The Fertility Expert's Team is Hiring!
Enrollment Coach

Job Title: Enrollment Coach/Sales Rep

Reports to: Anayansi Garcia - Head of Enrollment

Time zone: Afternoon & evening PST

Location: Work from anywhere

Part time

Commission-based only

Job Overview:
Our team is committed to make sure each member of our community feels supported and encouraged when they interact with us. We do this through a solid commitment to having the best enrollment experience in the business. And, by always prioritizing being of service above all else.

The primary focus of the Enrollment Coach/Sales Rep is to spearhead those efforts by sincerely communicating with prospective members to get them engaged in the process. This position works to connect and build trust with the lead to fully understand their goals and then offers a solution-based selling approach.

Is this you?
We are looking for someone who is warm, compassionate and has experience in a similar role providing exceptional customer/client/patient support.

You are excited to learn our programs inside and out, not in an effort to further "just sell whatever", but to truly provide the absolute best support and guidance to applicants to our programs.

This is a work-from-home position that will report directly to our Head Sales Rep.

We're looking for someone who's available during the afternoon/evening PST (2pm to 8pm PST) You don't need to take calls everyday and all ties during that time window, but you'd need to be available several days a week during those times

There is plenty of freedom and flexibility in the schedule to take care of personal tasks as well as carving out time to recharge as necessary. However, we generally work 9 AM to 5 PM PST and would expect you to be available during those hours.

There are times when the sales calls will be higher than others and we are looking for someone who is committed to “getting the job done”.

We are a tiny but mighty team and are able to help thousands of women around the world improve their fertility because each one of us is fiercely committed to upholding the integrity of our mission.

Tasks and Responsibilities: 
  • Minimum 12 Sales calls per week, one admin hour
  • Supervising on-boarding process of each new client in a timely manner
  • Participating in the creation and implementation of sales SOPs. Is committed to adhering to SOPs as designed. 
  • Embracing the responsibility of being part of TheFertilityExpert'sTeam and always living the values to establish and build relationships with current and prospective members
Skills and Abilities: 
  • You are a closer; you love the energy of being on the sales floor and are motivated by success and growth
  • You are extroverted and are energized by learning about people and their stories. You could take 6 calls per day with no problem.
  • Comfortable with YouTube, Facebook and all social media platforms
  • You’re coachable, with the ability to adapt and evolve quickly to organizational changes
  • You're comfortable using Excell
  • DETAIL ORIENTATED, organized, creative, and great at measuring results, and meeting deadlines.
  • The ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously — you get things done and keep promises.
  • Commitment to continually learning, improving, and refining our community-building processes.
  • Extremely flexible, compassionate, and team-oriented — you stay positive and committed to solving problems instead of focusing on them.
  • Outstanding communication skills (both written and verbal) — you get people and are great at seeing beneath the surface and getting to the root of an issue.
How to Apply:
Please follow ALL the steps to submit your application:

Send an email to including the following:

#1- Subject line: Enrollment Coach
#2 - Include CV attached
#3 - Tell us your experience with sales calls
#4 - Record a video of yourself talking to camera explaining why you are a good candidate for the position

We will be taking applications until June 30th