How to do Vaginal Steam Baths:

- Use one cup of the herbs for each steam bath.

- In a large pot containing about a gallon of water, place the above plants. Crush the herbs into the water. Bring this to a soft boil for 5 minutes; then steep for 10 minutes with the lid on.

- With the pot under a slatted chair, lawn chair, etc… sit on the chair without underwear. Wear socks to keep your feel warm, draping fully with a blanket around your waist to the floor. Be careful not to allow any draft underneath you. Be sure you are enclosed by the blankets from the waist down, and something warm from the waist up.

- Sitting quietly over the pot of herbal steam for 20 minutes, meditate, read, enjoy and find pleasure in the herbal healing and your purpose of doing it. The heat should feel warming and pleasant, If it is too warm, remove the pot for a few minutes.

- After the vaginal steam bath, wrap yourself in the blanket allowing a time of rest and meditation for about 20 minutes or so. Be careful not to allow cool drafts and temperature changes.

- Depending upon the condition your are treating, vaginal steam baths are done prior to menses or just after. Expect changes in your vaginal discharge and menstruation; these are normal cleansing reactions.

If you are actively trying then you only do it beginning from the end of your menses (you can still be spotting) until you ovulate.  We 
usually recommend that you try to do it 1-2 times.

 If you are not trying that month then you can do it all month long – 1 time per week while you are NOT bleeding.

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