How to increase your AMH levels to help you get pregnant

How to increase your AMH levels to help you get pregnant

How to increase your AMH levels to help you get pregnant

Are you over 40 and trying to get pregnant? Are your AMH levels low and are you looking for ways to increase them as part of your fertility plan?

What is anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and can you increase low AMH?

First up, anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is a hormone produced by developing the egg sacs (follicles) in your ovaries. The level of AMH in your blood is usually good determiner of your ovarian reserve – how many eggs you’ve got left.

For healthy women, AMH levels increase until early adulthood and then slowly start to decrease with age.

Besides age, there are many other factors that can have an influence on your AMH levels such as, ovarian cysts, surgery, hormonal disorders, stress, improper nutrition and vitamin deficiency.

All of these things should be taken into account if you need to increase your AMH levels.

It’s true, we haven’t yet figured out a way to turn back the clock – but there are ways we can slow down the process if we make sure we’re addressing the areas in our lives that are within our control and power

Increase low AMH with Vitamin D

There has been research to show that women with a Vitamin D deficiency were more likely to face low AMH levels.

Making sure your Vitamin D levels are healthy is essential for many of your body’s vital processes – and especially important if you’re trying to increase low AMH and improve your ovarian reserve.

Ways you can increase Vitamin D levels:

  • Spend time in the natural sunlight (the sun is one of the best sources of Vitamin D)
  • Use a UV lamp (if you’re in a less sunny climate)
  • Eat vitamin D rich fish and seafood such as; tuna, oysters, sardines and mackerel
  • Eat plant based source of vitamin D – mushrooms!
  • Egg yolks
  • Take a high-quality, vitamin D supplement

Decrease stress and increase AMH

As if going through the painful experience of fertility issues wasn’t stressful enough – your stress itself could be causing further strain on your fertility.

Too much stress is not good for your reproductive system and could be linked to low AMH. Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you’ve gone through physical or emotional stress and it’s then interfered with your menstrual cycle? You’ve either missed a period or your cycle has been changed?

The mind and body are closely connected – if your mind is imbalanced this is likely to be reflected in your physical body too.

Taking steps to decrease your stress should be a priority if you’re trying to increase low AMH. Here are some of my suggestions for reducing stress:

  • Stop the self-blame game. Be kinder to yourself through this journey.
  • Make sure you have a good support system in place.
  • Let go of everything you have no control over (like the past)
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and exercise
  • Treat your body with kindness
  • Try an at-home acupressure kit to find a fertility haven

Nurture your body with the right nutrition

You should adjust your diet as part of your plan to increase low AMH and improve ovarian reserve to help you get pregnant.

Cutting down (or cutting out) the things you know are bad for you and your reproductive health is something we all know we should do – but can often be a struggle to do. This is especially so if you’re feeling stressed out and have a habit of looking to fatty, oily foods, alcohol or caffeine for comfort. You’re only human for doing so, but this is something that has to stop going forward.


Less of this

✘ Alcohol

✘ Caffeine

✘ Smoking

✘ Processed foods

✘ Soy

✘ Artificial sugars

More of this

✔ Vitamin D rich seafoods

✔ Spices (turmeric, ginger)

✔ Beans

✔ Broccoli

✔ Foods rich in antioxidants like berries

Bone broth also has major nutritional benefits to your body and fertility. It can seriously help to settle your hormones and also helps reduce gut issues, is packed with amino acids and has the perfect mix of calcium and collagen.

Kettle and Fire makes one of my favorites, and it’s one I often recommend to my patients who are looking to clean up their nutrition as part of their fertility plan.

Need to test your AMH levels?

Have you had your AMH levels tested? If you’re worried that you might have low AMH, then it’s time to get tested and get a clearer picture of what’s going on in your ovaries.

Testing your AMH is simple and can be done at home (with online results available to you in 5 days!)

For more information about how to get your AMH tested, visit


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