My Fertility School

My Fertility School

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My Fertility School

My Fertility School is an innovative, step-by-step online program to help you on your fertility journey. The program is made up of weekly modules presented in videos, slide presentations and pdfs. ​You are able to go through the material at home and on your own time. You'll also have access to the material even after the course is completed. You’ll have plenty of time to get comfortable with the information and techniques before moving on to the next module.


Additional information:

Once you enroll in My Fertility School you will have unlimited access to all the materials: videos, tutorials and fertility sheets.  Even after your 6 weeks have ended, you will be able to return and review all the information. If you aren’t able to connect regularly or need extra time to get through any of the modules, the program will progress at your specific pace. You set the rhythm.  You can customize your experience based on your needs, wants, and lifestyle.

If you are ready to Take Action and Supercharge Your Fertility in Just 6 Weeks, this is for you.

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