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My Fertilty School

The program is made up of weekly modules presented in videos, slide presentations and pdfs.

​You are able to go through the material at home and on your own time. You'll also have access to the material even after the course is completed. I support you through the process to get you started implementing what you've learned. You’ll have plenty of time to get comfortable with the information and techniques before moving on to the next module.
My Fertility School is an innovative, step-by-step online program to help you on your fertility journey.
Here is what My Fertility School looks like

6 Weeks Online Fertility Program 
Video Tutorials

The weekly Modules are video-based. You will get more than 30 video tutorials during 6 weeks. Each video is relatively short and direct. It is just me talking directly to you as if I am having a virtual conversation with you.

Video Trainings
During these slide presentations I will talk you through the week’s topic. For these in depth lessons I will use slide presentation so that you can see the text and image on the screen as you hear me talk about it. These work in tandem with the Fertility Sheets to help you retain the information and spend time reflecting on the content.
Support Sheets
Each week, along with videos and presentations, I will also give you downloadable pdfs - Fertility Sheets. The Fertility sheets are information, "theory", exercises for you to complete, fertility questionnaires and the main takeaways from the video and slide presentations.
This is what My Fertility School looks like
Here are all the materials and 


The material you'll find at My Fertility School is the perfect complement to the consultations we'll have together during the next couple months.

It will save you time and will provide with extra tools to improve your fertility faster. All this tutorials are my signature fertility training materials.


PLUS you get all the extra bonuses and the community support, for an incredible price!

Here are all the materials and 
"I wanted to sincerely thank you for your support over the last year. This baby is a miracle for our family. One that would not have happened without you"
Happy Mom
 I'm happy to inform you that I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!  I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for ALL you have done in caring for me the past year!!!  Your treatments, advice and expertise I believe have played a HUGE part in being able to share this great news.
"Thank you for all your help getting us here. You've been so amazing helping me through this crazy journey and I'm finally a mommy"
What other moms are saying...
Here are all the materials and benefits of enrolling in My Fertilty School
+ 30 videos
Find the best guidance to help you prepare your body for conception and carrying a healthy pregnancy.
$595 value
Video Trainings
Get direct training on implementing fertility enhancing techniques to help you feel comfortable and confident and ready to conceive.
$275 value

+40 Fertility Sheets
Printable guides serve as a frequent reference as you profess on yout fertility journet all the way to a healthy pregnancy, helping you feel knowledgeable and informed.
$399 value
Private Facebook Group
Personalized support, community building, and accountability partners to help you make the most of your 6 weeks course.
$480 value

Be a part of an exclusive community of women who are able to check in with each other and support one another, with the help of Dr. Sklar, while working toward their dreams of motherhood.

 Plus all these bonuses 
$24,99 value
Candida Friendly Recipes
This bonus includes 10 candida friendly recipes, specially created by The Whole Journey's and used during her well known Candida Cleanse program
$17,99 value
Organic Conceptions Sample
Through guided discussions, journaling and applying the exercises you’ll gain clarity and become aware of what may or may not be working for you in your life and journey to pregnancy.
$24,00 value
Secret to Conception
Complete eBook, Workbook and audio files. A complete guide that will guide working through the more spiritual and mindful side of fertility, by Marc Sklar, the fertility expert. PLUS 12 different fertility meditations mp3
$34 value
Exercise for Fertility
Nicole's Fit & Fabulous program is the first fitness & wellness online program for women planning to conceive. It includes nutritional tips and it’s suitable to all fitness levels. This bonus gives you access to the first month of the 3 month program
$97 value
Integrative Fertilty Masterclass
Get access to seven hours worth of recorded fertility-enhancing content covered in the live event. Watch it at your convenience and refer back to the informative sessions as you progress on your journey to pregnancy.
$19 value
Nutrient Dense Snack Cheat Sheet
 by Lily Nichols, the creator of the best seller Gestational Diabeter. The perfect list of healthy snacks you’ll need for when you get hungry during your first trimester, that you can use while TTC too!
$9.99 value
Your Personal Paleo Code
 by Chriss Kresser. This bonus chapter from Chris book. In this special report you will discover how problems with the thyroid may directly harm your gut, heart, liver, cholesterol levels, and even your brain.
$97 value
IVF - IUI bonus week
 This is a full extra week of My Fertility School! During this extra bonus week we'll discuss all you need to know about assisted reproductive technologies, like IUI and IVF. It will be very useful for all the future moms considering going through IUI/IVF while improving their fertility with My Fertility School.
My Fertility School:
Week by week
The Basics
Week 1 


