How to have healthy sperm: Turbo-boost your sperm to help with getting pregnant

How to have healthy sperm: Turbo-boost your sperm to help with getting pregnant

How to have healthy sperm: Turbo-boost your sperm to help with getting pregnant

It really does take two to tango. Here’s how the man can play his part in supporting a healthy, natural pregnancy…

Oftentimes, men’s health gets overlooked when it comes to fertility. The responsibility – when it comes to fertility and getting pregnant – more times than not falls on the female partner.

Not only is this one-sidedness unfair, it’s also not beneficial to your fertility if you’re struggling and we’re only addressing one half of the problem.

So let’s talk about male fertility.

Here are my tips for men so that they can produce perfect sperm for making babies…

Overheating damages sperm  

We don’t want your sperm to be too hot so therefore you don’t want your testicles to be too hot. If your two boys are boiling, then there could be sperm damage that’s happening as a result. For proper sperm production and quality, things need to stay cool down there – that’s why they hang.

You may or may not have already noticed this but – your testicles actually ascend and descend to help control temperature and create the perfect environment for sperm production. If you’re too cold they will ascend, if you’re too hot they will descent. It’s the slightest shift that makes all the difference. 

Numerous studies have shown that heat diminishes sperm count. I would also say that heat makes a difference with sperm morphology (the shape of the sperm) which also affects the quality. 

In a study where the testicles were exposed to a 2 degree rise for 15 hours a day, there was a 9% drop in sperm count and a 35% drop in normal morphology.

The research is undeniable at this point. Temperature has a serious impact on how much and how much quality when it comes to sperm. 

Healthy sperm are critical for conceiving and for carrying out their proper function. They are key in whether or not you’ll get pregnant naturally or through IVF. 

50% of all fertility issues are male-factor related.

Even if we can just make a little difference when it comes to sperm count, morphology and quality then we should absolutely do that.

Tips to help turn down the heat:

  • No more saunas
  • No more hot tubs
  • No more long hot showers

What causes overheating?

Aside from the exposures listed above, there are other things that can be causing overheating without you even being aware of it. 

These are sitting, driving and obesity. 

A sitting posture with clothing prevents the testicles from hanging, meaning they can’t descend as I described earlier to help them cool down again. They lose their in-built temperature regulation ability. 

Studies are showing that sitting and driving causes a 2 to 3 degree testicular temperature rise putting sperm into the danger zone. That shift in temperature should cause the testicles to go down but that can’t happen when you’re sat in a car.

For many of us we have office jobs or commuting lifestyles where we have to travel long distances to get to our jobs (so spending a lot of time in the car) then once we get to work we’re sitting down for long periods of time. After that long day of work is over, then what do we do? We get home and go sit down on the couch to rest and relax. 

All of this time spent sitting down is now considered normal within our current environment and lifestyles – but they are not normal and not healthy for the jewels down low. 

Men now sit down for an average of 12 hours per day. A huge difference from what our ancestors did. We need to do something to change the impact this shift is having on our sperm quality and production. 

Question: How many hours on average do you (or your male partner) spend sitting on a daily basis? Add up the time spent in the car, the office, on the couch etc and let me know in the comments section.

What can you do to stop overheating?

So, how can you avoid overheating so that you can maximize on your sperm production and make sure you’re producing high quality sperm.

Here are my recommendations to all of my male fertility patients;

#1 – Sleep Naked

That’s right. My expert advice is to sleep naked! 

Sleeping naked allows the testicles to cool down and regulate their temperature naturally without the obstruction of clothing while you’re asleep. 

When you’re under all of those covers and (hopefully) snuggling with your loved one it can get warm under there. 

Also… sleeping in your birthday suit creates a better environment to keep things cool down there whilst also heating things up with your partner: you’ll be wearing the right outfit for the essential part of baby making (more intercourse is going to happen).

#2 – Underdog

What is underdog? Ice, ice baby.

Underdog is essentially a specially designed, wedge-shaped ice-pack. This device should be placed underneath your nether region. It’s perfectly comfortable – I barely even notice it’s there – and super easy to use. 

It’s such a simple invention that does seriously great things for your sperm production and quality – and, I’ll admit, when I cool down my testicles it actually feels good. If you’re a woman reading this you may chuckle, but all men will agree: it gets hot down there, and the idea of having cool, fresh balls is refreshing.

You can use the Underdog ice packs in the car, at the office, on the sofa. They’re very discreet and portable and can help to counteract many of the daily activities and responsibilities that lead to overheating. 

The pilot study of Underdog by the Male Fertility Lab at the University of Toronto found positive results in patients with low sperm count. It had such an impact that they’re recommending it to all of their male patients. 

If you’re a man reading this blog post then I hope by now you understand how much you need Underdog. If you’re a woman reading this: your partner’s sperm will thank you for getting this. 

Boost male fertility with Underdog – click here to go to their website.

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