How to improve egg quality


How to achieve the pregnancy of your dreams, no matter your age

Egg quality is an important topic for all women who are trying to conceive – but it becomes especially important when you’re trying for a baby aged 35 and over. 

There are A LOT of things you can do at home yourself to improve your egg quality. It’s all about checking-in with what you’re putting into your body – like your nutrition and supplements, and establishing new lifestyle habits and reducing environmental toxins.

In this free webinar you will learn:

What egg quality refers to, and what is good /bad egg quality.
How egg quality impacts your fertility.
The natural, proven techniques that are going to seriously improve your egg quality.
The MUST take Supplement for egg quality.
Lifestyle + diet factors you might not know about but could be secretly affecting your egg quality.


The bulletproof method to be super fertile over 35

Are you over 30 and trying to have a baby? That’s amazing, congratulations.

This free webinar is my bulletproof method to be super fertile in your 30’s and beyond. When women hit their mid-thirties and they try for a baby, they usually hear of nothing but potential problems, blocks, risks and complications – this nothing like that. This my most comprehensive training yet for how women at an advanced maternal age can naturally empower their fertility.

In this free webinar you will learn:

The reasons for (age-related) poor egg quality and exactly what you can do to improve it.
How a normal cycle should look and feel, so you can understand your body better.
What “reproductive anti-aging” is – and how you can do it.
The testing methods to find root causes for poor egg quality – without waiting for your OBGYN.
How to test ovarian reserve – without waiting for your OBGYN.
The anti-aging lifestyle habits that make pregnancy way easier for advanced maternal age women.
My top recommended detoxing protocols, supplements, nutrition for  advanced maternal age women trying to conceive.


Find out why you’re not getting pregnant and what to do about it!

Have you been trying to find out what’s blocking you on your fertility journey? This fertility exercise is designed to help you uncover the key areas in your reproductive health where you may need more support.

Your ‘Fertility Score’ will lay a foundation and help you to guide your fertility investigations. When you have a clearer picture of which areas are impacting your fertility, you can ensure you’re always heading in the right direction – towards your healthy pregnancy.

In this free webinar + exercise you will learn:

  The 12 key areas that are impacting your fertility and how well/poorly you score in each area.
✔  You will have a clear picture of which areas need the most support and be able to prioritise your next steps for fertility investigations.
  You will understand your body and fertility way more than you thought you could, and feel more confident explaining your situation to your fertility coach/doctor.


Must have supplements when TTC

Trying to empower your fertility that extra mile by using the power of high-quality supplements? I’ve compiled my list of top fertility supplements for women and men who are trying to conceive and empower their fertility naturally.

In this free webinar you will learn:

  My recommended list of must-have fertility supplements in 2020.
  Which supplements you can take to support egg quality and ovarian reserve.
  Which supplements you can take to improve male fertility.


How to get pregnant with Unexplained Infertility

Do you feel like your infertility is unexplained? Have you been ‘diagnosed’ by a healthcare professional with unexplained infertility?

This is a super common (but incredibly tragic and challenging) diagnosis for couples going through fertility issues. BUT – despite the statistics – I don’t believe in your infertility being unexplained.

In this free webinar you will learn:

  Why you should never accept a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”.
  What you can do next if your infertility is unexplained and how to become your own fertility detective.
  The 6-step protocol I use to rule out unexplained infertility.
  Other causes for your infertility you may not have ruled out yet.

Fertility Foods


Expert tips on nutrition and fertility with Dr. Marc & Team

Have you been wondering about food and diet and how it impacts your fertility? Are you feeling overwhelmed with your food choices or do you feel stressed about what you’re eating when it comes to your fertility goals?

Nutrition is one of the simplest, most-obvious things to look to when improving all health matters, including your fertility. But it’s also one of the hardest things to master.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

How to avoid pesticides and herbicides and the impact they have on your hormones.
Our advice on dairy consumption when you’re trying to get pregnant.
What kind of protein you should be eating.
Good fats vs bad fats
Take a look at our Fertility Foods Triangle to get a look at which foods you should be putting on your plate to fuel your fertility.
Plus get a fertility shopping list
AND a fertility approved meal plan!


Free advice if you’re worried about pregnancy loss

Recurrent miscarriage is, unfortunately, super common. What’s worse is that most couples won’t find out from their doctors the reason why their miscarriage happened — unless they’ve had more than one. 

If you’re worried about miscarriage, then having access to all of the information is your secret power to feeling more confident and in control of your next pregnancy. And you shouldn’t have to suffer through 3-4 miscarriages before you can access that power!

In this free webinar, you will learn:

The SIX main causes of miscarriage.
What testing can be done to understand the root cause of your miscarriage.
Natural protocols to follow to empower your body and prevent pregnancy loss.
The Do’s and Don’ts to your diet, lifestyle, sleep, exercise and more if your miscarriage risk is high.