During this week we will review menstrual cycle secrets, determine your fertile window and create a sex calendar to time intercourse appropriately. We'll review together the different fertility conditions and determine what lab work you might need to get to the root of your fertility issues.

Fertility Techniques
Week 2


This week we focus on techniques such as acupressure, moxabustion, castor oil packs, vaginal steam baths, abdominal massage, and much more. You’ll learn easy accessible at-home techniques to help you enhance your fertility and information on where to get all the needed supplies.
(Read FAQ below about products needed)
Week 3

Fertility depends on your health, so this week we look at healing your body, improving digestion and eating depending on your cycle to nourish your body to support conception. We will cover all the must-do's like shopping lists, weekly menus, recipes, and guidelines for cooking and eating out.
Mind & Body
Week 4 


We are what we believe. Week 4 will focus on your stress levels, exercise routine, meditation and more. We'll also introduce a very important mindfulness technique that will help you get pregnant.
Fertility Supplements
Week 5 


During this week we'll be discussing why supplements are important when we want to speed up our health and fertility journey. You will learn exactly which nutritional supplements you need to improve your fertility and get pregnant fast.
First Trimester
Week 6 


The first 3 months of your pregnancy will set the foundation for the health of your pregnancy. This week I'll help you establish the basics for a healthy pregnancy and baby to prevent miscarriage and other potential risks.
What to see a sneak peek of what you get?
Here is what My Fertility School looks like!

Once you enroll in My Fertility School you will have unlimited access to all the materials: videos, tutorials and fertility sheets.  Even after your 6 weeks have ended, you will be able to return and review all the information. 

If you aren’t able to connect regularly or need extra time to get through any of the modules, the program will progress at your specific pace. You set the rhythm.  You can customize your experience based on your needs, wants, and lifestyle.

(almost 90% savings!!)
(special offer for 1 on 1)

(regular price)

Video Tutorials

Video Trainings

Support Material

Extra Bonuses

Private Facebook Group

+ Surprise Extra Week! 

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What other moms are saying...
Hi Mark, how are you doing? I hope all is well with you. I'm writing today to tell you that I'm pregnant! After 3 years of TTC, I'm finally pregnant at the age of 37 with IVF. I've been wanting to tell you this big news, but I hold until this pregnancy is sure. I was sure you'd be so happy, and then I would be devastated if miscarriage in early stage of pregnancy. I hold it until today since I wasn't able to hanlde such emotional rolle rcoaster. As you know, miscarriage rate of late 30s are high. I'm now 5 months pregnant and the miscarriage rate is low now. So I decided this is the time to tell you.
I felt like we were barrelling down the road to IVF, with no real hope of getting real answers, and it terrified me. Then I listened to a webinar about recurrent loss with Dr. Marc guy and everything he sais made sense. I'm on the road to true healing now, thanks to Marc Sklar and the fact that I listened to my gut telling me I had another choice.

Hi Dr Marc,

I hope all is well. Just wanted to update you with my IVF progress : ). Last year I had 4 eggs retrieval and only 1 fertilized. This time 5 eggs retrieved, all 5 fertilized : ) even my dr was surprised with the result.Yesterday I had all 5 transferred. Now I hope it will work.Thank you so much for your help and advice during the past year. It really changed my life.  Thanks


Hi Marc,
Just wanted to pass on our good new to you. We have been blessed with a baby girl on 01/22 at 3:35 pm EST. I'm really short of words to express my gratitude. Thank you for all the encouragement, hope and of course your magic treatment to help us achieve our dream of parenthood.
Thanks again for everything.
Forever grateful.

