How to use ovulation kits to get pregnant

How to use ovulation kits to get pregnant

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and you’ve been using the ovulation test strips and you’re frustrated with them because they can be working or not working, then this video is for you.

One of the more common questions I get is, what do I do with these ovulation test strips and how do they work and why aren’t they working for me? So here’s the first thing, most of my patients who are going through fertility challenges have hormonal imbalances. So these ovulation test strips are not the most accurate for them. These test strips were created for women who were very well balanced hormonally, have regular hormonal cycles, regular menstrual cycles… and they’re designed to pick up their perfect LH surge and tell them when they’re ovulating. But for many women that’s not accurate and that’s not possible so they get frustrated. They test and test and test and it doesn’t show positive or it shows positive for like a whole week. I hear that often for patients.

So one not all test strips are created equal. Two if you’re only testing once a day you’re doing it wrong. Those test strips were designed to show a surge within a 12 hour period. So if you take it every day 24 hours apart, then you possibly are missing your surge. So I encourage patients to test in the morning and then about 12 hours later as well so that you’re hopefully catching both surges. But don’t get frustrated if they’re not working. They’re really not my favorite thing to use in these situations until we regulate your hormones. So a better option would be Basal Body Temperature Charting, although it’s a little bit more labor intensive. And sometimes you’ve got to just listen and just pay attention to your body and your signs and symptoms to know when you’re ovulating.

So I know it can be frustrating but I encourage you that it is frustrating to put down those strips and put them away, save your money and start looking for other ways to track your fertility.

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