What do light periods mean when you are trying to get pregnant?

What do light periods mean when you are trying to get pregnant?

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Okay, so in this video, as I said before, we’re going to be talking about what your period is telling you with relationship to your fertility, and are you having short periods, light bleeding, or if you’re missing your period completely.

So sometimes women express to me that it’s difficult for them to know if they’re on their period at all or if they’re just spotting, so they can’t quite tell the difference between the two; and then also if they’re having a short period because they’re just bleeding for three or less days.  So this is something that gets discussed often because obviously it brings concern, I mean if you’re younger some women are concerned cause they’re just bleeding for a short period of time and they think that’s a good thing, but as you age and you talk to more women and you realize what’s normal, you also come to realize that that’s not okay.

So the first thing is that let’s figure out what this could mean.  First and foremost it can mean that your estrogen levels are a little bit too low.  I think in a previous video we talked about heavy periods, and so that may address that your levels could be too high and this when it’s too low.

Two – Your diet could be lacking nutritionally.

Three – You can have a hormonal imbalance.

And then Four – It can also mean poor blood circulation.

Now if you also have watched one of my previous videos on heavy bleeding you also heard me say that that could mean that you had poor blood circulation.  Poor blood circulation can show itself in many ways and this is just one of them. The first thing is that you need to figure out why this is happening.  For me, finding out the why and getting the answers behind the issues is by far the most important thing; and again this is no different, so we have to figure out why.  I do like to start with making changes with diet and lifestyle because that tends to be the easiest thing to change on your end and also doesn’t need you to work with a fertility specialist like myself, but if you’re suspecting that there’s truly a hormonal imbalance, you want to find out what’s really going on, then you do need to work with a specialist so that it can get deeper and find out the right answers to create the right plan for you.

But let’s go back to the dietary issues and what we can do there.  So I like to when I’m working with diet, I like to focus on these three things in this specific case. First and foremost it’s important that you increase your protein.  So you need amino acids and we get those from our protein, and that’s going to help regulate your hormones, and specifically help support your estrogen.

Two – We need to eat fat okay, and not just any fat, we need to eat healthy fat which I definitely go over on my website and in plenty of other videos what I consider to be healthy fats.  But more importantly for your purpose in this video, it’s why do we need the healthy fat?  And that’s because it helps to stabilize hormones.

And lastly, we need to stay hydrated, your blood and your cells need proper hydration and nourishment and we get a lot of that through our water, and so it’s important to stay hydrated. 

So those are the three key things that you can start to do with your diet to make changes, hopefully, in your menstrual cycle, and improve and change those short cycles or spotting, to nice healthy, longer, regular cycles.

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