How to stay sane during the holidays while trying to conceive

How to stay sane during the holidays while trying to conceive

Can you believe that the holiday season has come around again already? It feels like every year the time just goes by faster and faster. As soon as Halloween arrives, the year is on fast forward and suddenly we’re all scrambling through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and it’s stressful–really stressful!

Staying sane and calm during the holiday season is very important if you are trying to conceive. The last thing you want to do is have all the hard work you have put into getting healthy be derailed due to crazy hormone fluctuations (mainly cortisol) and to be right back where you started. These are my 3 tips for staying cool as a cucumber during the silly season while still having fun.


#1- Take a vacation

Have you ever seen the Christmas movie, ‘Christmas with the Cranks’? Well, if you haven’t here is the overview.

A couple is well known in the community for always throwing a huge Christmas Eve party every year. One year they decide to skip Christmas entirely and go on a Caribbean cruise. The neighbours didn’t take this so well and the story ends with the Cranks throwing their traditional Christmas Eve party and gifting away their trip.

Now while it didn’t quite work out for the Cranks, getting away during the holiday season may be exactly what you need to keep your body in its happy place. It is a great time to get away and experience the way other cultures celebrate the holidays.


#2- Don’t try, but try

Give yourself a break from tracking your ovulation and having sex just because you’re ovulating. Let’s be honest–all the fertility clinics are closed over the holiday period so why not step back and have a break too. Enjoy each other and start fresh in the new year.


#3- Take time for yourself

Don’t allow the social commitments of the holiday season to completely overtake your life. Say no when you need to. Allow yourself time to rest and spend quality time with your partner.


Remember this time of the year is supposed to be about family, happiness and love. Try not to get too caught up in your obligations and remember to present and enjoy yourself.


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