Looking for a Social Media Coordinator to join our team! 
 I'm looking for an awesome, positive, resolutive, hard worker, focus on results SMM to join my team. She'll be working hand in hand my Marketing Coordinator and Project Manager.  Please read the information below to see if this job position is for you.

Do you like working from home, but collaborating with a mission-driven team in a small company?

Are you self-starting, a strategic thinker, with strong background (3+ years) of social media management?

Do you like tracking, analytics, finding trends and analyzing results?

& ALSO...

1. Happy working from home (in solitude)

2. Highly productive / prolific

3. Highly collaborative with a team (in skype, video conference)

4. Strong technical aptitude
​​​​​​​5. Smart, resourceful, and a good researcher, creative, self-starting, 
6. A Good written and verbal communicator.​​​​​​​

Who are we?
There are 2 sides of the company: based on virtual consultation (Marcsklar.com) & the clinics in San Diego (ReproductiveWellness)


Dr. Marc Sklar aka The Fertility Expert is a natural fertility specialist leading a team of fertility experts whose mission is to help you BELIEVE in your fertility and EMPOWER your body to CREATE a healthy pregnancy by supporting and coaching you during your journey to motherhood. 

We do this via 1on1 virtual consultations and ecourses

Even if 80% of your time will be dedicated to MarcSklar.com, we have 2 clinics in San Diego that need social media love too.
Social Media General Strategy 

Contribute to strategic digital sales strategy and retail integration on digital channels

Understands ROI and analytics

Monitoring and response across all responsible channels


Propose creating ways to use social media to generate more sales to the marketing quarterly actions
Understand the big picture / full marketing strategy to manage a 360 social media strategy, working together with the general sales campaign, varying each quarter
Develop a social media strategy focused on lead generation and lead acquisition
Full focus on analytics and tracking (presenting monthly reports on what channels and posts brought more traffic and leads towards the quarterly campaigns)
Manage, understand and follow the editorial calendar, generating new ideas for content, updating and improving
Full understanding of content marketing and how to use social media towards lead magnets, nurture sequences and sales pages
Content Creation
(graphics and video editing)
Photoshop, Ilustrator
Edit videos following the style of our Youtube channel (Fertility Tv Episodes - see link to channel here)
Create graphics for sales pages. Create graphics to promote the weekly actions and feed the different social media outlets
Create graphics adapted to each social media needs (Fb ads, FB posts, IG, IG stories, Pinterst...) always keeping in mind analytics, conversions and leads
Bringing traffic via social media, paid and organic (visits, leads, conversions and sales) to online courses and online consultations and online products
Help growing a community in different social media channels (focus on lead acquisition) with consistent posts flow, educational info and engaging content
Writing high converting sales pages
Writing high converting sales sequence
Writing social media copy , adapted to the different channels
Write blog posts to accompany the weekly youtube videos with focus on generating leads and promoting affiliate products
Write social media copy, for paid and organic (visits, leads, conversions and sales) to bring traffic to blogpost, online courses and online consultations and online products
Help growing a community in different social media channels (focus on lead acquisition) with consistent postflow, educational info and pleasing aesthetics
Social Media Lead Generation & Tracking
Propose ideas on how to re-use old content to educate the community
Prepare monthly reports to study social media actions (clicks, leads and sales)
Provide support finding trend topics (with high search volume/low competition) for weekly youtube videos (called Fertility TV episodes)
Scheduling using a social media scheduling tool focused on tracking
Some links for you to review
Is this you?

You live and breathe social media and copywriting.
Typos and grammar mistakes drive you crazy.
You find a deep satisfaction in seeing an entire month's content calendar neatly organized and filled out.
You understand both how to tell a story, as well as identify the perfect visual to go with it.
After your content published, you're passionate about engaging with the online community and taking care of potential customers.
Your customer service aptitude is high and you understand how to make people feel heard.

You love analytics & tracking
Know how to bring sales and leads via social media

If so, please click the link below to complete our form, about your qualifications, accomplishments, education, and goals.