Are Your Emotions NOT Letting you Get Pregnant?

Are Your Emotions NOT Letting you Get Pregnant?

Are your emotions stopping you from getting pregnant? Your emotions can either help or hinder your chances of getting pregnant faster. Watch this video to learn more about how your emotions can help improve your chances of getting pregnant. Leave your comments below then subscribe to our YouTube channel, The Fertility Expert to learn more about getting pregnant faster and fertility.

We spend a lot of time in our videos talking about the physical aspect of infertility, whether it is PCOS or endometriosis, what we can do at home through diet or what we can do here in our office with acupuncture. But we spent little time talking about stress and the mind-body connection and so today I want to focus on that quite a bit.

Stress has a profound effect on our health. The mind is so powerful that it can have an amazing effect on health positively or negatively. Addiction is a perfect example of that. We know that we shouldn’t be doing something but we can’t control our mind because the desires are there to do whatever it is that we are addicted to. So you can see how strong and powerful our mind is. I would like to try to harness that and use that in a positive sense. So we are all under tremendous stress in our day-to-day life. In this day and age, stress is extremely profound, whether you are trying or whether it is due to infertility or not, stress is there. We have busy lives, crazy work schedules with a lot of demand at work. Our family and friends have demands on us and balancing that out with our loved ones and being able to find some time to distress or get outside and enjoy life and exercise. Even though we want to go to exercise, sometimes getting there and doing that is even stressful. So we have to really control that as best as we can. The connection between stress and infertility I think is very well documented at this point. There have even been some recent articles coming out this pass year showing the effects on stress and fertility both for men and women. So when we’re dealing with stress, our main stress gland is our adrenal glands that is on top of our kidneys. That stress response has an effect on our endocrine system and our hypothalamus and pituitary. If we cannot control that stress response on a regular basis then it is going to have negative effects, potentially, on our fertility.

So the mind-body connection is very important; something we deal with our patients when needed regularly, but we haven’t dealt with in this video. So the tools that I think are important; some of the tools are how can we best manage our stress so that we allow our mind to have this negative impact on our bodies. Something that we are all familiar with is meditation. S, meditation is a perfect example of that, but there are a lot of different types of meditation. We all don’t gravitate to the same thing. So the meditation that works for me might not be the meditation that works for you or that process might not be same for somebody else. So just because there are a lot of different ways of meditating or controlling the mind, it doesn’t mean that we are all going to do all of them or like to do all of them.

Many years ago I got certified in mind-body medicine through the Harvard Mind-Body Medicine Institute and in that program we learnt a lot of different tools and therapies that could help guide ourselves and our patients to be able to better control the mind-body connection. So, as I have just mentioned, meditation is one of those tools; yoga or exercise is another one of those therapies; getting outside and just being in nature is one of those therapies. So we all will gravitate to something different. I’ve teamed up with a good friend of mine, Sage Brisling to write our first e-book. The e-book is called “The Secret to Conception.” The Secret to Conception is not only a regular e-book, but it also has a workbook and guided meditations that goes along with it so it is three parts. What you get in the regular e-book is the why about what we’re doing and the different therapies. It also includes nutrition, dietary recommendations and pretty much a guided step-by-step process to work through fertility, the mind-body connection and to find the tools or the meditation that is going to best suit your needs.

The workbook helps you work through that process and then it connects to a series of meditations that are associated with the workbook and the primer. They all work together to enhance the mind-body connection, decrease the stress response and create a better environment for fertility. So we created this book and we’re launching it right now which is wonderful. The beauty of it, especially with the meditation portion of it, is that with the meditation there are nine or ten and you’re not going to like all of them. So you are going to choose the two, three or five that you really like and you’re going to rotate through those because those are the ones that really resonates with you and you leave the others; but we have created all of them because you are going to like ones and I’m going to like others ones. So together you get this three-part series of our e-book, what we call, The Secret to Conceptions, to support the mind-body connection and increase your chances to get pregnant faster and decrease the stress response in the body. We hope you find it valuable and we would love to have your feedback once you get it.

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