The BEST egg quality boosting supplements!

The BEST egg quality boosting supplements!

The BEST egg quality boosting supplements! (And the supplement you should be careful with when you’re trying to conceive over 40).


NeoQ₁₀ Coenzyme Q₁₀ (CoQ₁₀) Supplement (90 count bottle)

Theralogix NeoQ10 contains a unique formulation with VESIsorb® technology making it a highly bioavailable coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement.


Transcription :

If you are over 35 and trying to get pregnant, you need to be on this supplement ASAP. In this Fertility TV episode, I’m going to talk about my favorite supplement for advanced maternal age, or for those of you who are over 35. And I’m going to be telling you all about this one supplement that many of you are taking that you should be really careful about. So keep watching so that you can learn about these two supplements.

My name is Dr. Marc Sklar. I’m also known as the Fertility Expert, and I want to welcome you to Fertility TV, your YouTube channel dedicated to helping you get pregnant. I’ve been helping couples get pregnant for more than 18 years through my online programs, my virtual consultations. And if you’re lucky enough to be right here in San Diego, you can visit me in one of my class. So we’re going to be talking about the number one supplement that you should be taking if you’re 35 and older. And I know many of you watching already take a bunch of supplements, but I want to hear from you. Why don’t you post below in the comment section, your favorite one or two supplements that you take. I want to hear from all of you, but even though you take those supplements, I want you to be open-minded to learning more about the ones that I think are invaluable for you and the ones that you need to be careful of.

Fair warning, in this video, I’m only going to be talking about the one supplement that I think you need to be taking, but if you’ve been trying for six months or more, you might need more than just this one. You might need a whole plan to get you the results that you’re looking for. If that’s the case, then I want to make sure that you join me for my free training on my five supplements that you should be taking right now. Plus, I’ve decided to include a ton more information on diet, on lifestyle, and home therapy techniques. So if you want all that information and so much more, then I want you to register for my free training by using the link in the description below. Remember, space is limited. So if you want to join, you’ve got to register, but first I want you to watch the rest of this video. And then afterwards, I want you to use the link in the description below to join me for that free training.

I love supplements, and this was one of the things that my wife had to get used to with me because being in the healthcare industry, there’s a lot of supplements that I know of that are really useful for us and that I take. So I’ve got a whole section in my kitchen devoted to my little pharmacy or what I think is little. My wife thinks it’s big.

The first, most important thing that we all need to know when we’re talking about supplements, even when they are as specific as this when we’re talking about advanced maternal age or women over 35, or if you’re trying to improve egg quality, all this sometimes falls into the same category, is that there is no one-size-fits-all. That we all need our own individualized plan to address our needs and our conditions. And even though many of you might have the same condition, in this case advanced maternal age, it doesn’t mean that you all need the same thing. I can have 10 of you in the same room with the same diagnosis, and I’d probably have a slightly different and certainly unique plan and supplement regimen for all of you, because you all have a unique predisposition, a unique genetic makeup, and have your own health issues that need to be accounted for.

My favorite supplement to recommend for all of you who’re trying to improve your ovarian reserve and quality, if you’re of advanced maternal age, is ubiquinol, also known as CoQ10, but they are different and slightly different. And my favorite one is right here, is called NeoQ10, because the absorbability of this CoQ10 is much higher, actually seven times higher than any other CoQ10 that you take. So, why is CoQ10 so important?

Well, CoQ10 is a nutrient that naturally decreases in the body as we age. And so we need to increase and support our CoQ10 in our body anyway, as we age. But it also is an important supplement for improving and minimizing and actually slowing down the aging process of the cells. And so this helps with ovarian rejuvenation. We’re trying to restore our reproductive health and restore ovarian function, and this is one of the things that does that. It does that by getting into the mitochondria of the cell and affecting the powerhouse of the cell, which is why often when you take this, you might actually feel an increase in energy.

There’ve been tons of research studies around CoQ10 and supporting reproductive function. And it’s such a staple in all the plans that I recommend and oftentimes a staple in the supplement regimen that many of you approach me with because you’ve already been taking it. So you’ve been reading about it, you understand it.

