How to Improve Fertility Controlling Radiation

How to Improve Fertility Controlling Radiation

Fertility can be affected by many factors. Radiation is one of these said factors. Radiation can come from many sources today as we are exposed to more and more mobile devices. We want to be connected to the world where ever we go and this an come at a price. Sometimes that price will be that we are always connected to others without a break; no time to be with ourselves for some down time. This has its own issues, which I will not get into on this post.

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I interviewed Cary from SafeSleeve. SafeSleeve has created a product that can be used with out mobile devices to protect us from these EMF’s. This short video explains why EMF’s should be a concern to you and what you can begin to do about it. Check it and leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

As SafeSleeve site says explains, we’re addicted to our smartphones. According to an ABC news report, the average person checks their phone 150 times per day, not to mention the other 15 hours per day it sits in your pocket. It’s also nothing new that cell phones emit Electromagnetic Fields/Radiation (EMF/EMR) when it’s glued to the side of our head more than 22 times per day.

Research shows that the effects of this can be even more harmful in youth and teens due to thinner skull bones which allow for greater exposure of cell phone radiation to the brain.

When we talk about fertility, research shows  that “After four hours next to the WiFi-connected computer, 25% of the sperm had stopped moving and nine percent showed DNA damage.” Read full article here. “”Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the Internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality,” Avendano and his team wrote in this month’s article,”

Isn’t this impressive (and scary)??

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Marc Sklar: Alright everyone, thanks so much for joining us again. Today we are interviewing Kerry from Safe Sleeve. Thanks for joining us Kerry. I’m a big fan of the product ever since I was introduced to it probably almost a year ago. So we decided to reach out to Safe Sleeve to educate all of you a little bit about EMF. the harmful effects of them and the wonderful product that Safe Sleeve has created to counteract that. Carey, thanks so much for joining us. Why do you tell everybody little bit about yourself and your company?
Cary: As you’ve said my name is Carey and I’m actually the co-founder of Safe Sleeve. I started with my partner, Lee, about 4 years ago. At least with the concept, our initial product was the laptop case. I was always concerned about laptop radiation. I actually had a friend whose dad was an urologist and he told me you shouldn’t use a laptop on your lap. His dad is in the field and it is bad for fertility and potentates other effects. So it was always in the back of my head as I was using my laptop more and more through college. Then eventually I decided to I wanted to look for a product that…It was ridiculous that I was not able to use my laptop on my lap so, I wanted to look for a product that actually shields the radiation. I clearly couldn’t find anything in the industry or anything practical so I ended up coming up with my own. I reached out to partner and he helped me developed it and the rest is history. It expanded into a phone case.
We were actually both studying engineering at the time at “Cal Poly” in San Francisco. So it was in our real house of engineering, the product development and we also had some business classes. So it worked out. Here we are about 3 years later and, like I have said, we launched the phone case pretty recently to the Kickstarter and things are going well.
Marc Sklar: Nice, congratulations. So can you tell the viewers a little bit about what EMFs are?
Cary: EMF, also known as EMR, is electromagnetic fields. It is type of just like…Obviously, you have all heard about X-rays and gamma rays and we know how harmful they are. We know why we wear r the led vest at the dentist just for snapshot just like that. That is part of the EMF spectrum. So, it is a spectrum of frequencies that is on a much higher end of the frequency; the gamma rays and the x-rays. What were are talking about with our personal devices like our cell phones and our laptops, is on the same spectrum as the x-ray and gamma rays, it is on the lower end. So your microwaves, ultraviolet rays, extremely low frequencies, wifi and r-waves or radio frequencies are also on that spectrum on the lower end. It is also known as EMR. Like I have said, it is just another term known as electromagnetic radiation.
Marc Sklar: Okay, great. So I know from what I talk about with patients; I tend to talk about it more with men, but it is true with women as well; I am about not using your laptop on their abdomen or on their pelvic area. As soon as they start to feel it becoming hot it becomes a problem. So, can you tell everyone out there what happens when they are exposed too much of EMF?
Cary: Absolutely, yeah. It is actually to your point of feeling the heat. I think that’s when it becomes more apparent. Obviously, it is more obvious that something is going on here. But even before that, a part of it is just the heat produced by the laptop, but the scary thing is part of it is actually the EMF interacting with your body creating some action with your cells, some movements and some vibrations. That’s what causes your body to physically heat up in that area. So it is just not the heat from the laptop making your body hotter, but it is interactions. So that just makes you wonder. I think a lot of people don’t realize, but it makes you wonder. Obviously there is an interaction with this device. I think it is intuitive then if you understand that then that’s probably not good over long periods of time. So yeah, your laptop on your lap, if you have ever talked on the phone for too long which we all have and your ear feels really hot; it is not just the heat from the device but it is actually interaction with your body. That’s the big source of the problem.
Marc Sklar: I imagine as technology continues to advance, we become more mobile and there are more devices for us to potentially have like now, the new iWatch and so forth, that we will potentially be more exposed to EMF ongoing and all around us.
Cary: Absolutely. The devises are becoming more powerful and that’s part of it as well. But the fact is that if you’re not on your phone, you’re on your tablet or your laptop. I have a cousin who is 2 years old and I walked in and he was sitting on the iPad. He can’t even say his name yet and he was sitting on an iPad watching Disney shows and he knows how to work the thing. So as we all know they are ubiquitous. We have our devices on us all day every day and most of us can’t live with them in this day and age. The more exposure we have, obviously, it is becoming more of a concern.
I still see organizations, organizations and government organizations like the Group, do somewhat regulate the industry. But if you look at their studies, they are so far behind in terms of our normal usage. Some of the studies are even based on power line exposure. I mean, obviously, we have so much more exposure from your average household than from a power line. Whether it is really just our TVs, our microwaves, our laptops, our tablets; everything in every room.
Marc Sklar: Yeah, of the things that when I met you person you took out the case and you took out your laptop and your EMF indicator and you showed me, basically, the difference between using the Safe Sleeve case and not using the Safe Sleeve case and what that meant. Can you talk to the viewers a little bit about that?
Cary: Yeah, sure. So this is an EMF meter, like you’ve mentioned. You can find it on Amazon or you can Google it as there are many places that sell this exact thing. This particular one is a TriField EMF meter and it is good for measuring extremely low frequencies which, like I was saying, is part of the EMF spectrum. It is not everything that you should be concerned with, but it does measure a big chunk of what we’re being exposed to. So, if you put it on the laptop; and I can even show you if I turn it on, and if I get close to you it will probably cans see it going up. But I can actually hear it when I put it on the laptop. That’s the meter actually maxing out and that’s right at the point of the laptop right underneath. So that’s the part that is right on your lap. You can’t feel it so a lot of people don’t understand that is radiation and it is coming off your laptop. This technology will

