Castor Oil Packs To Get Pregnant Faster

Castor Oil Packs To Get Pregnant Faster

Castor Oil Packs To Get Pregnant Faster


The  Relief  You’ve  Been  Looking  For!

Heritage Store Castor Oil Pack | Natural & Unbleached, Sewn in USA | Cold Pressed, No Hexane | Oil, Wool & Towelettes | 16 oz


Transcription :

Many of you are often looking for what you can do at home to improve your fertility. And one of the more common questions I get asked is all about a castor pack, what it’s about and what its benefits are. So this video is for you if you want to know more about castor packs and how it can improve your fertility. Keep watching.

Hi. I’m Dr. Marc Sklar, the fertility expert, and I work with couples from all over the world helping you get pregnant naturally. If you want help as well, then make sure you subscribe by hitting that bell so that I can help you get pregnant as well.

So castor packs are just one of several different home therapy techniques that you can be doing at home to improve your fertility. This is something that me and my team put together for the couples that we coach through their fertility journey. If you want more information on which different home therapy technique is the right thing for you in your case and on your journey, then I encourage you to apply for a discovery call to see if we can support you and help you to get pregnant. You can do that by just clicking on the link in the description below to find out more information, how you can work with me and my team.

All right. So castor oil packs. I think the first thing that we all need to recognize is that there’s many things that you can be doing at home to support your fertility and improve your fertility. Obviously, the first thing that you need to know is what therapies are the right things for you? A lot of that really comes back down to what your condition is, what the underlying cause of your fertility issues are.

And that’s how we build something together. So once you know what your causes are, what the root issues are and where you need to focus your attention, then it’s much easier to build a plan. So as a reminder for everybody, if you don’t know why you’re having these struggles, then that’s step number one. You’ve got to figure out why.

If you know that you’ve got a condition, let’s just say it’s PCOS or endometriosis, whatever it might be, but you don’t know what is off with your body, what is imbalanced that is leading to that, then we need to do more testing. So we go back to step number one, which is find out the root cause of what is going on.

Once you have that, then you could start to build your plan. You can build your plan with diet, with lifestyle changes, sleeping habits, supplements, and home therapy techniques, the things that you can control and the things that you can be doing at home. There are several different home therapy techniques that I incorporate with the couples that I coach and guide through their journey, and castor packs are just one of them, okay?

So we’re going to get into right now, what are the benefits of castor packs and then I’m going to teach you how to do them on your own at home. One of the first things that it is beneficial for is supporting the immune system and detoxification. So the acid in castor oil or in the castor seeds specifically, actually targets the lymphatic system and helps the body produce or increase the production of lymphocytes.

So this is how it helps your immune system. It also does this by flushing out the toxins in the area of the body that you’re using it. So I was about to say the liver. And the reason I was about to say this, the liver is probably the most common area of the body that castor packs have been used. It’s very common to create that pack and put it over your liver to help detoxification, to help support your liver’s ability to excrete and move through the phases of detoxification.

So that’s the first piece of it. It helps your immune system and it helps with detoxification. So that alone is wonderful. The one thing we do need to recognize is with all of these different benefits is that castor oil in and of itself is not so strong. So it’s not a standalone treatment, it’s a good adjunct to what you’re doing and a good support with other things that you’re doing. So you would do this in conjunction with the other aspects of your plan to really get you the benefits that you’re looking for. But you wouldn’t really do this on its own to yield the results that you’re looking for.

I should also clarify that lymphocytes are the body’s natural disease fighter, okay? So what they do is help drain the toxins and the excess proteins that have built up over time and this is why we use it over the liver because that’s where those things get stored the most.

All right. So now moving on to the second benefit that castor oil has is it’s improving circulation. When you’re putting that oil over the body or on a different part of the body, it helps to increase blood circulation to that area, which also helps to bring in that immune fighting ability, right? Because your body is circulating those lymphocytes to that area, but it also helps to move blood through the area, and part of the reason that it does it is because of the oil. Part of the reason it does it is because of the heat that you’re also using to conduct the oil onto the body. We’ll get into the conditions that I think it’s best for. And so then you’ll understand why circulation is such a big piece of this puzzle as well.

