The journey to pregnancy should be marked by joy, love, and ease. However, too often couples face challenges when trying to conceive, and the causes of these issues are often overlooked. Aimee Raupp and Dr. Marc Sklar have worked with thousands of women to overcome fertility challenges by uncovering underlying health issues and providing practical solutions to improve our health and wellbeing--- physically, mentally, and emotionally -- in order to allow our fertility to thrive. And now, they bring you the information YOU need to take back control over YOUR fertility in The Integrative Fertility Masterclass.

Author, acupuncturist, and herbalist, Aimee Raupp is a women’s health and wellness expert whose mission through her teachings is to educate and inspire women, improve their vitality, and guide them to reconnect to the presence of their optimal health and fertility.  

Aimee is the bestselling author of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: How to Improve Your Fertility Now & Into Your 40s, combining her clinical expertise and personal experience helping scores of women — many of whom have been told they had poor fertility outlooks — to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and have healthy babies. As well, Aimee herself naturally and easily became pregnant at the age of 40 by following her own advice.

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For more than 15 years, The Fertility Expert, Dr. Marc Sklar, has been helping couples struggling to conceive and have healthy babies. In addition to his Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Dr. Sklar trained at the Harvard Medical School, Mind/Body Medical Institute. He is the creator of and, the co-author of Secret to Conception and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine and Medical Advisor for Natural Health International.

Dr. Sklar lives in San Diego, with his wife and two sons. If you’re ready to start a family, The Fertility Expert can help! He can help you get pregnant, wherever you are through his online consultations and programs.

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We are thrilled that you are joining us today! In this unique one-day event, Aimee and Marc will guide you through curated sessions with esteemed health & wellness experts to present life-changing shifts that you can begin implementing NOW so you can get pregnant when you want to and feel better than ever during the process! We welcome you to explore the program on this website and check out what the experts have in store for you!
EFT for Fertility: The Powerful Technique for Success on Your Fertility Journey 

During this talk about EFT for Fertility you'll learn how your emotions can have both a negative and truly positive impact on your fertility journey. Sarah will help you discover why taking care of your emotional health when dealing with fertility issues could be your key to success and how to use EFT as a technique to overcome any emotional issue and create a wonderful positive mindset to support you and your fertility

Sarah Holland
Sarah Holland is the founder of Fertile Mindset where she offers nurturing and transformative fertility support using the powerful technique EFT. With 17 years of experience working with fertility, she has helped thousands negotiate the emotional rollercoaster of fertility issues. She believes it is possible for anyone to transform their fertility journey into a much more positive experience, and that for many healing the emotional aspects are key to resolving their fertility issues. Based in the UK, Sarah’s support is available worldwide via phone and Skype consultations and within her online support program, the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary. Having experienced her own fertility challenges. Sarah is now a mum to two amazing boys through both birth and adoption.
Fertility EFT Starter Kit

Integrating Natural Medicine with an IVF cycle - with Paul C. Magarelli 
The latest advances in fertility treatments have made it possible for more people than ever to become parents. When combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western treatments can produce amazing results. We are thrilled to introduce our next speaker, Dr. Paul Magarelli, MD, a nationally-acclaimed Reproductive Endocrinologist who speaks with us today specifically about in vitro fertilization (IVF) and how to combine the Western treatment with natural medicine to improve outcomes and offset side effects.

Dr. Paul C. Magarelli

Dr. Magarelli is a Board Certified RE&I practicing in Colorado Springs since 1998, Dr. Paul C. Magarelli is a nationally noted specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility.  He is founder and Medical Director of Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Centers in Colorado and New Mexico.  He is Associate professor and UNM IVF center medical director at the University of New Mexico and Clinical Professor at Yo San University in LA, CA where he teaches Ph.D. TCM candidates western medicine with integration with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  He is Founding Advisor to the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.