The things that I see that are really needing some correcting when you’re taking CoQ10: one is the form, and two is the dosage. Often, many of you aren’t taking enough of it. Well, the beautiful thing about the NeoQ10 is that in one pill, you’re getting seven times more than what you would get in any other supplement of CoQ10. That’s why this one is so valuable for all of your reproductive needs, because you only have to take one and you get almost seven times as much as what you were already taking.

All right. If you’re already taking CoQ10, comment below and just let me know, say yes, because that will let me know that you’ve already been taking CoQ10, and that helps me know where you’re at in your fertility journey.

Now, the supplement that I am a little bit cautious of, and I want all of you to be cautious with is DHEA. That’s right. DHEA right here. Many of you already take DHEA, and I can’t tell you how many of you approach me and say, “Yes, I’ve been taking it. My fertility doctor told me to take it to improve egg quality.” And when I ask what the dosages that you’re taking, it’s usually a unanimous, “I take 75 milligrams a day.” Or, “I take 25 milligrams three times a day.” Either way, it adds up to the same thing.

I’ve actually spoken to many of you who have told me, you take more than that because no one told you how much you need. Well, here is the issue. Yes, DHEA has been shown to have some benefit when it comes to your fertility, but all of you need to check your DHEA levels before you start taking it because DHEA can also cause a lot of harm.

One, we need to make sure if you need it. So if you get it tested before you start taking it, we can see where your levels are at. And typically, I’m okay with a level of 180 or higher. But if you’re lower than that, then yes, you might need to take it. Now, the caveat here is how much do you really need? DHEA is a powerful hormone. And if we take too much, it can actually cause damage to our hormones and to our cycles. So as much of a benefit as it can yield for your fertility, it can also cause some problems and we don’t want it to cause any problems. You might not even need it. This is why I’m always talking about that you need to have the proper lab tests done to know what you need so that you can create a unique fertility plan for yourself based on your needs and your lab work and your constitution.

Well, DHEA falls into the same category. So many of you are taking it without ever doing any testing. I want you all to test your DHEA first. Then you decide one, if you need it, and two, how much you actually need. I’ve prescribed as low as five milligrams or 10 milligrams, because we just need a little bit of support, not a lot of support when it comes to DHEA.

So this is one that I really want you all to take to heart. I want you all to be really careful with this because it is a hormone and anytime we take hormones, it can also disrupt our fertility as much as we want it to help. So please be careful with this. It’s an important piece. And the first thing I want you to do, if you’re considering taking DHEA is get your labs tested. So just a reminder, as you have already me say this repeatedly, but if you’re considering taking supplements, I do encourage you to make sure that you are taking supplements that you need. First and foremost, make sure you get your labs tested. Secondly, consult with someone who can support you to create a proper plan, both supplement wise, nutritionally and everything else, to get you the results that you’re looking for.

Often, and I can’t tell you how often this happens. It happens so often, that you all approach me when you start working with me with a long list of supplements that you’re taking. My first goal is to rule out the things that you don’t need. And then tweak, adjust what you do need, and often this is really what turns the key and allows you to get pregnant. So you need to be taking the right things, the things that you need so that you can get the results that you want.

Just like the supplements I was just talking about and many more, there’s so many things that you can be doing to support your fertility and enhance your reproductive function. And I’m going to be talking about these in my free training that I want you to join me for. If you’re ready to register and join me to learn how you can improve your fertility, I want you to use the link in the description below to register and reserve your spot. I’m not only going to be talking about some of the supplements that I love, actually, five of them, but I’m also going to be talking about some of the dietary changes that I think you need to be making, and some of the home fertility techniques that you can be using to improve your fertility. So make sure you register and reserve your spot. Space is limited. And don’t forget, use the link in the description below.

Okay, in this video, we talked about supplements to improve advanced maternal age and support your fertility. Well, I have a bunch of other videos exactly on this topic and I’m going to leave them right here for you so you can check them out as well.

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