Zareen and Javed

Hi Marc and amazing Team!
Baby Bentley arrived on Sunday 10.12.14 at 7:13pm. 6lbs  10oz and 19 inches. She did a great job coming into the world. We can't thank you enough for your speciality and your passion to make new life and family possible, but most of all your heart and soul in helping our dreams come true. We love you!
Now Hi Marc, I hop you're well : ) Our sweet baby girl was born on 10/12/16. She is the sweetest, cutest little girl ever! We are so in love!

Thank you for all your help getting us here. You've been so amazing helping me through this crazy journey and I'm finally a mommy : )
Have a great evening

I have no doubt My Fertility School Purchase is 100% Risk-Free with Our No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I have no doubt that once you start My Fertility School online program you will quickly realize how valuable this program is. If for any reason, you don't, I am happy to offer a 30-day "Happiness” guarantee. To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your completed homework from all available My Fertility School modules released by then.

Why? Because we know that if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value. If you do the work and don't get the value, we don't deserve your money. It's that simple.  

Please do not enroll in My Fertility School if you just want to "check it out." We put a huge amount of time and effort into this program and we expect you to do the same. My Fertility School is for serious fertility seekers only.  No refunds will be offered until the start of the program. No exceptions. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
About week 2 

Do I need to purchase any additional products?

Yes, some products are required for week 2.  These products will be used for the Fertility Enhancement Techniques.  Because you will begin to include these techniques into your routine, having a suitable amount is essential so that you can use them going forward.  At the beginning of week 2 you will receive an email that details what products you will need.  You can purchase these products anywhere you choose, in stores, online, or through the program.  We have a kit available for purchase that includes all the products and we are able to ship it to your home if you live in the United States or Canada.  If you are outside the US and Canada, then you will need to find the products at your local health store or online since we have had issues with shipping internationally. 

If you are having trouble finding the products, we can guide you to where you might be able to order them.  You can send us an email and we will happily point you in the right direction.  


What is included in the program?
As mentioned above in the description of the program, My Fertilty School is designed to give you all the information you need to be able to improve your fertilty from the comfort of your home. You will get access to + 30 Video Tutorials, Video trainings, support Fertility Sheets, Step by Step Homework, acces to My Fertility School  private Facebook group + 9 amazing bonuses.
Can I do my own schedule or do I need to log in at any specific time each week to see new material?
You can log in and review the material whenever you want. You have live access to it. We suggest though, taht you try to follow a schedule and you don't skip weeks or try to keep going with new material until you have completed the previous week.
Do I get to speak with Dr.Sklar during the program?
Yes if you choose the PREMIUM option, a 60min consultation with Dr Sklar is included.  If you choose the EXTRA option, you will be able to have a 60 minute consultation with a member of The Fertility Expert Team. (this 60min consultation is a virtual consult with you to review the content of the course or to help you get started with implementation.)   Both EXTRA and PREMIUM get to talk with Dr Sklar during the live accountability call included in the program during week 3. 
BASIC members ONLY get support from The Fertility Expert team via the My Fertility School Facebook group.

