Why you need to regulate your periods before TTC

Hi! I’m Dr. Mark Sklar, Fertility Expert and I’ve worked with couples all over the world helping them conceive naturally.  One of the most important things that I do when I work with couples is my sure that they have a regular cycle.  So if you have irregular cycles, you’re not quite sure where your cycles are cause you’ve never tracked them, then the information I’m going to share with you right is specifically designed to help you.

A common question I get asked is “I’m trying to get pregnant and I’ve been trying for six months but I really don’t know when I’m ovulating cause my cycles are irregular or I really haven’t tracked anything, we’ve just been having fun and enjoying ourselves…” which is great, that’s really important, “…but we don’t know where I’m…”  or “…I don’t know where I’m ovulating or what my cycle’s doing.” 

First thing to do is, before anything else is that we have to regulate your cycle. Your cycles need to be predictable, they need to be consistent and you need to know when you’re ovulating.  So if you have a predictable and consistent cycle, not only can you have fun with intercourse, but you can time it appropriately in your fertile window so that you can maximize and optimize your chance of conception.

As humans we have a very small window of time when we get pregnant and we want to make sure that we dial in our intercourse especially around that time.  Not to say that we can’t have sex any other time of the month, you absolutely can, and some research actually shows that having sex all month long and having fun with it does increase your fertility.  But aside from that, we’re trying to target it in on this.  So it’s important that your cycles are predictable and regular and consistent, so if you’re having irregular cycles it shows that there’s something going on hormonally that needs to be looked at, again in my world I like to test it, figure out what’s going on and then treat that.

Number Two:  It’s also important to plan ahead. If you know that your..that you want to try and get pregnant in the next six months or year, or you’re about to get married and you know that sometime in the future building a family is part of the plan then think ahead, look back at yourself, look at your body, understand what your cycles are doing, try to determine if they’re regular or not, if everything is functioning normally and then plan ahead and say “Okay I’ve got six months to work on getting my cycles and my body in order…” and then use that time appropriately so that when you are ready to start trying, you’re ahead of the game.

So first and foremost is be proactive and start prior to your conception… prior to trying to conceive, plan ahead, take care of yourself and regulate your cycles.

And then Number Three is get to know your body by being aware of yourself, by being aware of your cycles.  You’re also more aware of your body and your health and your hormones and you get to know yourself better.  So it allows you to understand what’s going to work for you and what’s not going to work for you, you’re an individual and being an individual, you know hearing all the things that everybody else is doing may or may not work for you and you need to figure that out.  So Number Three is it allows you to know your body better.

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