Fertility Supplements

Recommended by Dr. Marc Sklar - The Fertility Expert

Planning on having a beautiful baby of your own is one of the most exciting and purposeful decisions you’ll ever make. It is a precious dream and a truly momentous journey to embark on. However, it’s not always as easy for us to do as we think it’s going to be.

I’ve been working with couples on their fertility journeys for years, helping them to find the root causes for their fertility blocks and harness the power of key fertility supplements that work to heal and empower their reproductive system.

That’s why I’ve compiled my list of top fertility supplements for women and men who are trying to conceive and empower their fertility naturally.

These are the foundational fertility supplements that everyone should be taking — unless you already have a personalized plan created for you.

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FOR WOMEN - fertility supplement designed to promote egg quality, improve ovulation, and enhance overall fertility.

An antioxidant-based fertility pill PLUS a preconception vitamin with 100% or more Daily Value of key vitamins, including methylfolate.

FOR MEN - male fertility supplement designed to promote sperm function by decreasing oxidative stress. Shown in a clinical study to improve sperm count, motility and morphology.

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"Organ meats are excellent sources of nutrients and I recommend consuming them in your diet at least a couple of times a week. Some of the best organ meats include grass-fed liver, heart and kidney which are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essentials that help with things like inflammation, immunity, blood flow, thyroid function and fertility.

Bone broth from grass fed beef bones is rich in proteins and amino acids that are sorely lacking in standard diets today. Our bone broth protein is crafted from healthy, grass fed, pasture-raised beef bones. We use no chemicals or solvents... just good old fashioned bone broth that is then gently powdered.

With Paleovalley Essential C Complex you will be getting a full spectrum vitamin C – not the isolated, synthetic form found in other products.

It is made with not one but three whole, organic superfoods that are not only incredibly rich in vitamin C but also loaded with other nutrients and antioxidants.

Third party tests have revealed that Paleovalley Essential C Complex contains 450mg of vitamin C per serving. This makes their Essential C Complex gram-for-gram the most concentrated source of vitamin C of any natural product on the market.

MacaHarmony® naturally supports normal hormone balance, menstrual and reproductive health from your teens through your reproductive years.

Proven to support:

✓normal hormone balance*

✓normal menstrual cycles*

✓symptoms related to monthly menstruation*

✓healthy energy levels*

✓balanced mood*

✓normal reproductive health*

✓clear skin, hair and nails*

Paleovalley Essential Electrolytes harnesses the power of unprocessed sea salt, organic coconut water, sea water, and seaweed to help replace the nutrients your body loses throughout the day, yet needs to function optimally.

By harnessing the full spectrum of the naturally occurring minerals in the ocean and the hydrating effects of organic coconut water, Paleovalley Essential Electrolytes provides your body the minerals it needs in the way nature intended.

Ovasitol Inositol Powder is a 100% pure inositol supplement designed to promote menstrual regularity and normal ovarian function in women.*

Studies show that inositol improves the way the body uses insulin and promotes normal hormone levels, regular menstrual cycles, and normal ovulatory function.

CoQ10 supports male fertility by promoting sperm motility, and female fertility by promoting egg quality.

CoQ10 supports heart health, healthy blood pressure levels, and maintains optimal CoQ10 levels in patients taking a statin.

Paleovalley Turmeric Complex contains not one but four powerful organic superfoods, each with their own unique properties that have been shown to support healthy inflammation response, soothe joint discomfort and muscle aches, banish brain fog and more.

Paleovalley Apple Cider Vinegar Complex to make getting organic apple cider vinegar into your body faster, easier, and without having to tolerate the taste.

It contains four additional superfoods shown to support gut health, inflammation reduction, weight loss, and blood sugar stabilization.

Paleovalley Organic Supergreens are designed to get a full spectrum of organic superfoods into your body faster, easier, and at a fraction of the cost of buying every superfood individually.

This Organic Supergreens contains absolutely no cereal grasses. Virtually every other greens or superfood powder on the market contains a heavy dose of cereal grasses such as wheatgrass, barley, oat, or rye.

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