And number three is that it reduces inflammation and pain. A lot of you watching might have some associated inflammation and pain over your uterus or your ovaries associated with different conditions. And so this is another reason why you might use it. So we’ve got those three reasons, right? We’ve got the immune fighting and detoxification improving circulation and reducing inflammation and pain. Often we might think of those things all together as well depending on the circumstances and the conditions that we’re using to treat.

The main conditions that I like to use this for in reproductive health is so we talked about detoxification. So if your liver is sluggish, if it’s not functioning properly, it needs a little bit more support in detoxifying the excess hormones or just the natural detoxification of hormones in the body then that is reason number one.

But if you have any obstructions in the body as well as it relates to reproductive function, so ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, polyps, possibly even blocked tubes those are very difficult to treat, but possibly even blocked tubes. So any obstruction that is going on in the uterus, the tubes or the ovaries, you should think of using this as part of your treatment. And if you think about all of those things, when you have that going on, we have a reduction in blood circulation.

We have an increase in stagnation. So the blood’s not circulating properly. We also have the decrease of the body’s ability to detoxify and get rid of those that buildup or excess hormones and toxins in the body. And we’ve got masses that are congealing, right? And if we’re talking about cysts or endometriosis or fibroids. So this helps to break that up and start to soften those masses.

Now, you all need to remember, we’re not drinking this, we’re using it topically, okay? If you drink it, the side effect will be diarrhea. That’s why it was used as a laxative. So we’re not drinking it. We are using it topically. My preferred place to use it topically are over your lower abdomen or pelvic area. So think about where your uterus is and the ovaries and tubes, that’s where you want it, okay? And for those of you who are not aware, your uterus is about the size of your own fist.

So you can put it right over your pelvic bone and that’s pretty much where your uterus is. And then I also do like to use it over your liver as well. So before we go on and I tell you actually how to do it, I’ve got a question for all of you. Have you tried castor packs in the past? If so, comment below and let me know. And if you haven’t, now that you’ve heard a little bit more about it, is it something that interests you? Is it something that you think you might start to incorporate? Let me know below as well.

All right. So what’s the best time in your cycle to use it? Just like anything else, we don’t want to use castor packs at any time or all month long. The only time it’s okay to use it all month long or all cycle long is if you know you’re not trying to conceive this cycle. If you’re taking a cycle or two off and you just want to support your natural body’s abilities to detoxify and support uterine function and improve circulation and so forth, then you can do it at any time in the cycle.

But if you are trying to get pregnant, then the only time you’re going to use this is first and foremost in the follicular phase, so the first half of your cycle. I don’t typically like to do it during menstruation unless you’re having a lot of pain and a lot of clotting. And then you could use it during menstruation, but basically you’re using it between menstruation and ovulation or when you’re starting to try to conceive.

So you have a short window of time. You’re going to have like a week to 10 days to incorporate it in, and if you’re trying to conceive, and let’s just say, you’ve got a normal menstrual cycle and you’re starting to try in your fertile window which let’s just say starts on day 11 or 12, you’re not going to do it after that. Right? So you’re going to do it before. You’re going to do it between menstruation. And when you start to try or ovulation that’s your window of time to use a castor pack.

We don’t like to use it afterwards for all the same reasons that I mentioned. We want to let implantation happen on its own. We don’t want to disrupt that process and we just don’t know what a castor pack will do towards implantation and the fetus. So we just want to avoid it. I’m pretty cautious after ovulation, and so I just want to encourage all of you and remind you, you want to do this in the follicular phase before you ovulate.

And so how many times should you be using it in a cycle? I would say, “Look, if you’re doing it in a given seven to 10-day period, you’re only going to be able to get it in, let’s say three or four times. You can do it every other day during that period of time. Don’t worry, if you miss a day, just do the best you can and get it in when you can.

So now let’s talk about how to do a castor pack. All right. So incorporating a castor pack. How are you going to do this? The thing you guys all need to recognize, if you need to get the right material, if you want to get the material very easily and straightforward, I’ve got links in the description below to help you get it and not have to worry about searching and finding for it. I’ve done that work for you.

