How to Change Your Health and Fertility Forever

How to Change Your Health and Fertility Forever

It’s naive to think that to cure infertility is to simply treat one condition of the body. To really uncover the root cause of infertility we must look at the body and its systems as a whole- holistically. This video talks about the aspects of your health that must be taken into consideration when we search to remedy whatever is holding you back.

“Fertility is the first system your body shuts down when something else is not working.”

-Dr Marc Sklar


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Marc Sklar works with couples who have struggled to achieve pregnancy and has been doing so for over 15 years. As the Fertility Expert, Marc has a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Marc received his training at the prestigious Harvard Medical School – Mind/Body Medical Institute. Dr. Sklar co-authored Secret to Conception and created two informative fertility websites, and We hope you have the opportunity to visit our websites and learn more about our team, our methods, conditions we treat and explanations to many frequently asked fertility questions. Marc is married with two boys currently living in San Diego. He is ready to help if your goal is to start a family!