Best Tips to Use Castor Oil Pack for Fertility

Best Tips to Use Castor Oil Pack for Fertility

Best Tips to Use Castor Oil Pack for Fertility

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Are you watching this video because you’re trying to conceive and have been told that using castor oil might be beneficial for you? Well, great, you’re in the right spot because I’ve been helping thousands of women improve their fertility and get pregnant during the last 20 years of my career. In this fertility TV episode, you’re going to learn how to use a castor oil pack and castor oil for fertility, the best time of the month to use it, when you should not be using it, and an extra tip to make it more beneficial for you on your fertility journey. If you are excited about this, then give this video a like and make sure you subscribe to get more videos every week.

If you’ve been trying for a while and are looking into castor oil packs like the magic pill that will get you pregnant, let me tell you that this might not be as easy as you wish it was. As I always say, infertility or fertility issues are a symptom. Your body is communicating with you, letting you know there is something else more important for your survival that is just not working right. So before getting into castor oil and how to use it, you need to ask yourself three questions. Why am I not getting pregnant? What is the real reason behind it? Two, what is my body trying to tell me? It’s speaking to me, but what’s it trying to say? And three, am I treating the root cause or just trying to do everything I hear about just for the sake of trying to get pregnant?

Reproduction is one of the less important functions of the body. I know that sounds strange and something that you might not have thought of, but it’s the truth. It gets shut off when your body needs the energy and resources to take care of itself, like when you’re under a lot of stress. When you’re under a lot of stress, your body goes into that fight or flight response. We’ve all heard about it, right? Something happens, your body’s scared or stressed and it says to itself, I need to run or I need to save myself and fight. And what happens is that your body needs those resources, that blood circulation, all those nutrients to be at the extremities of your body and your uterus is the first place.

Your reproductive organs is the first place that that blood gets taken away from. It gets shunted out towards your extremities so you can run or you can fight and you can take care of yourself for survival. And your body doesn’t actually know the difference between being in a car accident and being under stress or being chased by a lion, tiger or bear, right? I know that sounds funny. Or being chased by someone with a gun. It just knows that it’s under stress and it’s trying to survive.

So we need to address that. We need to take care of that. And the one thing you need to also recognize is stress doesn’t just come in emotional stress. Stress comes in physical stress, in lack of sleep, in over work, in dietary stress, we’re not eating the right things. Stress comes in many forms and our body responds the same way in varying degrees because it’s trying to take care of yourself and survive. And fertility is not important at that phase.

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So, let’s dive into castor oil packs. Okay, so how do you use a castor oil pack for fertility or castor oil for fertility specifically? Well, the first thing you need is you need castor oil. So I highly recommend getting organic castor oil. It’s much safer. We know that there’s no chemicals or toxins in it, and certainly for this, because we’re putting it right on our skin, we want to make sure that there’s no chemicals and no toxins in it. So organic castor oil is by far the best thing you can get.

The next thing is you need all your other supplies. Now, I should mention there are several different ways to apply castor oil to your body and create a castor oil pack. So by no means is my way, the only way to do it, but this is the way that I recommend and prefer, and I do this for many reasons, and the most important reasons here are going to be that I know it’s effective and I also want you to relax and kind of reset during this time. So I want you to use this, not something as time to walk around the house and do other things, but to lay down on your sofa or on your bed, use the castor oil pack, maybe put on a meditation and just start to rest and relax.

So obviously aside from the castor oil, we need to create what we call a pack. So we need something that provides heat. So that could be a heating pad or a hot water bottle, something that you boil water, you pour it in, and you put it on you, whatever is going to provide that warmth, that heat that allows and supports that oil to penetrate deeper into the skin.

We also need an old rag, or maybe a wool flannel. You can use cotton pads as well if you need to, but I prefer a wool flannel or a old rag. And I do often recommend using a piece of saran wrap, and you might need a second towel as well. Now people might say, “Well, why is this?” Well, oil is oil and it gets messy, it stains and we don’t want it to get all over clothes that you really like and need to use on a regular basis or on your bed or on your sofa. So we want to make sure that you’re protected. With that note, I should say, you should either remove all your clothing while you’re doing this or make sure you’re using clothing that you don’t really care too much about so that good clothing doesn’t get ruined while you’re doing this.

So now that you have all of your supplies, now we actually have to create it. So the first and most important thing is that the oil goes onto your abdomen. You can do this in one of two ways. You can apply a little bit into your hand and rub it onto your low abdomen, right over your ovaries and uterus. It can be used in other parts of the body, but I prefer over your ovaries and uterus for reproductive health and purposes. The next most important area would be over your liver and then after that, over your intestines. So find the area that you want to use it, and you’re going to apply the oil directly onto the skin.

