Fertility Foods that Can Help You Get Pregnant

Hi, I’m Mark Sklar, the fertility expert and today I’m here with Amy Pamensky, our nutritionist and we’re going to talk about three of the most nutrient-dense rich foods that are not only delicious but awesome for your body. So Amy, you and I talked about food somewhat regularly, but everyone out there is not familiar with that. So today I want to hit on three key foods. The first one is one that most people either probably don’t like or haven’t tried and don’t speak about much; it is liver. So, can you tell everybody out there a little bit about why liver is so beneficial?

If you’re looking for the three most nutrient-rich foods to help you get pregnant this video is for you.


Amy: Sure. Yeah, so most people don’t get liver in their diets, but I’m going to tell you why it is such an important food to have in your diet. So when we talk about liver we’re talking about liver from grass fed animals, so good quality liver so that it doesn’t have additional toxins in it. The liver is an organ that actually filters out toxins and you want to make sure that you’re getting liver from a healthy animal.
Now, liver is really nutrient-dense. It has tons of vitamin A, B vitamins and iron. So even just a little bit of goes a long way. So we’re not asking you to eat it every day, but even just once a week having some liver is a great thing to add to your diet for fertility and also to get some nutrients in as well.

Marc: Awesome. Yeah, it is one of my favourite foods to recommend, but I don’t necessarily recommend for everybody. I tend to recommend it for those patients who I thin need a lot more nutrition and nourishment. Unfortunately, those tend to be the patients who I find are pretty strict with their diets in terms of being either vegetarian or vegan and have really cut out some key foods out of the diet for whatever reason. So funny enough, I do tend to recommend it for all the people who want to avoid animal products, unfortunately. So we’re having pretty real conversations about why I think it is beneficial and if they’re willing to take that step and move into that direction. But I also think of it as a complete multivitamin as well. So, traditionally culture didn’t have multivitamins or prenatal, so they leaned on their nutrient-dense foods for that nutrition. So if you were looking for something that is a little bit better-rounded but you don’t want to take a million pills then liver would be the way to do it. Speaking about pills, I’m not the biggest fan consuming liver; cooking and eating it. My wife loves it, but I’m not the biggest fan, so I tend to get it in pills. So for all you vegetarians and vegans out there who really can’t stomach and really won’t cook it or eat it, I do recommend that you get good quality pills from grass fed cows that can really supplement your nutrition you’re your diet and really help enhance and promote your fertility.
I’ll mention it again later on, but in the description below will be a link to our blog post on this exact video and information. In there will be a link if you want to purchase really good quality liver pills you can do so with that link as well.
So, on to our next super-food, if you will. This is a healthy fad. I’m sure all of you are probably sick of me talking about healthy fads, but this one is avocados or coconut oil. So many of us I find in the kind of world that we live in have been brainwashed to believe that low-fat diets are important, and because of that we’re actually missing a lot of nutrition and a lot of fat in our diet. Fat is essential for regulating and helping to balance hormones which is one of the ways I really push that and put it into someone’s diet. Can you tell the viewers out there how they can make it a little bit more accessible to themselves and a little bit more fun in terms of incorporating these two foods?

Amy: Sure. Yeah, so avocado and coconut oil are really healthy fads as Mark mentioned, and definitely important for hormone balancing. It is also important for brain health and for absorbing all of your fat soluble vitamins. So lots of important reasons. They are also anti-inflammatory. How do we incorporate them into our diet? One way that you might not have thought of to incorporate avocado into your diet is actually putting some avocado in your smoothie. Most people haven’t tried that before, but it actually gives it kind of a creamy consistency, almost like what great yogurt would do, but with avocado. So that’s a nice way to add it in.

Amy: I usually cook with coconut oil. It really depends on the flavour profile of the foo that you’re eating. So it just talks a little bit of time getting used to what foods taste good with coconut oil. Most of my veggies I cook in coconut oil and you can also use coconut oil, adding it to smoothies as well. Coconut butter is a great one that you can add to smoothies too.

Marc: Awesome! Hopefully that is helpful for all of you. Then the last nutrient-dense food that we would like to mention, and we have a separate video also about this specific item is bone broth. It is also a very nutrient-dense culturally traditional food. Can you tell everybody a little bit about bone broth?

Amy: Right, so bone broth was really important part of my healing process for digestion. It is very mineral-rich and also electrolyte-rich, so very hydrating. If you’ve heard that chicken soup is really good for healing this is where it comes from. We’re not talking about bone broth that comes in a box or chicken stock that comes in a box, but we’re really talking about healing bone broth that comes, again, from grass-fed or organic animals and has been cooked for usually around 7 hours with some type of acidity. What you’re looking for is getting the collagen out of the bones which is actually the healing mineral nutrient that is going to help with the gut healing as well.

Marc: Nice! So, for sure I recommend that for anybody who is dealing with any digestive issues because it is really healing to the gut. But any immune issues it can be just daily supplement kind of like what the liver is in your diet, and it is very nutrient-rich as well. So if you had bone broth and liver pills as a staple in your diet on a daily or weekly basis that pretty much serve as your prenatal or multivitamin, if you will.
So those are the three nutrient-rich foods that we think are essential for helping you get pregnant. Thank you Amy for sharing some of that information with everybody. Like I have mentioned before, the links below will take you to our blog post which has more detailed explanation about this video itself and also lead you to links to help you get more resources on the liver pills and the bone broth as well. If you are not subscribed to my newsletter, you can do so right here with that link that will take you our newsletter where we share all sorts of information we don’t share anywhere else. If you like this video press the “like” button on the You-Tube channel. Thanks so much and for watching this video; hopefully, it was beneficial.

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