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    Clean Eating, Inflammation and Hormone Imbalance: How to Get to the Root Cause of Your Hormone Imbalances Today -  with Amie Valpone

    Amie Valpone spent the last 12 years healing her body from chronic health issues such as Lyme, PCOS, C-diff colitis and more. After being put on rounds of steroids, pain killers, water pills and antibiotics, her body started to shut down. Just as she started to heal her body, she was given progesterone cream by her MD to bring back her period. When her doctor overdosed her on progesterone cream and her endocrine system shut down, she had to learn how to balance her body without supplements, drugs and protocols to get back to homeostasis. Today, she shares with us the hormone testing she used to get accurate hormone levels and how she has started to release the 70 lbs of weight she gained in 5 days from the progesterone toxicity. Healing her gut was a huge part of Amie's journey, however, since the progesterone overdose, she realized how much hormones play a role in our health and how powerful they are in small doses. She's here to inspire you to take back your power, get to know your body and to trust yourself- because no one knows your body better than you!
    Amie Valpone
    HHC, AADP is the founder of; and best-selling author of Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body. She is a Manhattan Celebrity Chef, Nutrition Expert, Wellness Consultant and Motivational Speaker specializing in simple gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free ‘Clean Eating’ recipes.
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    Endometriosis and Fertility: how to identify the cause and supercharge your health - with Nat Kringoudis
    "I find it fascinating that in our modern world there are still such large gaps in scientific knowledge - for everything we know, we realise there is a lot we don’t. This is where Chinese Medicine excels, as it takes a case by case approach, something you definitely want to consider into when addressing Endometriosis and Fertility because no two people are the same. In this interview, we will discuss how we can marry the modern approach with ancient wisdom, no matter what your situation. The key in managing symptoms and overcoming hormone issues like endometriosis lies in pin pointing what is driving the condition - it doesn’t just happen, you’ll be relieved to learn there’s usually a culprit turning it ‘on.’ Getting to the bottom of that isn’t as hard as it sounds. I’m excited to discuss this and more! "
    Nat Kringoudis
    Nat Kringoudis is a bona fide women’s health revolutionist and fertility fixer with a big heart for natural healthcare. She is a Dr of Chinese Medicine, an author, speaker and the founder and owner of The Pagoda Tree. Nat has stepped up to champion fertility BEFORE it becomes an issue. With the belief of ‘Why wait until it’s broken?’ Nat is helping women in their twenties to lay a gangbuster ‘healthy hormone’ foundation, knowing that this is the way forward in the world of women’s health. Through her blog, she educates women on the benefits of alternative therapies and nutrition for happy hormones. Nat is also the producer and co-host of the online web series HealthTalks and from time to time you’ve seen her in your favourite glossy mag or appearing as a health expert on your telly. Nat has penned three books Well & Good, Eat Fat, Be Thin and Eat Fat, Be Lean. And she tours Australia regularly, holding workshops and speaking at other events to help women get clued up on their bodies and take control of their hormone health. You can drop by and say hi to Nat on Facebook, Twitter or her favourite way – via Instagram.
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    Reclaiming Your Fertility with PCOS - with Amy Medling
    Jamie Dunn has been internationally recognized as a successful young entrepreneur. At 23, “young” is an accurate description of this modern entrepreneur. He is a Director of Spark Global Education, blogs for, is a charity trustee, and also invests in startups. His business career started early. While most of his peers were amassing Pokemon cards, Jamie was selling them along with computer games and CDs. He was banned from selling his goods at school, so he decided to open and run a market stall on the weekends.
    Amy Medling
    As a certified health coach, Amy Medling often hears from women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) who are frustrated and have lost all hope when the only solution their doctors offer is to lose weight, take a pill and live with their symptoms. In response, she has developed a proven protocol of supplements, diet and lifestyle programs that offer women tools to help gain control of their PCOS and regain their fertility, femininity, health and happiness.
    PCOS 101 Guide to Health and Hope
    How to Detox your Body and Get Pregnant Faster
    with Nita Edwald
    Nita Ewald
    Nita Ewald is a fertility nutritionist and certified holistic health coach with a passion for empowering women to achieve total wellness. Nita specializes in wellbeing during preconception, conception and pregnancy to help ensure the birth of healthy children. From proper nutrition to finding potential obstacles in conceiving, Nita shares concrete ways women can improve their ability to conceive, experience non-problematic pregnancies and deliver healthy, thriving babies. It was her own struggle to conceive that lead her to empower women on their journey to fertility.  She is a mother of two boys through birth and adoption.  
    Foods and Supplements for Detoxification Support
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