Do you have heavy periods and are trying to get pregnant?

Hi and welcome to Fertility TV.  I’m Dr. Marc Sklar, the Fertility Expert and I focus on helping couples get pregnant naturally.  In this video we’re going to be talking about what your period is telling you with regards to your fertility and specifically heavy bleeding and clots.

We’re focusing on one specific aspect of your menstrual period which is heavy bleeding and clots, so if you have heavy bleeding and clots this video is specifically for you. So your body is always talking to you in all sorts of ways, and for women specifically in their menstrual cycle it’s one of the things that I really love about working with women and fertility is that we’ve got this menstrual cycle to monitor and see it change and also see what’s going on. 

So there’s one of the more telling signs for a woman is how healthy your overall menstrual cycle is and specifically your bleed. And so if you’re having heavy period, if you’re changing your tampon hourly, or close to that, and if you see increased or very large clots then those are things that we want to change and improve okay.

What to do for heavy periods? 


#1 Estrogen dominance: If you have estrogen dominance, one of the first things would be detoxing your body to reset your hormones. This free masterclass will give you on how to get started. 

#2 Bad Circulation: It can also mean that there’s not enough proper blood circulating through the pelvic region and the uterus, and that’s causing this heavy bleed, and certainly the clots.  If you are having clots, aside from improper blood circulation, it can also mean…doesn’t have to but can also mean that you potentially have some polyps, some cysts or some fibroids that need to be addressed.  Other times that I also see increased clots and heavy bleeding is during…or is when women have endometriosis.

It’s important to get checked and have blood work done to make sure that your estrogen levels are healthy and normal.  So that’s ideally done on Day Two, Three or Four of your menstrual cycle, Day One being the first day of a full bleed, and so it’s important to have your blood checked and find out where your hormone levels are, your estrogen levels are to see if they are elevated beyond normal. Let’s talk if you need guidance on medical tests and a fertility plan. Click here to schedule your consultation with me.

Additionally, if we are suspecting any abnormalities then we do want to have an ultrasound done so that we can see if there’s any, like I said, abnormalities going on or any blockages like the fibroids or cysts.  You know you can’t typically see polyps but you may be able to see polyps if they’re larger in an ultrasound as well.

If you find out that you have excess estrogen  or higher estrogen than we’d ideally like in this stage of the game then the first thing is we want to support your liver to help the detoxification process.  The liver is the primary organ that detoxifies excess hormones in the body, that estrogen would be one of those excess hormones, and so we want to support the liver.  There are many things to support your liver, here are some recommendations:

#Supplements for liver detoxification: You can take two supplements or two herbs if you will, you can do it in a tea or in a pill, one is milk thistle which is very supportive and regenerative to the liver, and the other is turmeric. In this free workshop I go over my favorite supplements when you are trying to get pregnant.

# Increase your water intake: The other thing that you can do is increase your water intake to help flush out the liver, and increase your dark leafy vegetables for the same reason because it is a detoxifier. 

# Acupuncture:  if you do speculate or we do know that there is some sort of blockage because you’re having these clots then acupuncture is very beneficial for improving blood circulation and so is uterine massage. So it’s important to look at the whole picture.

If you’ve been trying for 6+ months, it’s important to speak to a fertility specialist like myself so that they can help guide you through that process, really determine what’s really going on and help create a plan to get you the end result that you’re looking for which, obviously in the end is to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

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