You’re going to need castor oil. That castor oil that I prefer to use is organic. So this is a castor oil that I like right here. Okay. 100% pure which is really what we want, and it specifically says that it’s good for skincare. So we want this to be used topically, all right? So we have the castor oil. Then we’re going to get a wool flannel sheet. You can get this in a lot of textile stores.

Like I said I’ve got all the resources in the links below to help you get that very easily. You could also do it if you can’t find that… You can do it with some gauze pads. It’s not my favorite way for a couple of reasons. One it’s a little bit more messy and two, you can’t reuse it. You just throw it out. But in a pinch, you totally can do that. So we’re going to get a wool flannel and it’s a nice big size. And so you’re going to cut a piece of it for the size of your lower abdomen. All right?

And then you’re going to need a Tupperware bowl. So you’re going to have a bowl or a container, a Tupperware container. You’re going to put that flannel that you’ve cut into the bowl. You’re going to take the oil and you’re going to pour it in and get it nice and wet. You don’t want to overdo it and you’re going to want to ring it out, squeeze it out. So it’s moist, but it’s not overdone. And then that’s going to go over the area of the body that you’re trying to treat.

So in this case your lower abdomen, like I said, also could be put over your liver. You can even use it over your intestines, your digestive system. If you’re having some constipation and just need a little bit more digestive support. So once you put the wool flannel on that is already soaked in the oil then you’re going to take a sheet of saran wrap or plastic wrap and you’re going to put it over that.

The whole reason you’re using the plastic wrap is because castor oil is messy and it stains. So I want to minimize where it goes and what it comes in contact with. So you put that little plastic wrap over just to protect it. You get a towel that you don’t care about. Okay? And that towel is something that’s going to get dirty and messy again, but it’s going to be your castor towel that you’re just going to reuse. The thinner the better, okay? And that’s going to go over your abdomen and then you’re going to get a heating pad or a hot pack.

You can get the ones that you pour hot water into. There’s lots of different ways to do that, and then that’s going to go on top. So you’ve got those multiple layers. You’ve got the flannel with the oil. You’ve got the saran wrap. You’ve got a towel. You’ve got the heating source, a heating pad. And you’re going to put that over your abdomen. And you’re going to rest and relax with that for about 15, 20 minutes or longer.

This is the time to rest and relax. This is the time to sit back. Maybe do a little meditation because you’re relaxing in bed. This might be the time to read a book. Whatever you want to do during this time, this is the time for you to use for yourself, to reconnect with yourself, reconnect with your fertility and just the stress.

So those are the different ways that you’re going to do it. When you’re done with it, you’re going to take the heating pad off. You’re going to dispose of and throw away the saran wrap. You’re going to take the wool flannel that has been soaked in the oil and you’re going to reuse it. It’s going to go back into the glass Tupperware. Remember I said glass, not plastic. It’s going to go back into the glass Tupperware. You’re going to seal it and it’s going to go into the refrigerator.

Why does it go in the refrigerator? Oil is very volatile and it can go rancid when it’s exposed to oxygen. So you want to make sure that it stays cool and dark and doesn’t go bad. So it goes into the refrigerator so you can reuse it when it’s time. How do you know it’s gone bad? I promise you, you’ll know. You’ll open up that container one day and it will smell like it’s gone sour, right? Just like any oil does when it’s gone bad, that’s when it’s going to happen.

That’s when you know, you’ve got to clean out the glass Tupperware. You’ve got to throw out the flannel sheet. You’ve got to cut yourself a new flannel sheet from that sheet that you had, that bigger piece that you’ve had, and you’re going to start all over, right?

So it should last you a while, but I want you to know at some point you will need to replace that flannel sheet with a fresh one, but that’s why you’re keeping it in the refrigerator.

All right. So that’s all the information I have to share with you about castor packs and its benefit for fertility. Hopefully you found this video useful. If you did, then give me a thumbs up. If you’re not already a subscriber to FertilityTV, you should be. So make sure you hit that bell so that I can let you know when I put out a new video for you to help you on your fertility journey. Until the next video, stay safe, stay healthy, stay fertile.



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