Will I be pregnant by the end of the 6 week program?
We can not guarantee that anyone will get pregnant in 6 weeks. What these 6 weeks are about is creating the foundation and structure for improving your health and your fertility. These 6 weeks will increase your chances of conception, however the majority of couples going through the program will possibily get pregnant after 6 week of My Fertility School.
What is the success rate of My Fertility School?
The programs that Marc has developed. and incorporates with his patients wether they work with him or through one of his programs, have a 70-80% success rate. The biggets factor that influences your success in My Fertility School will be your ability to incorporate the changes and techniques that Marc lays out for you. If you follow through with what Marc asks you to do then your chances of achieving pregnancy will be high.
What makes My Fertility School so different?
My Fertilty School is different because it is real life, practical information that has changed the lives of thousand of my patients and it can do the same for you. I took 15 years of clinical practice and put it into this program so that I could share the things  that helped my patients get pregnant with you.
Are you shipping My Fertility School to me? 
No, there is not shipping. This is an online program. You will have access to a membership site only available for My Fertility School members where you'll find all the content. You will do this from the comfort of your home.
Is this going to take a lot of time?
This is going to take 6 weeks of you making changes and following my instructions. Additionally, you will need to continue to follow this lifestyle beyond the program. The more you put in, the more you will get out. Plan to heavily be a part of this program for the three months after you sign up. Carve out two hours per week, to watch all videos, go through the reading materials and plan your "action items" for the following weeks.


I dont live in San Diego, can I still enroll in My Fertility School?
 Of course! This is a virtual program. You can do this from the comfort of your own home! The only thing you need is internet and a computer/tablet where you can see the videos, tutorials and homework

Am I going to be pregnant after 6 weeks?
When addressing getting pregnant in any of our websites, videos, newsletters, programs or other content, we've taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent our programs and their ability to achieve pregnancy and improve your health. However, by purchasing this program you accept and agree that you are fully responsible for your progress and results from your participation. We offer no representations, warranties or guarantees verbally or in writing regarding pregnancy or results. By purchasing this program you understand because of the nature of the program and extent, the results experienced by each person may significantly vary.
Why 6 weeks? Can I get all the information at once?
Once you have committed to the program you will receive weekly emails to access the content for that week. It is recommended to follow the modules in order as each week’s information builds on the preceding week’s information. Each module has homework associated with it so doing more than one module per week at a time can be overwhelming. If you do want to work through the modules more quickly you are welcome to do so just be sure that you don’t feel overwhelmed and that you are able to implement the recommended changes.  6 weeks is the amount of time we feel is necessary to understand and implement all the changes required, as well as additional time to address any problems with integrating the program into your daily life.
What is included in the program?

As mentioned above in the description of the program, My Fertility School is designed to give you all the information you need to be able to improve your fertility from the comfort of your home. You will get access to +30 Video Tutorials, Video Trainings, Support Fertility Sheets, Step by Step Homework, access to My Fertility School private facebook group +  amazing bonuses.
I want to have a consultation during the school, should I choose the VIP or the PRO?
Both are great options!  All members of The Fertility Expert Team have been trained with Dr Sklar and consult with him regularly.  This choice is truly personal and depends on your level of comfort and need.  If you choose the PRO option and decide that you would like to have a one-on-one consult with Dr. Sklar after the course is over, there are other online options to work with us at a discounted price for My Fertility School members.
I’m super healthy already… but still not getting pregnant. What can you teach me that I’m not doing already?
A lot of women who enroll in the program do have a good base line level of health. This course is designed to help optimize your health and fertility as you regulate your hormones and cycles, and increase the health of your eggs to boost your chances of conception. Every participant in the course will learn something new or improve their physical or emotional health in some ways while participating in the program.
I want to join but I can’t start right away… should I wait?
It is best to start right away.  You can start by listening to and watching as much of the material as possible and implementing small changes.  If you aren’t able to join the live events, that is ok.  You will have access to the videos and all the online content for life.  Any live videos or Q&As will remain on the site and you will have access to those as well.  Once you sign up and register, you will have lifetime access to all the My Fertility School editions
I want the add on with fertility products, but it’s only available for USA or Canada… can I still get it?
Unfortunately the full kit cannot be shipped internationally.  We have had problems with that in the past.  You will have access to purchase the products from the kit individually and once you are in the program you can order them to be shipped internationally.  Our team can also try to help you find similar items to order online wherever you are located.  Just send us an email and we'll try our best to provide online retailers where you can get the fertility products you need to complete My Fertility School.