How Your Mind Creates A Pregnancy

How Your Mind Creates A Pregnancy

Hi, I’m Dr. Marc Sklar, the fertility expert, and welcome back to Fertility TV. In this episode, we’re going to be talking about how your mind can help you get pregnant. Stayed tuned for more.

Actually, the reality is your mind can work with you or against you and you can help make that decision of which one it is going to be. So let’s get down to the meat of it, right?

1) Are you open to the possibility that you need help? Open up to the possibility that it can happen and that you can get pregnant? That’s one of the biggest things that I find when I start talking to patients; they’ve told themselves all these negative thoughts. So, they start closing down the positive feedback that their body tells them and only opening up to the negative. So everything becomes this negative; all these negative statements and all these negative possibilities. We want to open ourselves up to the possibility that pregnancy can happen for you. So create the space that it can happen and stop telling yourself that it won’t. Start telling yourself that it will and that it is happening. Okay, our words are very powerful and our minds believes it and our mind will tell our body what to do.

2) Are you open to the possibility that there might be another way to get pregnant? Whatever you’ve been doing to get pregnant? Whatever you’ve been doing to get pregnant isn’t working. So the old saying of ‘you’re not going to get any different results if you keep doing what you’re doing’. You have to make changes, so you’re open to the possibility that there is another way that things can happen and that you need to take or possibly need to take and modify things to get the results you want.

3) Change the story you keep telling yourself. I don’t know what you’re telling yourself, but I think it needs to be changed. We tend to tell ourselves these negative things like “I’ not going to get pregnant anymore” or people keep telling us these negative things, our friends and family; not because they mean harm, but because that’s just what they’re saying and just what they believe.  So they’re going to going to tell you “Oh, it is going to take a long time” or “I don’t think that’s going to work” or “You should try something else.” They give you that all these negative things. You need to stop listening to it. Change what people are telling you. Change what you are telling yourself so that you can start acting positively.

Have your thoughts been limiting you? Has someone thoughts been limiting you? It is kind of an extension of the last one. Change the thought process that is going on in your mind, “Oh, another cycle work didn’t happen. It’s never going to happen.” Go away from those things. Okay, so think of it differently. If this cycle doesn’t work then the reverse of that is saying “It didn’t work this cycle. That means my odds is just only increasing.” They’re not decreasing, right? “So, the next one should be the one because I’ve had these other cycles that it wasn’t in.” we have to start telling ourselves different things. Your brain is the most powerful organ you have and you have to train it to be believe the things that you want and to create the things that you want in your life. That what you want is a pregnancy and a healthy child. So start to retrain of the thought process that you’re having and only build positive thoughts and throw out all the negative. Choose a different story for yourself, create that different story, write it out and start to believe it.

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