You are tired of dealing with your hormonal imbalances.
You want a natural solution to regulate your hormones and cycles.
You want to understand how your body works
You can't wait to regulate your weight, skin and hair problems
You feel tired, stressed out and misunderstood when it comes to your emotions and want to take back control of your mind and body
You are thinking about getting pregnant naturally
You are ready to take action and control your PCOS for life!
You are thinking about getting pregnant naturally
The PCOS Empowered eCourse is perfect for you!
If you're trying to get pregnant with PCOS and have heard you won't be able to do it naturally... They were wrong! We believe ALL patients with PCOS should be able to get pregnant naturally once they get their hormones and cycles under control. If you are trying to get pregnant and have PCOS, The Empowering PCOS is the course for you.
The Empowered PCOS eCourse will help you BELIEVE in your body, EMPOWER your hormones in a positive way and CREATE a lifestyle so you never have to think about your PCOS. 
This is the way to regain your fertility and health with PCOS. There might not be a cure for PCOS, but there is a way to control your symptoms, regain back your health and take control of your body and fertility… from the comfort of your home!
You want to understand how your body works & yourself as a woman.
You can't wait to regulate your weight, skin & hair problems. You are thinking about getting pregnant naturally.
You are ready to take action and control your PCOS for life!

Join the Empowering PCOS eCourse by The Fertility Expert and start taking control of your PCOS and hormones today!
What's included in The PCOS eCourse?
Videos, tutorials and worksheets to follow at home, at your own pace!

PCOS Complete Guide - You might have been wondering… What even is PCOS? How does it affect my body? Will I have it forever? Why me? All of the questions you haven’t been able to get straight answers to before will be answered for you now, with this eCourse.

The PCOS Secret Signs - You'll finally understand what your hormones are trying to tell you. I’ll teach you how to read the signals your hormones are sending you and how to respond to them in order to relieve yourself of PCOS symptoms.


Living with PCOS: Practical Tips #1 - Not sure how much exercise you should be getting with PCOS? Want to feel and look great despite what your PCOS is telling you? Learn all you need to do for a PCOS lifestyle that will have you looking and feeling great.


Eating for PCOS: Practical Tips #2 -  Tired of being a picky eater who doesn’t enjoy her food? Learn the foods you should be eating and set your nutritional foundation so you can eat better, enjoy your food, and control your PCOS, for life!


Getting Pregnant with PCOS: Practical Tips #3 -  Have PCOS and thinking about getting pregnant? A lot of you worry about missed cycles / pregnancy or worry about not being able to get pregnant when the time is right. This eCourse includes advice on how to get pregnant with PCOS,

I'm The Fertility Expert

"Let me help you taking control of your PCOS"

Dr. Marc Sklar - Functional Medicine Fertility Expert & Fertility Coach for more than 15 years, I have been helping couples struggling to conceive and have healthy babies.

In addition to my Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, I trained at the Harvard Medical School, Mind/Body Medical Institute. I'm the creator of and, the co-author of Secret to Conception and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine and Medical Advisor for Natural Health International.

Women are saying...
"After 5 long years suffering with PCOS, I was finally ready to do something. I learned so much about nutrition and lifestyle habits!" - Patricia Siefken
How can the PCOS Empowered eCourse help You?

Stop wondering what to eat
Nourishing foods to control your PCOS and hormone levels. Basic guidelines and easy to follow recipes.  Eliminate inflammatory and hormone disrupting foods to help your body heal forever.
Information you need
Understand why labwork and medical testing (and which one) is important to determine your progress. Information is power, you need this to be in control of your hormones and Live free from PCOS.
Discover what fits you
You are unique, with unique needs. Learn how to exercise and deal with stress, depending on what fits you.
[BONUS]Get pregnant when you decide to
If you’re trying to get pregnant with PCOS and have heard you won’t be able to do it naturally….They were wrong!