Julva- The Anti-aging Cream for your Vulva

Julva- The Anti-aging Cream for your Vulva

Julva- The Anti-aging Cream for your Vulva

Are you one of the millions of menopausal women who are silently suffering with…

  • Embarrassing urine leaks?
  • Difficulties with arousal or orgasm?
  • Painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness?

Your doctor may tell you these problems are normal for a woman “your age” but my good friend, world-renowned gynaecologist and sexual health expert Dr Anna Cabeca disagrees. She has spent a number of years developing a product that is kind to the body and with the power to reverse the effects of ageing. 

Urine Leaks

Urine Leaks occur due to a loss of control of the pelvic floor muscles. This occurs with age and after childbirth. Have you noticed how many new incontinence products are available in the “women’s aisle” these days? They seem to outnumber the pads and tampons sold for women’s periods: heavy-duty liners, pads, panties and even tampon-like plugs… just for urine leakage!

I even saw an incontinence pad commercial where a company will send them to you at your home in a plain unmarked brown box to avoid embarrassment.

Let’s be real. This is all natural and there is no need to feel ashamed about the ageing process but this doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in silence. Julva works to restore and tonify your pelvic floor muscles giving you greater control and avoiding the accidental leaks.

Loss of Libido

It’s not surprising that a loss if libido is a common symptom of vaginal dryness and urinal leakage, how are you supposed to feel sexy when your body is working against you? Julva will soothe dryness and increase lubrication, it also contains DHEA which will help with balancing your hormones. It’s an internal and external solution for you and should have you feeling ‘in the mood’ in as little as two weeks.

Vaginal Dryness

The most common diagnosis for vaginal dryness is a decrease in estrogen. But what you may not know is that topical estrogen can increase moisture and decrease irritation during sex, but it does nothing to stop you from leaking when you sneeze or jump and  oral estrogen can decrease hot flashes (and some women see some improvements to vaginal moisture) but it doesn’t stop those embarrassing leaks either and carries cardiovascular risks.

And unfortunately, neither of these estrogen therapies have been shown to significantly improve desire, arousal or sexual satisfaction!

Hot flashes usually diminish over time, but vaginal dryness and incontinence will continue to get worse as you age. If you’re sick of wearing panty liners every day then Julva may be your solution.

So what’s in it?

Alpine Rose Stem Cells
(Rhododendron Ferrugineum Leaf Cell Culture Extract)

Alpine Rose stem cells are harvested from Swiss alpine plants that are known for containing unique compounds that help the plant survive extremely challenging environmental conditions. Years’ worth of studies has shown that Alpine Rose stem cells are anti-ageing, protective, anti-viral and restore resilience cosmetically.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a natural bio-identical hormone in women’s (and men’s) bodies that leads to the production of other important hormones such as androgens and estrogens. It has been shown to improve feminine health as well as mood, energy, sense of well being and to maintain healthy bones and muscle. It starts to decline in our 30’s and is 60% lower in menopause.

Numerous research studies as well as Dr Cabeca’s clinical use of DHEA, used topically in cream form, have shown it to be an effective therapy for women suffering symptoms of atrophy such as dryness, irritation, discomfort, and urinary leakage.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an extremely safe natural oil and, as such, Dr Anna has long recommended it as a fantastic moisturizing lubricant. It is comprised of fatty acids, of specific benefit are capric, caprylic, and lauric acid which is wound-healing and have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is nourishing and repairing to damaged cells. It is a perfect penetrating oil working synergistically in this combination-rich restorative cream.

Vitamin E Tocopherol

The benefits of vitamin E are long known. It is nourishing to skin and as an anti-oxidant, decreases free radical cellular damage. It also is essential for healthy skin growth and repair and prevents cracking and drying…keeping skin smooth and supple.

Emu Oil

As a gynecologist specializing in hormone therapy, adding Emu oil in compounded treatments increased the effectiveness and results of the therapeutic hormone delivery. It contains Vitamin A, linoleic and oleic acids which help with skin repair and regeneration and are anti-aging, reducing wrinkles.

Emu oil facilitates absorption of the deeper tissue gaining the best results possible especially for the sensitive feminine area. It is soothing and nourishing for the toughest skin including eczema and psoriasis. It can also reduce swelling from inflammation and is safe for the tenderest, most delicate skin. Additionally, a study at Boston University showed that Emu oil can stimulate skin cell regeneration and improve thinning skin.

Shea Butter

Shea butter has long been used for centuries on skin with it’s moisture-rich and creamy effects. It has proven benefits to improving collagen production. It is rich in natural oils to prevent drying and cracking of skin and has also been shown to soothe inflamed skin.


How can Julva help?

  • Julva moisturizes and provides increased overall comfort
  • Julva also reduces discomfort, has a pleasant smell, and is easy to use
  • Julva improves feminine integrity, skin elasticity, and overall health
  • Julva increases collagen production
  • Julva improves tissue resilience and urine control
  • Experience increased lubrication
  • Julva contains ingredients that support your immune system and improve bone and muscle health

If you are a post-menopausal woman living with a lack of intimacy caused by dry, painful intercourse know that you’re not alone. In this video, my colleague, Dr Anna Cabeca explains her wonderful product and how it can turn back the clock “down there”… 

Are you are your vagina ready to regain your youth? Try Julva today and take advantage of their free sample!

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