Are Probiotics Good For You When Trying To Conceive (TTC)?

Are Probiotics Good For You When Trying To Conceive (TTC)?

Are Probiotics Good For You When Trying To Conceive (TTC)?


Test Your Gut.
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This at-home test analyzes your poop to target the good & bad bacteria in your gut to treat the root cause of your symptoms with guidance on what foods are best for you and which ones to avoid. Use the code DRMARC for a 10% off 



Because so many of you have digestive issues, you might not know it, you might not think about it, but every time I speak to one of you and talk to you about your overall health and reproductive health and fertility, I often, about 80 to 90% of the time, find that most of you have digestive issues in some form. These digestive issues have been ignored or forgotten about because we tend to focus all on our fertility. Welcome to Fertility TV, your YouTube channel dedicated to everything fertility and helping you get pregnant. If you’re new here, I’m Dr. Marc Sklar, the natural fertility expert. I help couples from all over the world with my online programs and consultations. Today’s Fertility TV episode is sponsored by Thryve. I’m going to tell you just a little bit more about them in just a few minutes.

You may have been wondering where I’ve been for the past few weeks because my videos have been MIA. I took a few weeks off because I wanted to create some new videos for all of you to watch which will be coming up shortly in the coming weeks. I was taking some time to put in some energy and welcome all the new members to my new online program called the Positive Pregnancy Method Program. This is my new online fertility program to help all of you get pregnant naturally. If you want more information on this program and how it can help you, I’m going to leave a link in the description below so you can check it out.

I don’t often talk about my own personal health issues because they have not specifically revolved around fertility. But this week’s topic really hits home and is very personal to me. So in my early years in life, I had a lot of digestive issues. My stomach was always hurting. I had lots of diarrhea, sometimes constipation. This really started to mess up with my daily routine. It was always dictated by how my digestive system was working and how I felt really right here in my gut. But I was young and I didn’t really know any better. So this is why I was really excited when Thryve reached out and I learned more, a little bit more about these guys right here and what they could do for my digestive health.

I immediately thought about all of you, because so many of you have digestive issues. You might not know it. You might not think about it. But every time I speak to one of you and talk to you about your overall health and reproductive health and fertility, I often, about 80 to 90% of the time, find that most of you have digestive issues in some form. These digestive issues have been ignored or forgotten about because we tend to focus all on our fertility. Well, our digestive system is a key piece of our overall health, reproductive function and hormone balance, and all of that will lead into healthy fertility and reproductive function. So I want to bring it all back and tie it all in into gut health and reproductive health and fertility and what it means for you.

If you’ve watched many of my other videos in the past, anytime I do talk about a digestive health, I often use the term it starts in the gut, and that’s for a specific reason because our overall health, our immune function and everything else starts in the gut. Without healthy gut and digestive function, it’s really hard for us to have overall health and reproductive health. Often, I do find with many of you that your fertility is tied into your digestive health or your gut health. We need to understand that more broadly for ourselves individually and then understand what you can do as an individual to support that process to improve your gut health and improve your fertility.

So if you’ve been struggling with fertility, or quite frankly, any other health issue, you might be surprised to find that these symptoms are tied to digestive health and that that digestive health is tied to your overall health and fertility health. So let me cover a couple of those symptoms for you so that you can see if they pertain to you. So trouble focusing and maintaining a positive mood or low energy, right? Not having enough of the energy that you want to get through the day and feel good. Bloating, constipation, and abdominal pain, obviously, those are related to digestive health and function. That makes sense, when those are off, your body’s off. Maintaining a healthy weight, some of us fluctuate. We have too low of a weight or too high of a weight and we want to have better balance.

Weak immune system, this is so, so important. For many of you who have had recurrent pregnancy loss, this weak immune system is a key component to helping implantation and holding a pregnancy, and our immune system starts in the gut. Skin blemishes, acne, or eczema, I will often tell you, I’ve struggled for my entire life with acne on my face in some rashes. Every time I see an outbreak, I know that my digestion’s been off. I haven’t been as strict with my eating habits or I haven’t been taking my supplements. Hormone imbalance and the ability to metabolize our hormones, these are variables that are very important, especially for all of you on your fertility journey. I have discussed this in the past and I’m going to discuss it again right now.

Our gut communicates with our brain through nerves and hormones. When our gut health is poor or off in some way, it can cause the issues and symptoms that I just mentioned, that list that we just went through. When our digestive system is off, it can cause those problems. Unfortunately, one in five Americans struggle with gut health as a result of their dietary habits. I’m sure this is the same worldwide, but this figure is just here in the US. We eat too many refined sugars, foods with all sorts of coloring in them, and hormone filled foods, much of which are fried because they taste so good. But all of this starts to deteriorate our gut health. Thankfully, there’s a lot that you can do to control this, to reverse this problem and correct these issues by having a healthy diet, improved dietary habits and good probiotics are things that give you a clue that you need better support in your digestive health to get overall better health, right?

But I know all of you watching really are here because you want to improve your fertility and your reproductive function. So the first thing that I want you to know is that to improve your fertility and your reproductive function, you have to improve your overall health first. That comes first. Getting rid of constipation or diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain, increasing your energy, all of this is tied into your fertility and reproductive health and we need to make sure that that’s not being ignored just because we’re focusing on fertility. Your whole body, all these systems are tied together. But I know that you’re here watching because we’re talking about fertility specifically, and you want to know how all of this specifically impacts your fertility.

