertility and sperm quality.

Tip number four, everyone’s always asking, “Well, what can I take to improve my fertility?” Well, my favorite thing I talked about earlier, Fairhaven Health sponsored this video, and this is my number one recommendation for male fertility supplements, FH Pro for Men. The link, again, is in the description below. It’s my favorite supplement for this because it’s a well rounded multivitamin, fertility vitamin, to help increase all three major parameters in your sperm count, motility and morphology. Okay, tip number five is multiple tips because we’re talking about nutrition. First and foremost, I want you to eat organic. Why? Because I want to eliminate all those chemicals and pesticides. Just like we talked about in beer, wine, and pot, they use that on all conventional produce and animals, and we don’t want any of you to have those things. Those things mimic estrogen in the body, and when we have too much estrogen, it can impact your testosterone levels and decrease them.

So switch to organic wherever possible. Drink one fertility smoothie a day. I’ve put out a video a long time ago on a male fertility smoothie that is awesome. But make a good smoothie that is full of healthy nuts, essential fatty acids, avocados, healthy fats, protein, and a ton of vegetables. Throw in a handful or a scoop full depending on how you’re getting it, of green veggies into that smoothie, and you’ve got an amazing smoothie that’s going to be good for you both physically and for your fertility. Increase your vegetables, your leafy greens. If you want to do that through a healthy salad, that’s fine, but also get that through regular vegetables, just steaming them or sauteing them for dinner or for lunch. Incorporate more greens. We all need more greens. And another thing we need to incorporate is more nuts. Walnuts and seeds are an excellent, excellent boost to your fertility, and improving your sperm quality.

And my last two nutritional tips for you are increase your water, make sure you’re hydrated and drinking plenty of water. Half your body weight in ounces is what I typically recommend, and let’s make sure we decrease or eliminate dairy. Too much dairy is going to impact your sperm and how they swim, so let’s reduce that or even better eliminate it. All right, number six. This is going to sound funny, but keep your balls cool. That’s right. Our testes don’t like to be warm, and when they get too hot, they can impact the quality of the sperm. And even more so, if you know you already have an issue or you know that you have an obstruction often referred to as a varicocele, then I want to encourage you to ice your balls. That’s right. Again, I know it sounds funny, but there is actually a product that’s made just for this.

It’s called Underdog. You can find the link in the description below, and it’s this convenient ice pack that you put in the freezer. Once it’s cold, you take it out, you put it in this little sleeve and you just slide it right under while you’re sitting at your desk to work. You can’t see me slide it under, but I just slid it under, and it comes with another one so you can swap them out and keep them cool more longer. So this is a great resource, an easy way to support your sperm quality. And number seven is potentially my favorite. Connect with your partner, talk about fertility and just listen to her, and just be there for her and be a resource for her to lean on. And more importantly, find things to do that aren’t related to fertility.

So much of your life is going to start to revolve if it doesn’t already around fertility, so do other things. Create date nights where you’re not talking about your fertility and you’re just connecting with one another. These tips are so important, but none of them can be possible if we don’t start with number one, and get tested. So get tested, and find out for sure that you’re good to go. If you are doing some of these things and you’re not seeing results or enough results that you’re satisfied with, and you need more support to hopefully get the results that you deserve, then I want to invite you to apply, to join my Hope Coaching Program. All you have to do to apply is use the link in the description below.

What did you like about this video? What did you find valuable? Comment below and let me know. Which of my seven tips did you think was the most important for you and why? Comment below and let me know. And if you have any questions, you can do that there as well. If you liked this video, please give me a thumbs up. If you’re not already a subscriber from the YouTube channel, then make sure you hit that bell to subscribe and get notified when I put out another video for all of you. And until the next video, stay fertile.