How to Increase Fertile Cervical Mucus

Are you listening to what your body is telling you? Do you really know what it’s trying to tell you with its subtle signs? In this week’s Fertility TV I talk about “How to Increase fertile Cervical Mucus”. I dive into the subtle signs your body is telling you about your ovulation.

Do you know when you are ovulating?

When you are ovulating your cervix should produce more cervical mucus. Your cervical mucus should be of this quality: clear, wet, abundant, with an egg white texture. To test if its egg white texture, it should be sticky and stretchy to the touch.

For more information on the Signs and Symptoms to look for when ovulation check out my previous article – How to Recognize Signs & Symptoms of Ovulation.

What does this mean?

When you see this increase of cervical mucus, this means it’s time to start “baby dancing”. This is the best time to get pregnant. Cervical mucus is an important lubricant. During intercourse, cervical mucus helps keep the sperm healthy. It gives the sperm a proper environment for survival during the baby making process.

What if I have a lot of cervical mucus well beyond ovulation days?

Some patients report having a lot of cervical mucus over a longer period of time than ovulation. This shows that your hormones are increasing and decreasing as they should and most likely have a peak around your ovulation days.

What if you don’t have this type of cervical mucus when ovulating?

I have lots of patients that report not having this type of cervical mucus when they are ovulating. This means that we need to adjust and regulate their hormones so that we can shift their cycle a little bit.

I want to remind you, you are not identified by PCOS. It is a diagnosis you have, but it is not who you are! That you as you are right now are enough and you have superpowers that may look different than those around you.

I have two helpful tips for increasing your cervical mucus.

  1. Coconut oil – If you’ve ever heard of the wide variety of things coconut oil is good for, here is one more! Instead of using lubricants full of ingredients, use a little bit of extra virgin Coconut oil as a lubricant. A little goes a long way and this helps increase your cervical mucus.

For more information on the healthy properties of coconut oil, I talk about “Why you need fat for your fertility” and the importance of coconut oil in your daily diet.

  1. Evening primrose oil – You can begin using this at the beginning of your cycle, up through ovulation to increase your cervical mucus.

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