Marc Sklar: Yeah, great. That was one of the things that really impressed me when I saw it live, is that differentiation, that huge swing to zero, and really got me thinking about that as well. I got the hone cases for my wife and so forth for that very reason. Can you tell the viewers, because a lot of the people who are watching are trying to get pregnant or having reproductive issues; I know we talked briefly a little bit about the connection between EMF and fertility concerns?

Cary: So, EMF, s I have said before, it does interact with the body and the cells in our body. The sex cells are particularly susceptible. So, for example, there is one study done in Argentina where they introduced sperm to EMF under normal conditions; laptop exposure, just like how we would normally use our laptops on our laps and they showed twice as much of the sperm in relation to the control group who wasn’t exposed to the laptop were dead. They had not motility as opposed to the control group and three times as much DNA fragmentation and mistakes. So it clearly does have an effect. That study has been repeated at the Cleveland Clinic and it also has been repeated in Australia and those repeats actually showed more as that initial study was more on the conservative side.
Marc Sklar: Yeah, I could imagined that the main areas that I would see, especially for male fertility, would be on motility, the way they swim and morphology, the way they look, the cellular structure. Now, imagine if it was possible to do a study on female follicles or eggs because, again, at the cellular level we would see something very similar to that as well.
Cary: I think so too, yeah. I think it is harder to study, but I think it would be just pretty much the same effect if you could measure it as easily. Another thing that I wanted to mention is if I have this meter on until I get very close to the laptop within 6-8 inches you’ll see very low levels. So the reason why EMF has a high decay rate, which is what it is called. So what that means is that…Exactly, as you get further away you reach a threshold where it just drops off. So it is an exponential decay rate. So really, it is that direct point of contact or when you have something close to you. I can even hold the meter where my head would be normally when I’m on my laptop would be or my chest and for the most part you won’t see much. It is just that point that is right on your lap.
Marc Sklar: That’s why the cell phones are a concern because they are so close to our bodies, the laptop and the tablets are so close to our bodies. Okay, that makes a lot of sense. That’s good clarification for everybody.
Cary: Exactly. There are still some concerns, obviously, if you sleep with the laptop next to your bed or the TV is over here and it is switched on and your digital alarm clock and there is still some distance, there is an ambient level of EMF. But from what we have seen in our research, it is really that point of direct contact and that’s exactly what we try to reduce with our shielding technology.
Marc Sklar: Okay, great. So, right now you guys have two main products or variations of products; the laptop cases and the phone cases. What sizes or styles do you have each one of those for?
Cary: The laptop case we have comes in a 13” and 15” size. It is pretty universal. So the laptop goes in this pouch here and when you want to use it, you actually take the laptop out ad you’d close it up and you would put this on your lap so it becomes lap desk and the laptop goes on top. So it is pretty universal in that way. It is pretty much two sizes fit most laptops; 14”, 15” range, and it goes beyond that too; so 12” and 16” laptops will fit in there. The black one I just showed you also comes in nice tan material as well. They are big in leather. They are PU so they are not made from animals.
Then the cell phone cases we have are just for the iPhones. So we have for the iPhone 6 size and we also make covers for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 plus as well. Those come in three different colors. We have the grey which has a nice teal stitch, a teal accent for a little pop; the beige which has a gold logo here and on the back as well; and we have it in black as well.
Marc Sklar: Then with the phone, they can actually talk on the phone with the case closed, correct?
Cary: Exactly. So the way you use; you get a phone call and at this point I’m pretty good as I’ll do one had like that. So open it, answer the phone call, close it up and then I can talk just like that. So that is actually how you get the shielding benefits because the shield is in this front are here, so you talk with it close. There is no reduction in sound quality. The microphone is on the bottom so they can her you on the other end; it’s the same. When it is in your pocket, you put the shielding side towards you. So whether it is your chest pocket or your pocket in your pants, you just put that shielding side towards you and it is effectively shielding the radiation away from you.
Marc Sklar: That’s great. So how can everyone find you guys?
Cary: Right now, the best way would be our website If you go on there we have our phone and laptop cases, we have a little bit more information on EMF, a little bit more about how the cases work and you can purchase there.
Marc Sklar: Great. We’re going to be raffling off a phone case, size and color of your choice to one lucky winner and we should have a coupon below this video; a coupon code just to get a little discount on cases as well for those of you who are interested. So Carey, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us and educate everyone about EMF and the Safe Sleeve product. I really appreciate it and enjoyed the time together.
Cary: Absolutely. Thank you for having me on.
Marc Sklar: Absolutely. We’ll talk soon.