5 common mistakes about fertility treatments

5 common mistakes about fertility treatments

5 common mistakes about fertility treatments

Let’s get this straight…I hear a lot of myths, legends, horror stories and just completely incorrect information about the things couples should be doing to improve their fertility.

The misinformation (or lack of) circulating around men’s and women’s fertility on the internet can lead to the mistreatment/ incorrect treatment for couples trying to get pregnant, or to the treatment taking longer than necessary or a lack of appropriate treatment altogether.

I wanted to clear things up once and for all, so that you (and nobody else) ever has to waste their time chasing unreliable courses of treatments and false promises to their unsuccessful end. 

Trying to get pregnant and not sure how to make heads or tails of the endless contradictory advice spread across the internet? Read on to hear the five common mistakes people make when treating infertility…

#01: Birth control pills are the answer

I often get patients who email or call me, and who come into the office saying: “I have this or that condition and I need to control it with birth control.”

If you’re one of those people… please answer me this:

You’re trying to get pregnant. Does anything about the words ‘birth control’ make sense to you? 

Of course not!

Birth control was designed to have the opposite function to what you’re being given it for.

Despite this, birth control may be recommended by your doctors if they’re suspicious that you have some sort of hormone imbalance. They prescribe them to you thinking that birth control can help you to re-regulate and fix the imbalances.

The reality is, however, that BCPs are the ‘easy’ fix; it’s the easiest thing they can give to you on the endeavour to find hormonal balance whilst trying to conceive.

Personally, I don’t believe in control pills as a method of improving your fertility. It’s not going to balance your hormones and it’s certainly not going to help you get pregnant. 

In conclusion: BCP’s are NOT the answer. 

We need to figure out what’s going on with you, and find out the root causes for your infertility. Only from there can be make a confident plan in how these issues you’re facing can be treated. 

#02: Surgery is the cure

Surgery might help. 

If you’ve got fibroids, cysts, polyps, or other issues such as endometriosis… then maybe surgery is going to help you on your fertility journey. Hopefully it does provide you with the relief and space necessary for pregnancy to happen following your surgery! 

However, it’s important to remember that surgery is not a cure. It’s just a temporary fix/solution. 

Now, don’t me wrong. I’m not trying to say that surgery isn’t useful. Surgery can have an incredible impact on your fertility. What I’m trying to say is that surgery alone is not enough.  There’s more you should be doing to assist and empower your fertility. 

Again, you need to be addressing the underlying issues simultaneously, so that the problems that lead up to you needing surgery in the first place don’t cause you to need surgery again in the future.

#03: You can fix blocked tubes through surgery

Similarly to what I mentioned in #2, surgery may help treat the issues caused by blocked tubes temporarily – but it’s not enough alone and it’s not a cure. 

More often than not, blocked tubes will only be fixed during surgery only 10% of the time. Blocked tubes are difficult to treat, regardless of having surgery. 

#04: Medication always works for ovulation

The reality is that meds don’t always work for ovulation.

We think that giving you medicines like Clomid and Electrosol are going to help you ovulate regularly.

But more often than not, my patients that come in having taken Clomid or other stimulation drugs didn’t experience a huge difference. What I see often with patients taking these meds is that ovulation is much later or much earlier, and it’s not regular.

Additionally to that, once the medication is discontinued, most women find themselves back at square one. 

These medications shouldn’t be seen as a cure. They should be seen as a temporary solution that will attempt to treat the symptoms of your infertility – but not something that can address the cause.

#05: IVF is always successful

I know plenty of patients who go into an IVF cycle thinking that they’re going to get pregnant immediately. That they’ll go through one cycle and it will be enough.

I have to break it to you though… this is not typically the case. Click here to find out the reasons why IVF is never 100% successful.

Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones where this does happen for you. But more often than not it won’t. And it’s important that you know that before you make such a huge financial and emotional investment like IVF treatment.

Most patients need 3 or more IVF cycles before they start nearing the results they’re looking for.

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