Well, all your hormones have to be metabolized and detoxified, eliminated through your digestive system, through your intestines and your gut. If your gut is not healthy, if your digestive function is not working properly, if you’re not having regular bowel movements, healthy bowel movements, which are formed, then this is going to be a problem for you to have good hormonal balance. This is also a place where then new bacterias can thrive. Yeast overgrowth can thrive. We want to eliminate those things and not leave any opportunity for all the bad bugs, viruses, bacteria, and yeast to thrive. We want to get rid of them so that you have a healthy digestive function. Your body can do what it needs to do to excrete estrogen and all the other hormones in a proper fashion, and that those hormones don’t go back into your body, into the bloodstream and start to throw off your endocrine system and cause hormonal imbalances.

We want to have healthy balance. One of the best ways to do that is to have a healthy digestive system. My favorite way to do that is through good, healthy probiotics. But I’m a huge fan of probiotic use. Many of my personalized treatment plans that I create for all of you who are working with me and coaching with me often do include some form of probiotic because of how important they are to your overall health, your immune system and your hormones. One of the other reasons that I haven’t spoken about them much is because I haven’t found one specific probiotic that I felt was good for everybody. Actually, that is still true, but I have found a way for all of you to now get a probiotic that’s appropriate for you as an individual and that will make your gut system thrive.

When you order your kit, you’re going to get this package and it comes with three easy steps. First and foremost, you actually have to activate the kit. Second, you’re going to take out, step number two, which is collection. I know, when I start talking about stool, you think you’ve got to collect the actual stool. But they make it really, really easy. You’re just taking a swab of the stool when you wipe and you’re taking that swab off of the toilet paper. So super easy. You put it right into this collection kit and then step three is sending it off. So they give you all the instructions you need right here to drop it in the mail and send it off so that you can get your customized results.

So I have to tell you, I have used stool test collection with the couples that I work with frequently for all sorts of things. This is by far, and I’ve done it personally, by the way, and this is by far the easiest way to collect a stool sample, super straightforward and simple, to get the results that you need to create a customized probiotic blend for you, which is awesome. So if you want to order the test yourself and take advantage of this, then I’m going to leave a link for you down below so that you can take care of that on your own. They are offering all of you who are watching a 10% discount off of the price. All you have to use is the code, DRMARC, D-R-M-A-R-C, to get that 10% at checkout. Or you can also just go to so you can go there directly as well, but that link is going to be below for you.

So once you do that, that test will ship straight to your door. You do the simple collection and follow the instructions that are in the kit like I just showed you and then you’ll get your results shortly. I am going to be sending off my test results to them shortly. If you want to know what my test results look like and what they recommended for me, then I’m going to share that on my Instagram channel, on my stories. So make sure you’re a subscriber to my Instagram channel so you can check out the results that I get and what they recommend when I get them. When you receive your results, you can also get a customized food plan to help you with a gut bacteria and your microbiome, which is awesome. I don’t know any other probiotic company that does this exact same thing, because that’s going to come with or in addition to your customized probiotic plan.

So if you’ve got diarrhea or constipation, stomach pain, if you’ve got some brain fog, low energy, we’ve got a hormone imbalance. Maybe you’ve got too much estrogen in the body. These are all reasons why you should be doing this test so that you can change that and see better health, better digestive function, increased energy, better hormone metabolism, and hopefully an improvement with your fertility as a result. So I like Thryve and these probiotics for three main reasons. One is it’s super convenient. The test kit arrives right at your door and it’s really easy to collect and send back and get those results back from the company. So convenience is always awesome when it makes it easy for you.

Price is the second reason why I like this probiotic. It’s much more affordable to do this test kit, get the results and take probiotics and be preventive in your health care than it is to end up in the doctor’s office once you’re sick, trying to figure out what’s wrong and what they can do. Often, I’m telling you this based on experience from my personal digestive struggles, they don’t find what’s wrong and they can’t fix the issue. This is going to start to get to the root issue because it’s figuring out what’s wrong with your gut health and microbiome.

Then number three, which is potentially the most important, it’s personalized for all of you. You all hear me talk about personalization, that we’re all unique individuals and we need our own unique plan. Well, this is one of the benefits of Thryve. You get your own unique probiotic blend for you with a personalized health plan and diet recommendation that works for you as an individual. That alone is worth the cost of running this test, and they’re going to give you a 10% discount if you order that test and use the code DRMARC at checkout, so that makes it that much easier as well.

I want to hear from all of you. Are you currently taking probiotics? Please leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know if you’re taking probiotics and how long you’ve been taking them for. I’m always curious. I’ve always been taking probiotics on my daily routine of supplements and I want to know if you have been too. So if you’re ready to step up your probiotic game and find a customized blend that works for you as an individual, then I highly recommend you check out Thryve. You can use the link in the description below to check out their product and order your own kit. Or you can go to as well. Don’t forget to use the code DRMARC at checkout to get your 10% off.

I’m going to leave some other videos right here about diet and nutrition that I’ve created in the past if you’re interested in those, and don’t forget that the Positive Pregnancy Method Program is open for enrollment. So if you want more information on that and you want to join all the other women who have already joined the program, then you can check that out using the link below. Until the next video, I want you all to stay healthy, stay safe, stay fertile, and in this video I’m going to add, and thrive.


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