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Let’s be honest, If what you were doing to get pregnant was working, you’d have a baby by now.  You need a different approach to your health and fertility,.. And that’s what The Positive Pregnancy Method is about!

So let me ask you... Are you trying to conceive over the age of 30?

Are you worried about how your age might be affecting your chances of getting pregnant?

Do you feel like every trip to the doctor’s office is focused on the risks and difficulties you will face rather than giving you actionable solutions and step-by-step guidance on how to get positive results?

Trying month after month with no success and no plan is only going to keep getting negative pregnancy tests.  Don’t keep wasting your fertile years.

The Positive Pregnancy Method is for you!

The Positive Pregnancy Method is now Available!

This is for you if:
You want to grow/start a family. The truth is… there are many big and beautiful families that don’t start growing until parents are in their 30s and 40s.  And that is awesome!
You're tired of being your own advocate in your fertility healthcare. You feel like this is like a full-time job and wish there was somewhere you could get all of the guidance you need... in one place your trust.
You feel like there’s too much contradicting information out there about the best fertility tracking methods, which labs to should order, the lifestyle choices you need to make, what foods can / can’t eat and want to be able to create a fertility plan for yourself.
Your doctors keep telling you everything is normal but you've been trying for over a year for a baby. You know there is something off and don’t know how to figure out what it is on your own.
You're trying for a baby over 35 and people's preconceptions about your fertility and the health of your future baby are really weighing you down.
You  wish you could hear more positive, uplifting and helpful information that actually helps YOU to get pregnant (and doesn’t make you feel like a lost cause!)

Many of the women and couples I coach talk about how difficult it is to become their own advocate for their fertility treatment.

Many women are left with no option but to become their own doctor when their own doctor’s tell them everything looks “normal” or when things aren’t normal: “the only option left is IVF”.

There are so many missing steps… and this course is going to finally lay out a clear path for you.

Getting Pregnant does NOT have to be a difficult process — as long as you have a proven method to follow and give you all the answers to your burning question...

“Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant??

The Positive Pregnancy Method will help you look (and find!) for the issues that are not letting you get pregnant & will provide a fertility plan for you to follow.

You Could Be Pregnant By Now If You Started With A Fertility Plan 4 Months Ago, Just Like them:

Condition: Secondary Infertility
Journey: 2 years trying to get pregnant
Age: 38

Condition: Secondary Infertility
Journey: 2 years trying to get pregnant
Age: 38

Condition: Unexplained Infertility
Journey: 7 years of trying to get pregnant, several IUIs
Age: 38

Condition: Thyroid, over weight, PCOS
Journey: 4 years trying to get pregnant
Age: 36

The Positive Pregnancy Method is now Available!


What is the Positive Pregnancy Method?

The Positive Pregnancy Method is an online program that teaches you how to take a holistic view of your health to improve fertility - teaching you proven methods for you to follow for every area affecting your reproductive health


The program takes you through the 6 phases of taking control of your reproductive health. It’s all online, so no matter where you live, you can follow create your plan from your own home!

With videos, tutorials, worksheets... you'll be able to create your own fertility plan! From the comfort of your home and at your own time!
With access to a private community for accountability, support and answers!

When does it start

It starts on October 12th!

You'll have access to our online curriculum and private community and get unlimited lifetime access to the program & community when you enroll.

  • 29
  • 11
  • 26
  • 25

What does The Positive Pregnancy Method include?

The program is divided in different phases:

Phase 1: Become Your Fertility Detective

The program starts with lab work and investigations to your overall health, hormones and fertility to get a detailed understanding of where your body is at and how we can support it to improve your chances of conception.

Phase 2: Natural techniques to Improve Fertility

The next phase teaches you all the natural therapies you should be doing at home (and nobody told you!) to increase fertility. Video tutorials and detailed worksheets to help you improve uterine health, regulate your cycles, increase egg quality, regulate hormones and more!

Phase 3: Learn What to Eat to Get Pregnant

You believe you're eating healthy... but are you nourishing your fertility? Get a fertility approved nutritional plan that will contribute to the improvement of your health & fertility. This phase includes a shopping list, nutritional plan, recipes... even a Fertility Detox to reset your body to optimal fertility!

Phase 4: Change your Beliefs to Be More Fertile

During the pregnancy process, we're often very focused on what's going on with your body. When there is a fertility struggle the first question tends to be: "what's wrong with my body?"

A big part of getting pregnant has to do with the mind, emotions and even has a spiritual component. Fear can creep in on us on many levels, some very subtle. This phase give you actionable tools to calm the mind and manifest your baby.

Phase 5: Healthy Environment for a Healthy Pregnancy

What if it's as simple as removing one element from your home? What if what's not letting you get pregnant is just that one product... Endocrine distributors and environmental toxins are very important when trying to get pregnant.

On this phase we'll be focusing on reviewing your environment.

Phase 6: Personalize your Fertility Method!

The final phase! This is where you'll create your final & personalized Fertility Plan. You have now all the pieces of the puzzle & will be able to take control of your reproductive health!

You'll create YOUR Positive Pregnancy Method - this is the final step to supporting your body towards a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Community: The Support & Accountability You Need

Access to our members-only Positive Pregnancy Method Facebook Group to connect with other couples going through the same. Find (and give!) all the support needed during a fertility journey


Get special discounts if you decide to upgrade your support and work with Dr. Sklar or his team 1on1

The Positive Pregnancy Method is now Available!


My name is Dr. Marc Sklar, and I work with empowered couples to help turn their dreams of having a baby into a reality. You might also know me as ‘The Fertility Expert', or recognize me from my Youtube Channel and Fertility TV episodes.

From those first videos, I started getting emails from many couples all over the world wanting to know how they could have me as their fertility coach. That's how the online fertility program started. Now I help  hundreds of happy parents spread across the globe.

My mission is to help ALL of you who are trying to conceive, wherever you are in the world - that’s why I created the Positive Pregnancy Method


I don't believe in "Unexplained"
I don't believe IVF is your only option
I don't believe you've tried it all
I don't believe you're too old


Dr. Marc Sklar - The Fertility Expert"

The Positive Pregnancy Method is now Available!