4 Tips to Support Implantation

4 Tips to Support Implantation

Four Tips to Support Implantation

Implantation is one of the most important aspects in the whole conception process. Yet, it is an area where we have little influence over. We can do several things to help assist this but if we knew exactly what would affect implantation we could dramatically influence our success rates.

One thing we do know is the without a healthy and thick endometrium (uterine lining) it will be very difficult for the embryo to attach and implant into the uterus. The other thing we understand is that implantation is a process and not something that happens at one moment in time.

So even though implantation begins about 6-7 days post ovulation it continues on through the first half of the first trimester. This is what makes the first trimester so volatile. So the first 4 weeks are just as important in the implantation process.

#01 – Stress:

We do know that the stress response can negatively affect the uterine environment. When we are under stress the bodies natural response is to shunt blood flow to the extremities.
In doing so, the first place it pulls blood from is the reproductive organs because when we are trying to save our lives the last thing we need to do is reproduce. The body is just prioritizing.
So this goes back to my point about reduce stress, have fun and enjoy your days!

#02 – Eat Well:

I am not going to go over all the same points I make in many of my other videos but make sure you are eating nutritious and nourishing foods. You are welcome to watch some of my other videos to hear my thoughts on food.

#03 – Keep your body warm:

Actually in Chinese culture they believe it is very important to keep your feet warm. They believe that cold can enter your body through your feet and go directly to your uterus. We don’t want a cold uterus so make sure you keep those feet warm. Wear socks and you can also soak them in warm water at night!!
It also doesn’t hurt that women are 30% more likely to orgasm when wearing socks. And what woman doesn’t want to orgasm. SO keep those socks on and you may even enjoy your sex a bit more.

#04 – Exercise:

This is always a big topic of conversation with patients.
We like our exercise and are emotionally attached to it, but I feel we should be more emotionally attached to your implantation outcome, so keep it simple and easy. Go for long nice walks and you can even make it a brisk walk. Other than that lets not do anything crazy

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