Infertility – 5 Remedies to get pregnant

Infertility – 5 Remedies to get pregnant

Infertility – 5 Remedies to get pregnant

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We are all always looking for some helpful tips to help us get pregnant, especially tips that we can do and manage at home on our own. So today that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about. We’re going to talk about the five tips that you can start right now to improve your fertility. So let’s get into it.

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My name is Dr. Marc Sklar, also known as the fertility expert, and welcome to Fertility TV, your YouTube channel dedicated to helping you get pregnant. I’ve been working with couples for over 18 years through my online coaching programs and at my clinics in San Diego, California. And one of the things that always comes up is what can I do at home, what can I do myself to increase my chances? So that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today right now.

Tip number one is taking inventory of your home and your environment. The world that you live in, the rooms that we live in, the environment, the house, all of these things impact and can affect our health and our fertility and hormones. So we need to take inventory of what is going on in the world that we spend a lot of time in, in the environment and rooms that we spend a lot of time in, and start to see what we can do to make changes. Getting rid of plastics, of chemicals, of the things that we are in contact with on a regular basis on a daily basis are going to be at the top of that list.

And in my Positive Pregnancy Method program, I give guidelines and steps of things that we need to start to do, and one of my members in that program started to make changes and she’s already seeing progress. I actually want to read some of that for you. You’re going to see it on the screen as well. She says, “Progress.” She was updating us all. “Progress. When I started the process in April, I quickly discovered I had estrogen dominance.” That’s when we have a little too much estrogen in the body and our body can’t self-regulate that and get rid of it. “My estradiol was 199.” That’s really high actually. “And I’ve been removing plastic from my kitchen, avoiding soy in its various hiding places, and taking some supplements, specifically ClearVite that I recommended. My levels have slowly been coming down. And when I got more blood work done a few days ago, my estradiol was 73.”

That is an amazing, amazing progress. She made great progress for her and bringing that number down to 73 is a huge step in the right direction for her. She’s only going to continue to see good, healthy progress. Now, she mentioned getting rid of things at home. The two things that I want to point out is getting rid of the plastics because they have phytoestrogens in them. And it’s not to say that you have to throw those out. You can use those in the garage for storing little things and so forth, but you don’t want to store things that you’re going to ingest. You don’t want to use that for cooking or for drinking or for eating, right? So we want to get rid of those plastics. She switched and I recommend switching to all-glass or stainless steel. And then the other piece of that is getting rid of all the chemical fragrances in the house, which can cause a lot of problems on the reproductive system.

So that is tip number one. I always talk about food and diet and how important it is. So tip number two is about food and diet, and specifically eating organic. The quality of the food that we eat is so important for us. So important. I experienced an extra personally when I went to stay at a resort with a family and all the food was included. So I couldn’t choose the type of food that I was eating, specifically the quality of the food that I was eating. And over the course of that week, I started to feel a difference and my health declined. All the things that I worked so hard to manage started to creep back up.

And this goes back to the point of quality and organic food. This is the same for all of us. One of the most important things that we want to make sure to be organic are animal products. Anything that comes from an animal really needs to be at the top of that list of being organic because when we do that, then we get rid of the extra hormones, the extra antibiotics and chemicals that are used to raise those animals, right? And then we don’t ingest them. So we want to make sure that the food that we eat is as clean as it can be.

For example, this PPM member did exactly that. She started to change all of those things, to get rid of the conventional meats and incorporate organic. She was having really, really heavy and painful periods, and by making this change and a few others specific to her needs when it comes to diet, she was able to see a huge change. And I’m going to read that right now while you see it on the screen. “My cervical mucus is extremely present and it was not before. We continue to buy more organic in the market for what we eat at home. We’re enjoying our new cookware and enjoying the supergreens and bone broth from Paleovalley. We are considering Mosie Baby for extra help. My period cycles have gone from super duper flow to regular to light. Great things are happening.”

That’s exactly what we want to see. We want to see that all of these things are changing. It’s not just that we’re eating a lot of vegetables or increasing our fats, it’s the quality of the food. And in this case, specifically organic, and in her case, all the other ancillary things that she started to change with her diet as well. So tip number two, go organic.

Tip number three, track your cycles. Track your ovulation. So many of us assume that we know when we’re ovulating. And so many of us assume that even with a relatively regular cycle, we know when we should be trying, but I often see this get mixed up. I can’t tell you how often someone tells me when they’re trying and we have to make those corrections. We have to guide them a little bit better. These are things that you can start to do and things that I absolutely guide and support you through in the Positive Pregnancy Method program as well because I’ve created videos specifically on this topic. It’s so important to know when you’re ovulating so that you know when to have intercourse, so that you know when to try and where your fertile window is.

