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Men’s health is often heavily overlooked when it comes to fertility. The responsibility – when it comes to reproductive health and getting pregnant – more times than not falls on the female partner.

Not only is this one-sidedness unfair... but it’s also not beneficial to your chances to conceive.

50% of all infertility cases are male related

If you’re struggling to get pregnant and only considering the female role in your fertility investigations, then you’re only addressing one half of the problem.

Whether you’re a male reading this wondering how you can play your role in finally having that healthy baby you and your partner have been dreaming about, or you’re a woman wondering how you can advise your partner on the kinds of changes they need to make in order to give you both the best chance at getting pregnant, these tips are going to be game changing.

Here are 3 easy resources to improve your sperm

Great for stress resilience + stress management.

Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Blend is the most convenient way to consume all of your adaptogens at once. 2 mushrooms, 2 roots, 2 leaves, 2 berries and 2 superfoods combine to give you balance in every cup. Sip smooth and earthy Adaptogen Blend in your coffee, tea, or smoothies, any time of day.

Adaptogens are non-specific superfoods which help your body to find balance and adapt to occasional stress.

The Underdog uses a wedge shaped ice pack and innovative insulation system. This cools the testicles to reverse the overheating from sitting - by 3 degrees Celsius to be exact! 

Simply sit, then slide the Underdog between the seat and your pants.

The Underdog is engineered to never over-cool.

The Underdog Prevents Overheating

The Underdog's gentle cooling keeps testicles out of the temperature Danger Zone when sitting.

This maintains an optimum environment for healthy sperm production.

Healthy sperm are critical for conceiving and for carrying to term, whether trying to conceive naturally or before IVF.

This home Male Hormone Test measures testosterone and SHBG to help identify abnormal androgen status.

What does it test for?

  • Testosterone
  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
  • Free Androgen Index (FAI)

The first fertility-friendly lube made without parabens.

  • Provides 6 applications per box, in convenient 3 gram (.1 ounce) tubes – ideal travel size.

  • Guaranteed to be sperm-friendly – each batch is tested to ensure it won’t harm sperm or eggs.

  • Patented formula is pH-matched to semen and fertile cervical fluids to supplement natural lubrication for trying to conceive couples.

Don't know what test is for you?

Here are some videos to help you decide