Is your Endometrium Causing Infertility?

Hi, I’m Dr. Marc Sklar, the fertility expert, welcome back to Fertility TV. In this episode, we’re going to be talking about if your uterine lining is contributing to your fertility issues, so stay tuned for more information.

We often talk about eggs, ovaries, egg quality and maybe the only time we really talk about the uterine environment is in relationship to fibroids or cysts or polyps or something like that, but very rarely do I hear anyone discussing the health of the uterine tissue, the endometrial lining.


The endometrial lining is essential for implantation. Without a healthy endometrial lining, there is really no place for the embryo to implant. This is like having a fertile soil to plant a garden, essentially. So we’re looking for three key factors when we’re looking at this; maybe four.

  • The first one is that there are no masses in the uterine cavity.
  • The second one is that it is nice and thick, not all month long as it varies at different times of the cycle. But then we’re looking at that we have a nice and thick endometrial lining right around ovulation and certainly the week after for implantation.
  • We’re also looking, #3, for the three layers. It has three layers in that lining which basically makes it a fertile environment.
  • #4 is that the shape of the uterus is healthy that there are no random curves or abnormalities. So that’s really what a healthy uterine environment should look like.

Recently I got a question about…Sorry, let me prepare this by saying the patient was having issues with her endometrial lining. And her OB/GYN suggested putting her on Clomid. She thought that would help fix her lining and also fix her menstrual flow which was thin and not heavy. I actually completely disagree with that. One of the side effects of Clomid is that it thins the endometrial lining. So it’s not something that you want to do on your own if this is an issue that you’re having. It is counterproductive ad counterintuitive to what you’re trying to do in this situation. Now, every individual and every circumstance needs to be looked at individually and you have to balance out the pros and cons of what you need to do and maybe balance it out with other things. But generally, that’s not my favorite thing to do in this situation.

So some to-dos or homework that you can do at home to help support nourish and really enhance your endometrial lining and your endometrium are these three:

1) Acupuncture. I love it! It increases blood circulation straight to the uterus, if it is done the right way, and it is really helpful for impacting the uterine environment and thickening the lining.

2) Vaginal steams. Vaginal steams will help to clear out the uterus, will help you you’re your lining and helps to replenish a healthy and nourished uterine lining.

3) Abdominal massage.  Abdominal massage helps to increase the circulation to and through the uterine lining as well and hopefully create nice and healthy endometrium.

So that’s your homework; start to look into those things.  If you want a little bit more information and you’re serious about taking control of your fertility then check out my webinar “Five Secrets to Getting Pregnant”

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