Now, there’s a couple methods that you can use to do that. One is by tracking your temperatures, BBT charting, right? And I go into much more detail on that in this video right over here. The other method that you can use is by using a tracking device and app to do that. One of my favorites is called Mira, and I go over that product and how to use it in this video right here. So you can check those out as well. But understanding where your fertile window is is going to make things so much easier for you. It takes a little bit more of the stress off, it makes the trying like, honey, I’m ovulating right now trying, it makes it more worthwhile, and you also once you know where your fertile window is and you’ve been able to track ovulation, you also don’t have to rely so much on the immediacy of trying at this specific time and you can give yourself a much bigger window. So tip number three is all about tracking ovulation and timing intercourse properly.

Tip number four, take a candida test. Well, candida is yeast overgrowth. Now, we all have a little bit of normal yeast in the body or normal candida in the body, and that’s totally fine. It’s when that starts to go overboard that it can become a problem. And I see this all the time that we don’t manage this properly. It gets out of control and it starts to disrupt our digestive system and our hormones. And this can absolutely impact your fertility. So this is something that I always like to check for.

And actually, in my upcoming free training on December 20th, I’m going to dive deeper into this specific topic to give you more information on it. If you want to register for that training, then you can just use the link in the description below to sign up for the free training. It won’t be here on YouTube or any other social media. So you do need to register to join me for it. But I am going to dive deeper into this topic so that I can guide you a little bit more and you can start to be more proactive about how to look for and manage potential candida.

One of the members in my program did exactly this. She tested for it, she recognized that she had an overgrowth of yeast and she followed my steps and guidance and my protocol to address it. And these are the results that she got. I actually want to read it for you, okay? She said, “Dear Marc, I have never seen this in my life before. I just sent you my labs yesterday, 29 days before the end of my candida cleanse. Please let me know how I should proceed with the cleanse and what I should do with my OB/GYN.” And what she’s showing you is a positive pregnancy test. She’s never had a positive pregnancy test before in her life and now she does. And it’s beautiful to see.

Tip number five is test. Don’t guess. So when it comes to lab testing, it’s so important to have blood work done, lab tests, not always just blood work, lab tests done, period, right? But there’s a lot of mistakes that I see. First and foremost is that you don’t get enough testing done. They don’t order the right labs or enough of the right labs. And the second thing that I see is that they don’t order them on the right days. You can see by this member of my program that she was so frustrated because she had labs done. They were ordered on the wrong day. No one told her and she thought all sorts of things were wrong. We have to have things done on the right day.

Labs are a snapshot of what’s going on with your hormones and your body on a specific day at a specific time. If we don’t do them at the right times, because our hormones do fluctuate throughout a cycle, then we’re going to have misinformation. We’re not going to know what’s going on. We’re either going to think something’s wrong when it’s not or something isn’t wrong when it is. And so having labs done at the right time of your cycle and the right labs tested is super important to getting the right information and being able to understand your body better and being able to create the right plan for yourself.

I see this all the time. Labs are tested at the wrong times. And you might say, “Well, why wouldn’t my OB/GYN know when to do it?” Because they’re not fertility specialists. That’s why. So I’m not saying they all don’t know, but many I find don’t. So if you’ve been trying for six months or more, maybe you’ve even already seen your OB/GYN and had some labs done, I encourage you to get a second opinion. Have someone else look at it like me and my team. Have us understand what is there so that you know if you’ve covered all your bases or if things are missing.

And actually, in my Positive Pregnancy Method program, I actually have a whole section devoted to lab testing and I give you a whole document of not only the labs you should have tested, but what they all mean and how to track them once you get your results back. And I’m going to be diving deeper into lab testing in my free training coming up, but you’ve got to register to get that information. So I’d love to invite you to register. All you have to do to save your spot is use the link in the description below to register.

So let me tell you a little bit more about my free upcoming training. I’m going to share my best tips that you can start to implement at home that will give you a little extra edge and hopefully help you get pregnant a little bit faster. It’s 100% free and I’m going to be focused on sharing useful information, practical information that you can start to incorporate. And if for whatever reason you can’t join me live, as long as you register, you will get a recording of the training so you can watch it later at home at the right time for yourself. In addition, whether you do join me for the live training or not, be on the lookout for the emails that follow the training because I often share some very exclusive discounts for only those of you who registered and were able to watch the training. So be on the lookout for that.

And best of all, at the end of the training, I am going to open up for a live Q&A so that I can answer your questions and give you feedback live in the moment. But again, you do have to register to join me for that training. So make sure you use the link in the description below to join me on December 20th.

All right, hopefully you found these five tips useful. I know the year is wrapping up, but that means that these five tips are even more valuable because they can set the stage and the foundation for how the next year’s going to be for you. So make sure you watch this video again, you go through those five steps, make sure you join me for the free training so we can get the next year started on the right foot and hopefully get you pregnant fast.

If you like this video, give me a thumbs up. I also want to hear from all of you, what did you like about the video? What of the five tips did you find valuable and what are you going to start to incorporate into your fertility routine now? Comment below and let me know. If you’re not already a subscriber to my YouTube channel, you should be. So hit that bell to subscribe and get notified when I put out a new video. And until the next time, stay fertile.