The other way that you can apply the oil is that you get a glass kind of Tupperware or a storage container, and then you take the rag and you put it inside the glass storage container, and then you take the oil and you pour it on top and get it nice and damp and wet. You can ring it out a little bit, it needs to be wet, but it doesn’t need to be soaking all over the place. And then you take this rag and then you put it over your low abdomen. What I like to do is actually cut this for the size of my abdomen so that it’s not too big either.

So those are the two ways you can apply it. If you apply it straight onto your abdomen, then you’re going to take that rag or wool flannel, you’re going to cut it and you’re going to put it right over your abdomen as well. Then goes the saran wrap if you decide to use it. And that’s really only to protect everything else from the oil, then the heating pad on top of that, and then potentially another blanket to keep the heat in, and again, to protect everything else from the oil itself. And then it’s all about resting and relaxing for a minimum of 15 minutes. And you could do it even for longer, upwards of 30 minutes meditating, just relaxing, listening to some good music, whatever it might be. So that’s how you use castor oil to create castor oil packs to support your fertility.

The next most important thing is when do you use it? So what time of the month is the best time of the month to use it? So I prefer that you’re using it from the end of menstruation, if you’re still spotting, that’s okay, until you ovulate or until you really start trying, so having intercourse to try to conceive. That is the window, which means it’s a relatively short window, maybe as much as two weeks roughly if your cycles are regular, it could be shorter. And I do recommend during that time that you use it two to three times during that window of time. If you can get it in four times, great. It might be a little much, but that’s fine.

Some of you will ask, again, can we use it other times of the cycle? Can I use it while I’m menstruating if I have a lot of menstrual pain and clots? Absolutely you can, but every situation is unique, which requires a slight different adjustment to how you use and the best time of the month or cycle to utilize the castor oil and the packs. And so in general, that’s what I recommend. Can you use it during menstruation? You absolutely can, if you need it, right? So that’s really the key is if you need it. We are all individuals and we do not want to use it when we don’t need it because we have all sorts of other things that we need to be doing. So why overwhelm ourselves?

The third point that I want to mention is when you should not be using castor oil. Well, first and foremost, and I want to say this in the beginning, if you know you’re pregnant, we do not use castor oil or castor oil packs. It’s contraindicated, which means it’s a no-no for pregnancy. Which then, if you take that as an understanding, then you say to yourself, okay, so if I shouldn’t be using this when I’m pregnant, then I know that I shouldn’t be using this after ovulation, which is why in the second tip I said, using it up until you start trying or up until ovulation. So we don’t use it in the luteal phase in case you may be pregnant. And especially if you’re trying. If you know you’re not trying and if you know you’re not pregnant, yes, you can use it all cycle long, but again, you have to make sure that you are not trying because it could be dangerous and contraindicated. So I want to make sure that that’s not happening.

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And number four, extra tips to make it even more beneficial for you on your fertility journey is that castor oil is really beneficial for certain conditions. So if you know you have any blockages or masses, like you have a blocked tube, you have fibroids, you have endometriosis, you have cysts, you have polyps, that makes this absolutely a must home therapy for you to use. And again, if you’re not trying, then you can use it all cycle long.

Another tip that I like to recommend in terms of usage is that you’re trying to support your endometrium growth and the health of your endometrium. A thicker lining, tri-layer, trying to make sure that your endometrium is nice and healthy and getting all the blood supply that it needs. Then adding in castor oil packs in the beginning of your cycle definitely can be beneficial as well. So those would be the times where I think it’s really, really essential and something that you really want to work into your overall fertility plan. And this is exactly the things that I discuss with those members of my Hope Fertility program. Because when they have these blockages or obstructions or we need to just nourish the endometrium, then we absolutely incorporate this into their personalized plan and recommend that they’re using it on a regular basis. So again, this is something that I want to make sure that you all take into account and consider.

And last but not least, I want to hear from all of you. I want you to comment below and let me know what was interesting about castor oil packs. Do you use castor oil packs? And what questions do you have about this or anything having to do with your fertility? Comment below and let me know.

So I created this free guide, Seven Steps to Get Pregnant, where castor oil is just one of those tips that I recommend. Click on the link below to get the free guide to start following the rest of the steps that I recommend. And I’m also going to leave you with a video where I share the best diet to improve your egg quality. Check them out below. And until the next video, stay fertile.