Castor Oil Packs to Get Pregnant Faster

Castor Oil Packs to Get Pregnant Faster

Castor Oil Packs to Get Pregnant Faster

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Did you know that there are many ancient techniques that may improve your fertility? That’s right. Our ancestors knew something. They didn’t have all this technology that we have today, but they had different means at their disposal to make change and improve their fertility. And these are some of the actual things that I teach and put into the plan of those members in my Hope Fertility Coaching program to speed up their process and to get results faster. And actually, if you want more information on that program and how to join it, you can use the link in the description below. But these ancient techniques had lots of value. Some of them actually improved endometriosis and menstrual pain, cysts and fibroids and thin lining and increasing circulation to the ovaries and uterus and pelvic area. That’s right. They did a lot of good and that’s exactly what I’m going to be talking about today, is one of those techniques. So keep watching to learn more.

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Hi, my name is Dr. Marc Sklar, also known as The Fertility Expert, and I’ve been helping couples for close to 20 years through my online coaching programs and right here in San Diego. So if you are around, you can always visit me locally. But today I want to jump into the main topic, which is home therapy techniques and specifically one technique called castor oil packs. Many of you may not have heard of it and hopefully some of you have, whether it’s from my videos or other sources, but castor oil packs can be of great benefit and help if you are on a fertility journey or need improvement like I mentioned at the beginning of this video with increasing circulation or addressing some of those conditions, which I mentioned earlier. First and foremost, I want to jump in and start talking about what is a castor oil pack and how you put one together before I dive into what it’s beneficial for.

So if you’re making castor oil pack, we need some material, we need some things, first of which is castor oil. So I always recommend organic castor oil, just like I recommend organic for almost everything if it’s available. So the castor oil is no different. We were going to need a preferably wool or cotton flannel, and those come in big sheets and then you can cut them to the size of your abdomen. I do not have a wool flannel here. I’ve got an old hand towel that I’m going to use and we’re going to use it on our abdomen. And then we’re going to need a little bit of Saran wrap. You’re going to need a heating pad and you’re going to need a glass, that’s right, glass container to store it all in afterwards. Those are the basic materials that you need. And of course you need your bare skin on your abdomen or wherever you are going to use it.

Traditionally, this was actually used over the intestines and over your liver, depending on what you were using it for. Now, you can still use it on those areas, but today we’re talking about it specifically for reproductive health, and so we’re going to be using it over the uterus. That’s right. Over the uterus and ovaries. So low, low abdomen. And this was used traditionally for a lot of different things, not just over those areas if there were maybe pain or blockages, but also castor oil was used on the skin. Traditionally some people even drank castor oil. You may have heard those old commercials or old sayings about drinking castor oil to help you go to the bathroom. Those things does help for that. I don’t typically recommend it for those purposes or not in that way at this time. Castor oil does have a lot of healing benefits. It’s very nourishing to the skin, reduces inflammation, helps remove blockages or obstructions and helps to get things circulating properly. So how do we put it all together?

Well, I like to find a time where we are all ready to relax and rest a little bit. All you need is about anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. At minimum we want to do it for 15 minutes. If you can do it for 30, that’s great. And so you’re going to lay out your woke cotton or flannel that you’ve already cut to the size of your abdomen, and I like to drop it into my container that I’m going to store it in later. And then you’re going to pour your organic castor oil on the wool or cotton. Now, you don’t want to overdo it, but you do want to get enough on there that it is saturated. And if you need to kind of squeeze out a little bit so it sits into that basin, that’s fine.

Then you’re going to take your wool or cotton and you’re going to put it over your abdomen. I’m only folding mine just for the sake of the demonstration, but you don’t have to fold yours. You’re going to put it right over your uterus and ovaries. Then you’re going to cut a piece of Saran wrap, the size or actually a little bit larger of your abdomen to cover that flannel, that piece of cotton or wool. And then you’re going to put the heating pad on top of that. You can add one additional layer between the Saran wrap and the heat. You can add a layer of a very thin towel just mainly to manage the heat, the temperature, and also to help if there’s any oil that kind of moves it outside of the wool flannel. Now the oil can stain, so you do need to be mindful of that. So I would wear clothing that you don’t care about or no clothing for that matter. Maybe put a towel underneath you and use material that you don’t mind that it gets dirty. And then you’re just going to relax. You’re going to breathe, you’re going to rest, you’re going to meditate, and you’re just going to relax for 15 to 30 minutes.

One other piece that we do need to discuss as we’re discussing this is we need to make sure that we store it in a proper manner. So when you’re done, you’re going to remove the heating pad, you’re going to throw out the Saran wrap. You’re going to take the flannel or the wool just as it is, and you’re going to put it in a glass Tupperware or glass container that you can seal. And then you’re going to clean off with an old rag your abdomen or even just not even need to clean it up, just massage that extra oil into your abdomen and let it soak in. It’s really good for you. And then we’re going to put this away to store, so you don’t have to throw this out. This can be reusable, which is why I want you to use that flannel because it helps to keep the oil and keep the oil on your abdomen, but you can also reuse it in the future over and over.

But to reuse it, you want to keep it in a glass container, you want to seal it and you want to put it in the fridge so it doesn’t spoil. Again, we are using oil, and oil can go rancid if it’s exposed to oxygen for any length of time. And so we want to minimize that. You can reuse this over and over until it’s gone rancid, and then you want to replace it. So when you got that big sheet of flannel, then you’re going to throw out the old one that was rancid and you’re going to recut out a new one to keep going.

So how do you know when it’s rancid? Well, when you open up that lid and it smells like a old rag, that oil just doesn’t smell right, then it’s time to throw it out and start fresh again.

How do you know if you should be using a castor oil pack? Well, I will start by saying there’s no harm in most instances to using a castor oil pack. It’s actually very relaxing, nourishing, and once again, it increases circulation. We love to increase circulation to the uterus and the ovaries. It only benefits it, but it’s not a must unless you have these issues. You have severe menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea on a regular basis. It can be helpful. You have endometriosis. You have maybe ovulatory discomfort and pain. You have cysts or fibroids. You have any mass or obstruction that you want to help get rid of. You’ve got maybe blocked tubes. Another one that we like to use it for is thin lining. If your lining is not getting thick enough, then we also want to incorporate this into the mix.

So those are the main reasons why we would incorporate it, but again, this could be something that you use on your own just to help naturally support your fertility and reproductive function. A key here if you are using this is that you do not want to use a castor oil pack after you’ve ovulated. You are only using this in the beginning of your cycle. And I don’t like to use it during the heavy days of your menstruation. So I do like to make sure that you are done menstruating or you are just at the tail end and maybe just a little bit of spotting left, and then you can start using it. And between that time and when you ovulate or when you start to try to conceive, then I suggest using it maybe two to three times, maybe four times at max during the time, and you could just alternate some days in between there. So that’s how you should be using castor oil pack and why you should be using it.

Now I want to hear from all of you. Did you find this video helpful? Did you know about castor oil packs previously? And are there other natural, and let’s call them ancient techniques that you want more information on like castor oil packs that I can share with you? I want to hear from you. So comment below and let me know. I also want to hear your fertility questions. Again, comment below and let me know about your fertility questions.

If you are interested in joining my Hope Fertility Coaching program, like I mentioned in the beginning of this video, and you want me and my team as your coach to help guide you and let you know if you actually need a castor oil pack, then all you have to do is apply. And to do that, you just need to use the link in the description below. If you liked this video, give me a thumbs up. If you’re not already a subscriber to my YouTube channel, you should be. So hit that bell to subscribe and get notified when I put out another video for all of you. And until the next video, stay fertile.