How to Survive the IVF 2 Week Wait

How to Survive the IVF 2 Week Wait

How to survive the IVF 2 week wait

Are you in the middle of the 2-week wait to get the positive result in your IVF pregnancy test? Are you freaking out? Here’s how to make it through…

There’s nothing that’s going to empower you more on your fertility journey than making it through the agonizing two-week wait.

This is the time when patients tell me they struggle the most. 

It’s difficult. It’s challenging.

All you can do now is wait.

Time spent waiting means there’s more time available for you to start thinking and worrying. Sooner or later you wind up concerned and doubting yourself.

Well, the first thing I want to say to you is: TRUST YOURSELF.

You should feel confident that you’ve done everything up until this point to give yourself the best possible chance. 

Keep reading for my suggestions on what you can do during this 2-week wait to ease off the pressure a little bit…


This one might sound strange.

I know that IVF can be a very private experience that you choose not to discuss with a lot of people around you.

However, we always feel better about things when we feel supported. 

There’s no better way to feel supported than to have a community of people around you who can understand what you’re going through and who can empathize with your experiences. 

Now, I’m not telling you to go out and tell the world that you’re going through IVF. Nor am I telling you that you HAVE to tell anyone you don’t want to.

Support groups can come in my forms from different people/places. It could be certain family members or friends who you trust to give you the love and affection you need at this time (not just your partner).

It could even be an online community where you meet people going through a similar journey who you know can empathize with you without judgement.


Because, in a way, you are.

The embryo has been placed and the process of implantation has begun.

This tip ties into one of my favorite therapies of Visualization. A mind is a powerful tool – use it. 

Wear a smile that will come with a positive pregnancy test. Have the pregnancy glow about you. Start thinking and behaving like you’re already pregnant. 

This makes it easier when you have to make choices during these two weeks. When you’re wondering: should I or shouldn’t I do this? Approach these questions as if you’re already pregnant. 


Write down all of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and concerns. 

Especially write down the things that you’re grateful for!

Don’t let anything get stuck in your head. Take a pen and a journal and release your worries as well as your wishes. 

It makes the whole process a lot easier. 

Journalling is something that can be used during many different periods of life to help with processing, letting go and manifesting. It’s a super useful tool to help with mindfulness and stress management. 

Hopefully, this makes your 2-week wait easier! I wish you all the luck.

If you’re currently in your 2-week wait (or have already been through it), what tips, advice or guidance would you give? What’s helped you?

Let’s start a conversation in the comments section – you never know, your experience could be the one that helps another to cope during this time. That’s what I love about this online community!


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