Conscious Conception Summit

After my talk “What your Lab Work is Telling You and Common Causes for Fertility” I wanted to share some useful resources for all the listeners.
Because I get a lot of questions about lab work, what to get, how to get your doctor to ask for it… I want to offer a free fertility lab work general list, for everyone to download.

If you would like to know what fertility lab work (and general one) I usually recommend to my patients, go to the link
You’ll find a list of common labwork for your fertility, and its meaning. This is not necessarily the labwork I would like for everyone! It is just a list for you to get familiar with the names and descriptions, and to get a general idea.

For all the Conception Summit listeners who are ready to take control of their fertility, I would like to offer them a Private 1 on 1 Fertility Assessment with me, at no cost. (This 1 on 1 session has a $250 value)

During the Fertility Assessment:

– We will identify 1 or 2 things that will make a big difference in your health and fertility

– I’ll find and share the next step for you

– We’ll discuss if it makes sense for us to work together


But you need to qualify, because I can only offer 10 private sessions.

To qualify, please go

* Only the first 10 people who qualify will be contacted via email within 48 hours and giving the opportunity to schedule a Fertility Assessment

** Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. 3


Are you struggling to get pregnant?
Or are you just wanting a mindful approach and thinking about how you can prepare to be the best parent you can be?
Did you know that there is a mind + body + spirit connection to healing and well-being? Did you know that your environment (inside AND out) can affect your fertility?
Did you know that what you do today will make you a much better prepared parent tomorrow?
If not for yourself, do it for your child, because your child deserves the very best version of you. Which by the way helps reverse infertility in the process! Come find out how…

This year, Founder of Fertile Living Co., Elisabeth Manning invited me to speak in a very special Conscious Conception Telesummit: Bridging the Science, Spirit and Art of a Fertile Life to Awaken Your Divine Human Potential.

I’m incredibly excited because along with that invitation, I was given the chance to extend to you the opportunity to listen in and hear not only me, but 24 other amazing experts (including myself, Bruce Lipton, Lissa Rankin and Sonia Choquette along with TOP experts in the area of fertility, mindfulness, relationships, self love, nutrition health and more.

If you or a loved one has ever struggled with infertility or want to be mindful about bringing a child into the world this is your chance.

And you don’t have to pay a dime to attend. It’s Free.

With this telesummit, you have the unique opportunity to listen in as over 20 leading doctors, scientists, fertility health, relationship, mindfulness and spiritual experts discuss …

· Spiritual Wisdom

· The Science of Healing

· Meditation Practices

· Removing Hidden Blocks to Infertility

· Proper Diet For Fertility

· Embracing a “Fertile Attitude and Mindset”

· And MORE!